Is Malala a Conspiracy?

Is Malala a Conspiracy?

With the recent buzz made by certain newspapers and social media platforms, the questions that has popped up with a bang is, what is the story behind Gul Makai’s Swat Diary on BBC blogs?


The reason behind this recent development may  be Abdul Hai Kakar’s, (the BBC reporter who worked with Malala) recent accounts of how the whole idea came about. Post this, rumors and conspiracy theories questioning the credibility of the 11 years girl’s account are resonating in the surrounds.


Essentially, in order to bring about a ‘humanitarian angle’ to the situation in Swat and in Northern areas,  as Kakar mentions in his online interview to a newspaper,  how he came up and structured the idea of Swat Diary to be written by a young girl, in order to ‘creatively and objectively portray the situation on ground in Swat’.  The concept was to choose a local girl to ‘express her emotions’ and so  the silenced majority of Swati girls who were denied their right to education were given a face – Malala’s. He further elaborated that with her father’s unresistant willingness to choose Malala for the job, he would phone her up every day so she could narrate the happenings of her area and her reflections on the same.



Now, whether it was Malala’s own narrative or the reporter trying to elicit a formatted response and later manicuring it to pass for a child’s narrative, are questions that seem to disturb a large audience. An audience who had happily credited an 11-year old Swati girl for her surprising maturity and sheer bravery in breaking ideological and physical shackles to raise her voice against injustice. However, my question is, should this be the pivot of importance or the fact that a father was willing to risk his child’s safety and a young girl who feared the least voicing the truth out loud, only to protect her fellows from the austerity Taliban had in ample stocks. Shouldn’t this effort be appreciated instead of being questioned?



Recently, there seems to be a concentrated effort on face book, twitter and other social media forums to justify attack against Malala, calling her a US agent and the whole issue a foreign conspiracy.



‘ Why Malala alone? Why not a dozen of Pakistani women who die of drones everyday or those who become a sacrifice in terrorist activities? Why Obama has his helicopter on hold for only her?   Why prayers are being said for Malala and not for several other daughters attacked and bruised in various terror strikes?’



As a monosyllabic response: True. If you ask for more, what’s the surprise here? This is only our national tragedy to idolize those who manage to blaze the news. The rest deserve a discriminatory attitude and to learn a lesson that to earn one’s basic rights and people’s support, you’ve got to make it to the headlines, else you’re eclipsed.


Hence,  we must put the conspiracy theories to rest, for there are better matters clamoring for attention, including getting rid of the terrorist elements hostaging our children and lands to meet their own ends and our own disposition of noticing things only when they get a hype.



Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

  • M.Saeed

    Even if she is an
    instrument used in some conspiracy, it must be a counter-conspiracy against

    From the ground
    realities, it appears that, she is an antidote of ObL created terror. She is already
    a curative balm on blistering burns of terror inflicting unimaginable injuries to
    body of entire humanity for over a decade now. The way her innocent efforts and
    the tragic attack on her has been picked up by the world, is clearly indicative
    of the fact that the world is utterly disgusted and frustrated by the endless
    terror and taking Malala as the God sent angel to quench the fire of terror through
    her innocent tender hands that cannot be seen having any hidden agenda.

    Let it be any
    conspiracy. But, it has got to be a conspiracy to kill terror for good.

    • NASAH (USA)

      “Even if she is an
      instrument used in some conspiracy, it must be a counter-conspiracy against

      A wise observation indeed.

  • Memories

    Very true about the whole scenario, but does anybody work out to know whether that girl name is realy a “Malala” or the think tanks are making it publisize because of the incidents which took place at “Salala”?
    Because, the think tanks have raised their VOICE over the incident of “Salala” too much. May be the think tanks on the other side, are doing this as a good will gesture for our so called nation.
    May be, thats why the gorgeous Ms. Clinton and rocking role Ms. Madoona are so carring about only one girl whose name is “Malala”, may be………

  • Mansoor

    Even though it’s not a conspiracy but still how come world doesn’t cry for the illegitimate terrorism imposed in the face of DRONES in which killing children is a norm !!! Do the math and then judge, war is not an answer but peace would prevail only through peace. Stop this brutal one-sided war which only letting terrorism to rise….

