Is Youtube the Culprit?

Is Youtube the Culprit?

I do not want to get into the details regarding the demands made by the Muslim community and the replies of the YouTube authorities oto it, but I’d really want to assert how beneficial YouTube has been for Muslims and Islam.



Apart from the trailer of that idiotic movie, YouTube showcases thousands of videos about the Islamic debates, Quranic Tilawat, translation of Quran, Hadith, Naats, Hamds. And to be very frank I mostly use YouTube mostly in Ramazan and Muharrarm for different kind of Islamic debates and Majalis concerning the shariat and tareeqat. This is because I consider it to be the most easily accessible website on the internet and it also gives me opportunity to share something interesting with my friends and family. Is there any other website apart from YouTube that has a bigger collection of Islamic material?



We often share an interesting argument of Dr. Zakir Nayk through YouTube. Being sure of his vast knowledge of all religions his eloquence has led to countless conversions and don’t we proudly share those clips on our facebooks over and over again. Do we realize what we are doing? We are all spreading the very message of Islam through facebook and YouTube, and both of those websites are owned by non-Muslims. The Muslim community must also be thankful for the tolerance that YouTube shows when we upload and access our religious material on their website.



The owner of YouTube is not a Muslim but his website is serving Muslims and is helping Islam at many instances.We all know that YouTube is accessible all over the world and which is why it is an excellent platform for us to communicate with the world and make our contribution in spreading the message of Islam which our youth is doing so. We cannot deny that every day when we login to facebook we see an interesting saying of the Prophet (PBUH) or an interesting video posted by one of our friend.



If someday someone also stands up and say that so and so Muslim has uploaded a video in which somehow is a mockery of his religion, then should there be an uproar to remove all religious videos form it. Banning YouTube, we will lose more than gain anything But the same owner or management of YouTube allows us and gives us the freedom to upload anything we want. Did we ever think about that?How can we miss this perspective?



Now let us see, it’s been almost two weeks that YouTube is not working in Pakistan and there are thousands of things that we cannot share because we cannot access YouTube, we also cannot see our own religious debates, political debates, and it is very hard to find them elsewhere but still we do not realize that apart from the bad there is a lot  some good that YouTube does to us.



Qamber Ali

A civil engineer who has recently started observing things around

  • Mazharuddin

    Yes ofcourse youtube is beneficial. There should have freedom of speech to all everywhere as this is the divine right of man. We should condemn falsehood wherever we find. Even in the name of Islam someone state falsehood that should also be condemned. In this 21st century there should not have different factions in religion. All the material is available for research, why not? God’s message is for all, there should have International Conference on religion. We should condemn extremism. Should teach true history and accept truth.

  • Rao Irfan

    Two lines worth reading…. If we upload a new indian movie on youtube it gets blcoked and unloaded from Youtube.. same is true for [email protected]# stuff… then why not they unload these videos….


    Rao Irfan

    • Muhammad Ehtesham Ul-haq

      i agree with u

  • UMER

    Shut up Mr QAmber ALI
    we know we can use youtube for lots of islamic causes but the blasphemy of prophet is not just a little think for a Muslims…

  • Kali Anar

    i strongly agree many parts of your column and also add that being banned Youtube is an example of pigeon who closes its eyes when it sees cat

  • Shoaib

    You should have given a thought before writing this column that the owners of youtube has clearly refused to remove the blasphemous movie & by standing in thier support, you are basically asking to help them in their revenue?????

    think about it…

    we will bycott youtube regardless of what they offer untill they remove that stupid movie.
    We have many other sources to listen Naats, Islamic debates etc.

    • Samar

      “Think about it..”
      I believe you need to understand this phrase. Youtube doesn’t only give you religious naats infact it also has variety of informative things be it any topic philosophy, science, law et al and unfortunately we don’t have any proper replacement of this site.I think by boycotting youtube we’ve actually cut ourselves from the outer world which couldn’t in anyway be right thing to do.

  • Saira

    Sir Qamber Ali you wrote:
    “if the owner of YouTube also stands up and say that so and so Muslim guy
    uploaded a video in which a Christian or a Jew is shown reciting the
    Kalima of Islam, which is not very healthy for his community and
    therefore he is removing all the Islamic material from his website”
    i dont see reciting kalma of Islam is a try to insult anyone that is a personal choice which donot hurt anyone’s feelings about someone else, the thing they did was exact opposite they try to insult and make fun of a person more than half world is in love with.
    We do have a right to protest because reciting Kalma of Islam is a personal decision insulting someone else is not so personal matter.

