Khan in Waziristan

Khan in Waziristan

An inquisitive fellow at work came to me this Monday morning inquiring about Imran Khan and his march against the drone attacks. He had followed the story on the mornings New York Times edition. Who was this man? How successful was the march? And why didn’t the Pakistani ruling government take a stand against the drones?



These were few of the many questions he had for me. Lunch brought in a full debate with a few other work friends joining in over the use and abuse of drones and if their use was an act against human rights or not. After the debate I realized that Khan had achieved a whole lot from the march, not because I was able to convince my fellows about the civilian deaths caused by the drones but because I live in Covington, Georgia, A relatively small populated town in the suburbs of Atlanta, where the people don’t even know who the prime minister of United kingdom is let alone an ex-cricketer turned politician like Imran Khan. Khan had put the drone strikes and their improper use agenda in the limelight.



A march into one of the world’s most troubled area was not only a small step for Imran Khan towards his political dreams but a giant leap for Pakistan as a nation. Waziristan has been the step son of the family that the rest of the siblings hate. No one invites it over for any occasion and everybody loves to blame for any of its own misfortune. We have ignored Waziristan for too long and like any troubled teenager it has rebelled causing harm to the rest of the family.



Khan’s historic march towards the troubled land was halted before it even reached its destination, the people escorting the caravan were very different from Khan’s earlier popular events across the major cities in the country and no earth shattering rebellion followed, yet it still delivered what it yearned out for. The agenda has taken limelight across all major worldly news publications; the question has risen again and could be very important leading towards the US Presidential elections. One of the most established news agencies in the world is running an opinion poll regarding the eligibility of the drone strikes and various international service organizations have stepped up to bring an end to this game of death being played in Waziristan. Code Pink , A US based service organization along with a few volunteers accompanied Imran Khan on this historic journey. They apologized to the innocent people affected by the actions of the drone strikes and called for a change.



These actions for once showed a different west to the people of that region, A west that was open for change, A west that understood their ideas and beliefs, A west that was run on liberty and a just system, a more human west. It has been eight years since the people of Waziristan have been targeted due to these drone strikes and many would agree that it has caused more damages than results. It is about time that somebody was brave enough to raise their voice, brave enough to challenge the system , brave enough to accept the people as their own and brave enough to walk into foreign territory and walk out as a local. Thank you Imran Khan for doing all this and more.

Omer Malik

A student & a PTI fan


    I agree with you Omer Siddiqui — I too like “the way you ended the article, ‘Thank you Imran Khan for doing all this and more”’– to get a bullet in the head of a 14 year old child — from your admirees.

    • Hasan

      Are you stupid or what ? What IK peace march to Waziristan has to do with malal’s attack ?

  • S Nasrullah

    The senile old man has jaundiced view when it comes to Pakistan and its leadership. The people of the Region (FATA) garlanded the journalists – both local and foreign – and kept reminding them that they are all human beings and not terrorists that the distorted image of them has been splashed on the pages of electronic and printed media, the world over.
    Imran’s initiative has focused the attention of the World towards the extra territorial incursion to kill or maim and mutilate people – both targeted and collateral – without legal process. The US citizens accompanying IK apologized to the people of Waziristan for the illegal and immoral Drone attacks and have assured them of their help and support when they return back to their country to voice their genuine concerns.
    IK is a power to reckon with and pygmies like NS, AZ or their handful of faithfuls can never match the popularity and resolve of the youth of Pakistan, the backbone of IK support.

  • M.Saeed

    Let us keep fingers crossed and hope for the best in this wilderness starved of humanity.

  • Bilal

    NASAH (United States of America), you are an idiot.


    At the very outset, Mr.Imran Khan had undertaken the perilous march to the terrorists’ den,Waziristan,out of bravado. He had employed a cheap method of garnering support of the credulous people of the strife-torn regions of the country,and in his that bid he had put in harm’s way not only his own life but also the lives of his cohorts and the other participants. Mr.Khan’s said act of foolhardiness had become ten-fold dangerous when the Taliban terrorists had refused to guarantee the security of him and his supporters Had the administrative authorities not intercepted the procession at Taank, Mr.Khan’s adventurism could have turned sanguinary.

  • Omer Malik

    I fail to understand why you link the attack on Malala with Khan’s efforts ? You proclaim it to be because the whole security was busy protecting Khan that this event took place ? Malala had no security protocol what so ever regardless of Khan’s efforts. Lastly, the NY times, The Washington Post, Sky news , CNN and BBC are a few of international media empires that took interest in Khan’s journey to the north – CNN ran an opinion poll on their website asking its users if they agreed with Khan’s agenda or not ? Obama’s administration has been questioned numerous times about the inhumane results of the drones. Lastly, Imran Khan did nothing for the taliban in Waziristan , Khan did it all for Pakistan. Call me a Khan groupie – nothing but pride in that.

  • Gohar

    Israel is a terrorist from palestine point of view so is vice versa. This is your point of view only..

  • Muhammad Yasir

    Please do a proper research before putting forward factless arguments. Although, I am no fan of Imran but I have carefully listened to his stance on Taliban. He has repeatedly denounced Taliban and said that he will first try to negotiate with them and if necessary will take action against them if he comes in power. He has said million times over that he is supporting the
    Tribesmen (who are almost a million or so in the FATA) and NOT the Taliban who number only around 20,000 or so. Please make an effort to pay attention to what he says and try not to make bias judgments. He is the only one with a plan to end Talibanization in our Tribal Areas, are you aware of anyone else with a plan? I do not at all buy the arguement that bombing the Tribal Areas is the only solution …since that is the only thing we have been doing for the past 8 years to no avail. We have only increased the Talibanization of the country by bombing. Now we have Lahori Taliban and Karachi Taliban…thanks to mindless thinking of people sitting in our government.

    Lastly, let me understand your logic…if Imran Khan calls for negotiating with the Taliban, then he is a Taliban Khan. The US and NATO have already been
    negotiating with the Taliban in Qatar, should they also be labeled as Taliban