  • Pakhtun

    Yes, its a conspiracy, by her very Father, who made tons of money through NGOs by writing letters to UN and other agencies using her name. She was then picked up by the CIA, through NGO’s to use as a face for the Western standards, by funding her fathers school and now because of her father, she ended up in a hospital with bullet in her head.

    There were 80+ Malalas massacred in a drone attack in Bajaur, 16 more just last week in Orakzai Agency and thousands more every other day in those Drone attacks, that the media here termed as militants.

    It’s sad, the media can’t pull a cover from this systematic conspiracy against our country.

    • Alex Zai

      I agree with you brother its nothing more than just a conspiracy

  • Inam Khan

    i think there is nothing of conspiracy unfortunately our society has become too much pervert (Monafiq) that neither we say the truth nor we believe the truth..
    Now in this case i think Kakar, Hamid meer, BBC or Geo have played a role that any honest Journalist or media supposed to play. Now thinking conspiracy about Malala I believe that there is huge gape between these peoples’ understanding and Malala, her family and the situation they had been in those days of Taliban. i know her father personally and i know his and people of Swat passion for education. They were ready to accept every condition of Taliban but when they banned the girls education on 15th Jan 2009, it was just like stopping oxygen for them, so they had to fight back.
    They fought back on putting his life and his whole family life in severe risk for the sake of Swat people. So dont blame him and his child Malala support them in this tough time like millions do… To be honest they the are the real heroes..

  • Wahab786

    sorry i am disagree of your story, Listen to me carefully when someone died with the reason he/she know and if no one fight against bad things no one fight for right than those people are cruel and animal at least i must say look at you what have you done for pakistan can you write a true blog against Taliban can you upload video against Taliban to tell the world that islam teach Peace. Malala was an icon she was known as a pakistani women right youngest girl as she struggled and her family had been interviewed by CNN USA so her family helped them to find out Taliban because imagine when you been told that you gonna leave your home and city what will you do so her family stood for their homeland and brought up the media and everything look at you and myself if we die no one will care because we have done nothing for our poor people and those who are still under the drone attacks who know they can be killed anytime imagine if you are under these situation than you can feel the pain. Today our parent will not allow us to speak on the camera against Taliban because we are animal and afraid of them we scared of them. common i want to see your next topic of taliban. She gave her life madam, i have never seen any young girl who had died like this because killed by drone or earthquake is different i condemn though but her killing was special because she fought for their homeland.

  • Kamran

    Pakistan is on the verge of disintegration due to its pro-west policies – Wait to welcome our new neighbor countries called ‘Balochistan’ and ‘Waziristan’.

  • Nasir

    OK – so this is what US is trying to do for more than a decade i.e getting rid of taliban – the force US created to defeat Russia, our own pak army is pretty much involved fighting with taliban but again this all created a whole mess in response – they are suiciding, killing our people/police/army and so on …we don’t need to be emotional rather objectively look at this messy situation – there is no way to deal with them unless through diallogue, dialogue & dialogue…..

  • Anonymous

    Nasah, I feel sorry that you’re disappointed with my writing. However, I don’t understand why. I presented in this article both side of the argument. If you doubt Mr. Kakar’s accounts, check out his interview here :
    And as long as my opinion on this is concerned, tell me where I’ve justified attack on Malala or questioned her bravery and efforts, or appreciated the terrorists elements. ‘However, my question is, should this be the pivot of importance or the
    fact that a father was willing to risk his child’s safety and a young
    girl who feared the least voicing the truth out loud, only to protect
    her fellows from the austerity Taliban had in ample stocks. Shouldn’t
    this effort be appreciated instead of being questioned?’. Supporting an attack against her is equivalent to suppoting this for our own children. But as long as the story behind the diary is concerned, I’ve only reported what I read.