  • Sarfaraz

    With the advent of tech. sharing of ideas and dissimination of information has become very easy and YouTube is just an example of that. And preaching of Islam in its simplest form through some communication tool (e.g internet) is the duty of every Muslim but with ref. to your column two things should be borne in mind.
    First : the internet provides us a lot of content about a topic but the selection of authentic material is very crucial thing , that is the source of information ( for reference ) is very important. For example, we would have seen many videos of Zakar Naik on YouTube, trimmed by some mischievous elements, giving very different portrayal to the meanings which actually Zakir has said about (especially his views regarding Islamic concept of jihad).
    Second: As regards to allowing us to post pro-islamic content on YouTube, their owners are not favouring us because in every modern democratic society preaching of religion is allowed unless it harms the sentiments of other religions or provokes hatred towards other religions. Even in Pakistan, being Islam the declared state religion, minorities have been given freedom to preach their teachings. Let leave the YouTube where there is no declared state religion ( this is what their political system is and we have no concern with this debate).
    But the blasphemy is entirely another issue and it cannot be viewed in the context of freedom of preaching of one’s own religious views. India, being secular state, banned that rubbish video on youtube by requesting their owners ( having prior agreement with them ) because it has a very large population of Muslims and it knows the sensitivity of issue. Then why not Pakistan can enter into such agreement with YouTube to bann particular content ? But unless we have such agreement with youtube, do we require to permit that insane video on air in Pakistan???

  • gary

    Every non-Muslim is a potential Muslim ….. if numbers would give strength, jews would be the weakest in the world.

  • Muhammad Irfan Qureshi

    Very much agree with Mr. Sarfaraz and Mr. S. Nasrullah. And also Dr. Zakir nayk has his own website. I suggest Mr. Qamber Abbas that make a full length movie in response to the movie they made, having some insulting content about jewish and christians’ concepts and then advertise that and then upload a trailer on youtube and on other related websites. If they will allow your trailer then i am standing beside you to not to block youtube and other related websites. It’s actually a discrimination we Muslims usually face in these manners in the name of freedom of speech. And it’s not actually freedom of speech, it’s basically the freedom of insulting Islam and Muslim.

  • Hafeez

    Qamar ……you will find 1000s of islamic websites easily …you dont have to support youtube…its not the end of the world here with Youtube…

  • Abdul Muhammad

    Sorry sir, i dont agree with your points that you written in your article. The point is that the clips you are talking about islam uploaded on youtube website, no any non-muslim interested to see those ones. Even if they see that they post bad comments about islam. Do you have any clue that with the advent of Youtube and facebook, how many muslims quit cant imagine that in the last decade the growth of ex-muslims grew tremendously around the globe, which never happened in that pace throughout history.

    • judith

      they became ex while living with the religion stop blaming media for it. i am sure your society as a whole palyed important role in this regard. Improve itt.

  • jim man

    the whole point of free speech is to hear everyone’s opinion. i personally am sick of people trying to restrict what i am allowed to hear or say because of what someone else thinks. youtube is one of the last free places where anyone can exercise their right to say what they want and even have it voted on by people from all over the world, keep up the good work youtube

    • alpha

      with all due respect jim man, you would agree that if i expressly show disrespect to your parents, insult them with false allegations, make a mockery of them, you would definitely BYCOTT me. would you not? if not, please accept my apologies for the reply to what you said. and if you will, please understand the fact that our Messenger (SAW) is more respectful to us than our own parents.

  • ask

    if it wasn’t for the profit..there would be no such Islamic video on youtube..i do believe you should have had put more thought before posting!

  • Ahud Khan

    hmm what about Israel, they are supporting many causes of Palestinians e.g. food medical etc. and “only” killing them and taking over their land ONLY.
    Why you forget that it is not you tube important for us, It is us important for you tube, the financial loss you tube facing because of its ban in few Islamic countries is being covered by the people responsible for making these anti Islamic films, and cartoon
    think again?

  • Engr. Asif

    i m asif,

    i m very amazing that regarding a you tube matter all Muslim brothers are fighting verbally mentioned on the screen below.
    who told you this is a Islam..

    Actually we are Muslims we can read, write, hear & speak about Islam but we dont feel Islam, we cannot absorb teachings of Islam in our hearts (including me also).
    had you ever think why non Muslims did like this bull shit?

    I tell you why?

    this is our common thinking that Islam is a religion like others (Jews, Christen, Budhist, Hindus, Atish-Parast or other different religions).

    we forget the preaching of good behaviors, less speaking, less eating, less sleeping, method of sleeping, method of eating, method of speaking, method of walking, method of forgiveness, method of sorry to Allah, method of walking, etc

    we think that reading of Quran, Namaz (Salah), Fasting (Roaza), Zakat, Hajj and etc are the only Islam and except these just nothing.

    This is our main and major mistake all over the world.