    • NASAH (USA)

      My dear Madeeha — now that i know that you wrote this article I am sorry for my harsh words — you know I like your writing and and I support the women causes you espouse — but this article of yours was a disappointment because it seemed you are trying to diminish Malala’s sacrifice by suggesting there could be Western conspiracy to prop a Malala diary like Ann Frank’s diary of the holocaust days 80 years ago. That these were not the spontenous thoughts of an 11 year old — these were ‘coached’ writings produced by a Western agent journalist Mr. Kakar who may have written the diary himself — in collusion with a publicity seeking selfish father who instead of protecting his child was using her for his own selfish ends.

      I read the interiew that you pointed to — it sounded as if Mr. Kakar was trying to take credits for coaching 11 year old Malala to write her daily experiences in a Taliban controlled land where the Talibans were hell bent against girls schooling.

      I see no reason to complain about Mr. Kakar teaching an 11 year bright and eloquent child how to write her daily experiences in a diary form — living under the oppressive suffocating environment of an illiteracy ignorace promoting Taliban rule. What is wrong with that?

      Also there is nothing wrong with the progressive father who himself is an education-for-girls activist being the head of a girls school — wanting his own very bright daughter to be the girls advocate for girls education — living under the boots of a literacy-killer regime.

      My question to you Madeeha is why of all the people — YOU the fighter for women causes — have to cast aspersions on the motives of the girl’s at a TIME when she is still hanging between life and death under COMA — and her devastated brave father — Zia Yusufzai — almost blaming him — for not caring for the safety of his own daughter — for ‘political’ purposes?

      At a time when the righwing is hell bent on justifying the assassination attempt on Malala — do you have to add your voice — to diminish the sacrifice of that brave girl and his brave family living right in between the teeth of those blood thirsty Talibani marauders?

      • Abu Malalas

        NASAH (USA) – my brother you still missing the point by not looking at the root-cause of this whole issue / conspiracy against Imran khan, look at the timing on her attack !! Also, why you always ignore many malala’s dying every now & then by illegitimate, non-judicial brutal drones, do you want that to be continue until pakistan disintegration ?

  • muhammad Shakir

    Setting aside conspiracy theories. We should salute Malala for her bravery. This little girl did what over mainstream political parties were scared of condemning Taliban. This 11 year old girl then displayed unassailable courage and tried to show the world, what Taliban doing with schools and students. However, we should also not forget other children who die of Taliban atrocities or American drone strike. The world in general and our govt in particular should establish a fund to provide financial support to the children who become orphan due to Taliban massacre or American drone strikes. We should bring them on right path by providing education to them. So that they become a good citizen of pakistan and they could not lure away by anti-social elements.

  • Well wisher

    America is our enemy,We all are agree…..Taliban, some of them are our enemy and rest are neutral or fight against USA from which most of them are in NWA.Nothing new our enemy conspire us, If They get success what they want to do than it’s not US who is culprit. It’s our failure we should accept it,Otherwise wait for more shocking and more tragic incident like this.Better to Learn from your failure rather than blaming other for your failure.In last stop criticizing this young soul,b/c from last 8 days she is fighting a battle for her life and didn’t know what is going on around her.

  • Fairy

    There Is always a hidden story behind these kind of incidents, if it’s Afia or Malala without knowing the truth we become emotional. Yes this is unusual the way the whole world got involved in this attack…. From Madonna to Obama to bankimoon every one is worried. It’s another unfortunate incident on the land of Pakistan which is already having a bad name for giving shelter to Osama…. Our heads are down once more……. Anyways its not normal a 9 year old girl living in a remote place like sawat is writing diaries and daughter of a school teacher I mean I would appreciate but did she have access to Internet at that time did she have gadgets…… I have seen her family sitting with Anerican officials, why? Well whatever the truth is God know better but I there going ti be a day when Pakistan will be a non controversial country…..:(:(

  • Orthello

    The entire Malala episode must be taken on its symbolic value – attack on her as an attack on all young seekers of knowledge and her plight as the condition of all those who suffered – even got martyred in the way. Without stretching into the complex argument whether a conspiracy existed or not, Pakistani citizens are united to denounce attacks on schools and students whereever and whnever perpetrated. We need points to unite – not to further disintegrate – we have already suffered a lot on this count.

    • M.Saeed


      Perhaps, in your innocence you have accepted the most
      alluded reality. You have stated: “—young seekers of knowledge— who
      suffered—even martyred in the way”.
      Now, just consider that, someone who seeks something is
      called a “Talib” in Pashto, Persian and often in Urdu. Therefore,
      someone who seeks knowledge is a Taib-e-Illm, or a “Student”. Taliban
      is a plural meaning a group of “seekers” and in its isolation remains
      incomplete. Most common application of
      the word is “Taliban-e-Illm”, which means seekers of knowledge, or “students”.

      Now, consider that, “to seek knowledge is Jihad” and those martyred
      in the course of seeking knowledge (and there is no gender bias in Islam for
      that) is a “Shaheed”.

      Taliban, as we know them today is a grave misnomer.

  • Zafar

    Just to share some evidence.And I will leave you guys to make your own opinions. Rest of the story anyone can google.
    Nayirah stated that after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers take babies out of incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital, take the incubators, and leave the babies to die. Though reporters did not then have access to Kuwait, her testimony was regarded as credible at the time and was widely publicized. It was cited numerous times by United States senators and the president in their rationale to back Kuwait in the Gulf War.

  • zafar

    Nayirah stated that after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers take babies out of incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital, take the incubators, and leave the babies to die. Though reporters did not then have access to Kuwait, her testimony was regarded as credible at the time and was widely publicized. It was cited numerous times by United States senators and the president in their rationale to back Kuwait in the Gulf War.
    In 1992, it was revealed that Nayirah’s last name was al-Ṣabaḥ (Arabic: نيره الصباح‎) and that she was the daughter of Saud bin Nasir Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. Furthermore, it was revealed that her testimony was organized as part of the Citizens for a Free Kuwait public relations campaign which was run by Hill & Knowlton for the Kuwaiti government. Following this, al-Sabah’s testimony has largely come to be regarded as wartime propaganda

  • zafar

    Now ask yourselves is there any similarity between Malala and Nayirah. Rest of the story and evidence you can find on google and youtube about Nayirah.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right Qalim. I’d like to with reinforce what you said, ‘Just as Islam gets no service from TTP deeds, politicising a young child at the risk of her life is also unlikely to serve the purpose.’ I wish people understand that :)

    • NASAH (USA)

      ‘People’ do understand that — to kick a girl child felled by a terrorist bullet — in the groin with a conspiracy allegation — while fallen — by a female journalist who espouses women causes — is not muddying the water — is ‘intellectual curiosity’ — constitutionally guaranteed by Pakistan conspiracy journalism;

      To criticize it — is ‘gagging’ it with ‘intellectual dishonesty’ -:)

  • Salman Rajjad

    “The right to free movement and education in one’s own home area is not
    debatable under normal conditions but when we bemoan the TTP using
    children in their terrorising activities, surely the risks of placing an
    11 year old’s narrative on the political scenario in Swat in the midst
    of All this, will give rise to conspiracy theories”

    People retaliate to any kind of suppression in any given conditions. You have put forward a very frivolous argument.