    Therefore non-Muslims do like this dirty things to disturb our feeling of Islam, to check the strength of Islam in the Muslims at very large scale (globally).

    my question is this to every body?


    nothing will be happened.


    Say sorry and do TOBA to ALLAH. Allah will forgive us and make fear of Muslim Ummah in the Hearts of Non-Muslims.

    This is the only solution of this problem.

    I am not happy to see the comments in the favor or against the you tube.
    this shows that you-tube made pics and films against Islam.
    No this is not correct. You should go with time but in the limits of Islam (orders of Allah and preaching & teaching of Muhammad P.B.U.H.)

    Always Remember!!!!!

    Always respect the others although he is Muslim or not and Don’t insult any Muslim regarding any matters.

    Non-Muslims are continuous observing us.

    these are my words to you all.

    Engr. A. Khan

    • ali

      thank you very much really really excellent thoughts of yours

  • Honest

    m just shock on ur logics.. thats simply disgusting.. AMAL KA DAROMADAAR NEYAAT PEY HAY.. if u ever know dis den u should never suppor you tube baan and all other sites. Well being a Muslim i m facing so much problems but There are plenty of websites, online books and forums.. You tube is not de end of world. so grow up and be answerable to your self .. atleast when HE n HIS prophet will ask Is You Tube is much important then ME.. Is my Talimaat limited to You tube. Dhoondey SY Khuda bhi Mil Jata hay but Jews ki is harkaat par No compromise or illogical points. Kindly Stop Showing love for dem. there are so many sites like You tube who have wonderful Knowledge or lectures regarding Islam. donno about u and ur fellos who agreed but m still enjoyong iSlamic wesites and videos from other genuine sites atleast dey don;t have vulgar ads like You tube.. so plsss pehly hee Muslims ko Badnam kar rakha hay is harkat sy apna tamasha maat banaoo..

  • Dan

    The website was banned when they refused to remove the content and they even refused to block that material within Pakistan. Govt had no choice but to block the youtube… and I support it…

  • Nabeel Anwer

    Apart from blocking of YouTube, the message which we have given to the world by destroying our own assets is quiet interesting. Islam is the religion of Peace. The article is highlighted exactly the same perspective which is related to literate people and who know how beneficial YouTube is for any individual. Blocking YouTube is not the solution, as many of us are literate enough to use YouTube through bypass proxies website and everything is available to access it. The reaction that is required is to react in a way in which we will not give any negative impression about Islam.

  • Anonymous

    what a great article…1200+ shares, impressive Qamber ,

  • I M Alone

    How weak have we become all the reasons discussed by the author are laughable. I would say not only laughable, but there is an element of lameness in it. I am a muslim who is from Pakistan currently living in Australia (who use to be a youtube addict). I left using youtube and believe me it has only improved my life.I have more time to spend with the family and study.
    If you want to use youtube use it for the sake of killing your time or your so called getting the information factor. No one is asking for reasons mate.

  • Yusaf

    My friend religion is not to be taught over the internet.
    As for technological advances, its time to make our own Pakistani movie and clips uploading website instead of depending on youtube.
    Had youtube and facebook been so important China wouldn’t have banned it long ago. They are still advancing .
    The point is, i don’t agree with your idea of NOT banning youtube.
    Remember what ever you read and listen to have an effect on your mind, so be careful for what you watch.

  • Syed Mubeen Riaz

    Although you are right but I am not going to agree with you. If youtube serving or Muslims Islam than why youtube is not blocking that particular video which against the Muslims thoughts and Ideology.
    I am sorry you are going to told the world that if you dig the roots of a tree while protecting the branches of tree and you assume that tree will become be sure to survive.

  • ahsan

    i agreed, we must have to leave facebook, google, gmail. youtube,

  • faani

    I dont know your religion that;s y i wont give you religious example, just answer me, what would you do to a person who make fun of your father or mother or any person whom you love most and insult them again n again without any reason just for the personal satisfaction. Or to a person who support that.. and give a single prove or link showing any “Molvi” (according to you) saying bad things about any hindu, christian or jew without any reason or logic. I am sure you can’t find one, you just said it. And it’s not about Islamtube either, If a non Muslim wanna know about Islam, they have many authentic ways to get information about it, youtube can not be trusted for that, not because it’s youtube but because anyone can easily trim the original content. Or can edit the false subtitle in any other language so it can’t be authentic. Plz plz don’t consider youtube as the Islamic data base.