  • Bangash

    Well every one here is forgetting something , First of all i pray for her quick recovery, may be this all issue is being raised for some thing which didn,t happened in the past, yes it was a wish of our big boss , who told pakistan to do more , yes in NW, but we didn,t listened it and every one was against it and it consiquences, its not our war , never was , never will be , but big boss says and our politicians say it is, well because of this war we have seen much misery, bloodshed, etc in ordinary people of pakistan.
    I don,t support it , neither anyone else too who wish to live in this country with peace.
    Please think like they think , we are not their toys. ALLAH HAFIZ

  • Asad

    Aftab ali……… Yo are very rite….our military and media both are working for CIA/USA/India/Israel. All are not sincere with Pakistan they are all present in Pakistan how to eat. Anti-pakistani feed them and all are eating without having any sense what going on and what will be the future of this country in which their generation will play. Where the BONE all will be their. Malala’s Issue is nothing, no doubt she is innocent but our media made a big issue because media’s pocket filled with $. Have you noticed, on Ishq-e-Rasool day all Pakistani came from their home and about 97% protest was peace full but media have only the coverage on 3%. Think on it.

  • Fehmida

    yes it seems conspiracy . just to make a ground for further operation in Swat or waziristan . but alhumdulilah Pakisatnies are aware of all these war techniques of USA and despite of this that no one justify the reason of Attack on Malala but No one would like to support govt or army for any further operation . our army will not like to make our own people against them we can adopt other ways to control terrier ism attack. the bast step will be to ‘declare we cant support america’ any more . as we have observed after Salala attack when v stood against America we were not being attacked nor any armed forces institution was being attacked .No bomb Blast if we say No to America . and then can control the law and order with the help of local people more safe would be every street of Pakistan . SO A BIG NO to any further Operation . No more attack like malala, Saalala, Mehran , GHQ…………

    • Muhammad Shahbaz Thuthaal

      I agree, It was most horrible attack on an
      innocent young girl. But we should also asses how innocent simple people can be
      manipulated and used by other people for their own motives.

      We can’t forgive those ,
      who attacked PAF, KAMRA AND MEHRAN bases or are killing people in Karachi and Quetta.
      What is your take on Dr Shakeel Afridi,because of whom
      the credibility of entire POLIO campaign has been sabotaged ?

      Those who attacked
      our SALLALA post from across Afghanistan/ NOORISTAN under two brig
      generals of Afghan ARMY with full air Support are behind the Attack on MALALA
      YOUSAF ZAI, They are busy doing it around Peshawer. FAZAL ULLAH is hiding
      in NOORISTAN. The attacks in to Pakistan
      are coming from Paktia and KHOST. Has any one recommended surgical
      strikes against those terrorists hiding in AFGHANISTAN. Why Only action
      In NORTH WAZIRISTAN? why not in karachi,Quetta
      and around Peshawer?

      as Muslims should also look inwards and not be sold out so
      easily. How about those innocent people are killed during DRONE Attacks. We feel very
      sorry for the loss of our Gun ship Helicopter in WAZIRISTAN But the
      author may like to know who own those Heat seeking fourth generation
      Missiles,which are effective against a US COBRA GUNSHIP? These are
      very not available in the MARKET? So these are not just gun trotting Taliban
      but duly sponsored by those friends in AFGHANISTAN. You under take
      an operation in NW, they will rush back to their safe hide outs in Afghanistan.
      There have been debates in BBC and other channels for NATO to get out of Afghanistan for
      peace in the region. Have we forgotten the BLUFF of G BUSH played in IRAQ?
      Force never solves problems it is understanding and love. If force could
      bring peace ; US and Russians would not have lost in Vietnam and Afghanistan.UK would
      not have gone for peace Talks with IRA. Please let us be fair to Pakistan and Pakistan. The Media,Civil Society
      and the Political Parties need to stand united to find the CRIMINALS,who
      attacked our CHILD girl MALYALA,who are killing innocent people by dozens daily
      in Karachi,Quetta
      and beheading police officials in Peshawer. Let us not mix up and play into the
      hands of our enemies ,who want to break up Pakistan after having done it once
      in 1971. This is our problem as such we have to solve it ourselves.


  • faisal

    Its all a drama set by the government and usa

    • Sarmad


    • fatamees

      It is so easy to give out FATWAS(edicts),Mr faisal; You need no evidence ,logic,or plausible arguments for this.It is a good refuge for intellectual laziness.

  • moon

    For your information, Malala started the campaign for women education right since 2009. Of course she would be in headline and front page not the poor girls in pakistan. If she didn’t raised her voice they will die sooner or later physically or mentally by those cowards. Those cowards attacked her because they are insecure. Pathetic article don’t you find better things to do?? Did those cowards paid you to write this blog? I hope not!! People are praying for Malala so she can leave and make differences and raise her voice against those cowards.

  • Tarek

    to be honest i also don’t find anything wrong in the attempt to kill malala..and today the taliban has cleared the misconception that says’ mala was taliban target for campaigning about women education’. The taliban said it’s not the reason. The reason is malala is campaiging against taliban and advocating obama. If america can kill anyone in pakistan saying they are against USA then i think taliban has that right to kill anyone who speaks for their enemy!

    • guest

      how sick u r

  • Samad Khan

    You are right! We should loot plunder and kill over this as well.

    • anon

      I don’t recall saying that. You don’t find it troubling that far more people where more enraged over a movie misrepresenting Islam than Taliban pronouncements that attempted murder of children is a good Islamic action? You should find it troubling, everyone should.

      The truth can not be made more clear. The Taliban are the enemies of anyone that believes that children should not be murdered on their way to school. The Taliban can ONLY be negotiated with if you are willing to capitulate on 100% of their terms. It is 100% surrender or war for them.

  • Asghar, London.

    Here’s another conspiracy theory; one may or may not buy it though:-

    Pakistani nation had shown unique solidarity and unity, lately, on the issue of ‘disrespectful film’ which had been produced by a certain film-maker in America. Ever since, the CONCERNED (GLOBAL) QUARTERS had been desperate to shatter the unprecedented show of solidarity by Pakistani nation on the basis of religious beliefs. Hence, the whole drama was staged! … For them, there wouldn’t have been a better way; just exploit the Taliban Factor wherein the nation definitely stands divided, put your bet on the proper ‘horse’ and, at the end of the day, achieve your goal!!! Alas, achieve THEY did!!!

  • alpha

    Doesnt history answer all the questions? some times it seems Pakistani nation (specially the so called educated / intellectual section) is a group of donkeys with closed minds and blind eyes. They see what ever is shown to them and believe what ever is told to them. They do what ever is asked of them. Even if their immediate family members would be killed by the ones they support, they will still reason out with it and still support them.
    TTP, USA and NATO, all are playing with us and we are disappointingly just going with the flow, taking sides. Why can’t we understand that one’s home can only be saved by the himself/ herself and not by ANYBODY ELSE. every body else has his own family to feed.

  • Abdul Hameed

    Madiha! Our society was same from very begining and will remain same till end. Here if you will move with responsibility; majority will be behind you and vice versa. Malala became irresponsible when she changed destiny from a doctor to politician and admired people responsible for uncountable wounds on heart of Pakistani Nation. So, when she started seeding evil instead of love; found the same response from society. But, I personally hold her Father and BBC Reporter for this incident not Malala or Taliban.

  • Arsalan

    But this cannot be neglected that all this happened….Just after a successful march by a political party in Waziristan or towards it, gave a hype in international media the results of Drone strikes and how they are affecting innocent lives… now the people have forgotten about that and again demanding operation in those areas… this all justifies drone strikes and hence the WEST has met its purpose again… I am sure 99% of Pakistanis pray for Malala but its not who is a foreign agent… its those who did it….!!!! just think deeeep

  • Hasan

    NASAH – it doesn’t matter what you think/wish, this article obviously written by Madeeha the great.

  • Muhammad Atif Agha

    Malala is conspiracy theory or not, but USA has used her for its purpose and you media could not understand this and keep talking about malala and supporting US because US Aid is enough to keep Media mouth shut.

  • Faisal Chaudhry

    The article has gnerated an overwhelming response/comments. Possibly has put in doubt the poor girl’s efforts which has made her every so famous and symbol for education for women/girls. Let’s stop being pseudo-intellectuals and pray for the unwell/wounded girl that she does not have to live with any neurological problem/disability. May Allah give her health.