  • alpha

    you touched a sensitive topic bro :) .
    without going into details,
    a) Allah don’t need youtube / facebook / me or you to propogate islam. Muslims before youtube era might be better muslims than us i admit.
    b) Our love for Prophet(s) is blind. We don’t think about any thing when it comes to that.
    Honestly speaking, we, as muslims, are the worst followers and representatives of our religion. We are the ones with whom Allah, our Messenger ( S.A.W) and His Companions could be really displeased with. Enemies of Prophet (SAW) would definitely be taken care of by Allah ( as per Sura-e-Kauthar). But what about us. We do every thing that against the teachings of our Prophet (S.A.W). We never try to truly learn and apply the Islam in our lives.
    The best revenge would be to follow our religion and take stand on it. World would never be happy with you no matter what you do, because you are muslim and thats what Quran told us. Lets try to make Allah Happy. Lets see what happens then.

  • alpha

    by the way, in addition to previous comments, i learnt from wikipedia that one of the co-founders and now a stockholder of youtube happens to be ………. a Muslim, named Jawed karim [or atleast a person with muslim name :) ]. A bengali (ex pakistani:P) german sherman.
    Chill dudes

  • Awais Salman Qazi

    Brother! Your information is totally fabricated. You said that Youtube is not owned by a Muslim. You are wrong. The true owners and developers of youtube are Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Jawed Karim is a Muslim and belongs to a Bangladeshi descent. Please gather the sound information about your subject before you are off to write on something.

  • kbr

    I really do not like it when an article gets edited this much that its whole concept gets lost somewhere….

  • Qamber Ali

    I am the author of this blog and I am surprised how my thought has been edited and presented in a Nieves way…my idea was not to support youtube but I simply stated that in the past decade there has been a systemic stereotyping of Muslims and Islam, which is why a fast spreading religion like Islam has faced decline in its spread. The platforms such as YouTube are more popular and easily accessible than any other Islamic website which is why, In my original blog I gave the thought that this website is an excellent platform for eliminating all misconceptions against Islam and Muslims because we get the chance to share and post the true perspective of Islam right next to falsified image…The idea was that as Muslims it is our prime duty to ensure that the true message of Islam is preserved and delivered around the world for which such social networking websites are playing their part.
    I did not write if banning youtube is about gains or loses, I just stated that the recognition of Islam as a most authentic religion is when a non-Muslim recites the Kalima and this in itself is a contradiction to all the falsehood that is associated with Islam and its followers.

  • M.S.Qureshi

    Your own conscience is the culprit.
    When you register yourself to any such service, you already know what and what you would encounter.
    You also know, negativity to one might be the positivity of the other participant.
    The moment you click a title to view, you already know a good deal what to expect. Therefore, self restraints should be applied.


    like the answer of this German Scholar when he was asked about terrorism and
    Islam: He said:

    Who started the First World War, which killed 37 million and
    injured 22, 379, 053 that includes 7 million civilians? Muslims?

    Who started the Second World War, which killed over 60 million, which was over 2.5% of the
    world population? Muslims?

    Who killed about 20 million of Aborigines in
    Australia? Muslims?

    Who drop the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and
    Nagasaki, which killed 166,000 people in
    Hiroshima and 80,000 in Nagasaki? Muslims?

    Who killed more than 100 million Red Indians in
    North America? Muslims?

    Who killed more than 50 million Indian in South
    America? Muslims?

    Who took about 180 million African people as slaves
    and when 88% of them died, threw them into the Atlantic Ocean? Muslims?



    They weren’t Muslims! First of all,
    you have to define terrorism properly…. If a non-Muslim does something bad… it
    is crime. But if a Muslim commits the same, he is a terrorist. So first remove
    the double standard… then come to the point.

    *** Just for your information ***

  • Muhammad Asghar

    @ Qamber Ali… Kitnay passay liay hein YOU TUBE say aap nay?

  • Falak

    Are you really muslim?

  • Qamber Ali

    @editors: Editing is good but you people have also omitted and altered my blog…I suggest you should also change the name of author and put ur name instead…this blog does not have the conclusion that I gave in the original blog…its a great lesson for me never to write again to u guyz

    • Anonymous

      yes bro i also noticed change in this blog, the first time I saw it was
      more logical and now all the logs are removed, btw how can a blog get
      edited after being published? but still bro I will say that the original
      version was really good and you have the most shared + viewed article
      in the history of this blog (probably), 1900 + shares is a nig dear, cheer
      and chill

  • Usman

    your blogs is correct up to the extent that indeed social networks like youtube and facebook play an important role in building or destructing image of any concept in our world today. We cannot deny that YouTube provides diversified perspectives about various issues without discrimination of shis or sunni or muslim or non-muslims, so such a platform is ofcourse very helpful to remove the misconceptions about Islam

  • Usman

    by the way I am living in Saudi Arabia and youtube is working here.. only those links are blocked.. its a pity a country like Pakistan who got nuclear weapons don’t have technology to block those specific links in youtube, NOT the whole youtube.