  • Taimoor Durrani

    well, thing is, riots should not have been taken place in response to the blasphemous film, that was a stupid thing to do. Instead that film maker should have been assassinated. As for the girl shot, the western media being so so much agrieved about her & concerned about her, i wonder why are they not taking so much care of their own national unempolyed women. Why is some foreign girl so much of a deep interest to you westerns?? why don’t you people solve your own problems and issues than to persistenlty poke your nose into foreign affairs. A girl gets shot in Pakistan has to shake the whole western world, how exactly is it justified?? Why not focus on your issues than crying over the foreigners?? does this in any sense relate to your issues?? what troubles and irritates you about Malala?? if you people are so much of humanitarian loving creature then why don’t your soldiers take out their fat asses out of muslim countries instead of killing innocent muslim civilians that include newly born babies even. Raping innocent muslim women by your stinking soldiers is justified in what sense?? Just stop being a hypocrite showing your so called sympathy with the muslims. We muslims already know who you people really are and we are dealing with all of you. That day is not far when all whole western world will be subjugated by us muslims again as we did in the past history.

    • Jag Nathan

      We are waiting for you to come and subjugate us.

      • Abdul Hameed

        Thats not so far now. Its already started by the will of almighty Allaha. If it was not so near; your preists and biships have never started crying like cry babies.

        • Michael (NY)

          Do not drag your hapless Allah in your stupid imaginations and day dreams which have brought you on knees with a beggar bowl in the shivering hands of yours. :) LOL

          • Reality Check

            Well well well, here comes the mighty American God (nousbilla) by the name of Michael (NY), but the saga of this story is this mighty God(nousbilla) along with its allies from 40 different countries totally failed to nail a small country by the name of ‘Afghanistan’. 9/11 was a stunt nicely played by your mighty God (nousbilla) and in doing so killed 2.5 million Muslims in Iraq & Afghanistan, are these the morals that your so called civilised world possess? Let me ask you one question, what is the thing that Americans & Western are most scared in the world? Let me spell out for you, it is a 5 letter word called ‘ISLAM’. Now come back to your comments, Americans pulled Pakistan into this war for wrong reasons but once they found the truth, they started asking the compensation of those 35000 people killed in fighting their dirty war which was always imposed on them for their own greeds. Why don’t you ask your mighty American God (nousbilla) without the help of thier other allies to attack on Pakistan & see what the shivering hands are capable to do, you will be suprised!

    • Sandreen,Sydney

      Right now tackle your Babes who have decided to make your stinking land an another Afghanistan.

    • anon

      Well, promoting assassinating somebody over making a film makes you an enemy to the west, so you are right to fear them.

      I don’t recall mentioning a singular thing about them though, did I? I merely stated that killing a child should be considered worse than making a movie. Do you disagree?

      More importantly to Pakistan, what is a greater violation of it’s sovereignty, the creation within it’s borders of an independent state openly at war with Pakistan’s government, or drone attacks against the militant leaders of said rogue state within Pakistan? You need to recognize for all the threat that the west and India may pose to Pakistan, the Taliban are the greatest and most present threat to it. Not least of which for the refusal of people like yourself to recognize them as the child murdering monsters that they are.

      • Imran

        Mr. anon the hated movie was a move against our national ideology as Pakistani nation. and if you do not consider it a crime, then why you western people are not allowing any body to disagree with holocaust? why many western countries have laws where you cannot refute that claim of Zionists? may be because it hurt their sentiments, if my guess is true then this kind of blasphemous acts hurt the entire Muslim community. so if the west is really interested in global peace, a law to respect the sentiments of Muslims will be much helpful. otherwise these things will repeated from both sides and will give rise to hatred. as for as the Malala episode is concerned, the whole nation has sympathies with that child but at this moment we feel that her innocence has been hijacked by western media and the local NGO’s and other who are on the pay role of USA. they are using her innocence for their agenda to malign Islam and Muslims. that’s what we are against of. if they are trully doing this on humanitarian basis they should also show the same for the victims of Drones and they should condemn the American act with the same zeal as they are doing against Taliban.

        • anon

          Seriously, have some pride and stop caring so much what the west thinks.

          The movie was an attack on Pakistan’s ideology, fine. Isn’t the attempted murder of a school girl for advocating in favor of education for girls equally an attack on Pakistan’s values? Surely the Taliban’s repeated targeting of Pakistani students, schools and universities is a greater and more severe attack on Pakistan’s values?

          Forget about the hated west for long enough to look at what is happening within Pakistan’s borders. From within the tribal regions, the TTP is planning and preparing attacks on students, schools and civilians in Quette, Lahore, Islamabad and on and on and on. Within the tribal regions, the TTP has setup their own independent state where they enforce their own version of Sharia and regular murder moderate Muslims that dare to live by the laws set out by Pakistan’s government. Oh, and within the tribal regions drone strikes regular hit small villages killing some militants and nearby locals.

          Look at the situation in Pakistan, and honestly assess the greatest threats facing it and it is clear the TTP and their murderous jihad against Pakistan is the greatest and most present threat.

      • M.Saeed

        @anon, you are right
        in your statement “—promoting assassinating somebody over making a film
        makes you an enemy to the west, so you are right to fear them.” But, a
        weapon is a weapon irrespective of its place of origin because its sole purpose is to
        kill somebody.

        Taliban are killers
        but their remote-controlling trigger-pullers are hiding in their safe-heavens abroad.

        Similarly, all
        instances of attacks on the believes and faith of Muslims by whatever means and
        applying whatever source, are causing catastrophic devastations, only within
        the Muslim world. That makes them ” Selective Weapons of Mass
        Destruction”, killing only Muslims, destroying their property and causing
        uncountable economic harms without being visible. Anyone having slightest of
        heart-sense would know that these events
        are well calculated and sufficiently researched through various computor models
        and application, by the think-tanks of those eho are actually pulling the
        strings. Call it a “Conspiracy Theory” any number of times, it is
        there till another convincing logic acceptable to your own mind emerges.

        • anon

          You are declaring that any acts of blasphemy abroad are weapons causing devastation only within the Muslim world.

          I disagree with your belief that it is the infidels abroad who are arming and triggering this devastation on the Muslim world. I would suggest to you that it is the extremists and thugs within the Muslim world who are the source of the resulting devastation. While pretending to call themselves Muslims, they take advantage of any window given them to rampage about destroying and murdering anything that disagrees with them. All the economic harm wrought after each instance of blasphemy is done directly by the hands of those living within the Muslim world, and those dirty hands are the ones you need to worry about excising.

          In case you don’t recall, the Swat valley was seized and all but declared an independent state by these same self styled extremists back in the nineties. Long before there was any call to oppose the west’s non existent war on terror and drone strikes that had yet to occur for another decade.

          • M.Saeed

            Anon, perhaps, you need some spoon feeding. You have selectively picked-up some random phrases and trying your hands in riposte.
            You will agree a weapon has no mind of its own and needs trigger to attack its target.
            When you name a weapon with any maligning prefix, you already become an accessory to it.
            If your concerns are genuine, just have a second read of my post above without ablinding-bias, you will find I am almost saying the same thing as you tried to explain under your facade of jaundiced “disagreement”.
            A person blatantly violating the Islamic Code, edicts of learned Muslim scholars, basic ideology of “Noble-Struggle” against illiteracy and all other anti-humanity vices, can only be the staunchest enemy of Islam and nothing else.
            Now, get your own placement under the true orientation, unless you are really an accessory to the weapon. And, an accessory under this horrible scheme of things cannot operate without a mind—an evil mind for all practical purposes in human considerations.

  • Khan

    Madeeha reading your conspiracy about Malala is ironic. I am answering you because I have lived pashtoon culture, its enmities and the current grip of ignorance on this culture. It can be easily compared to the inquisition and dark ages of Europe. If you were living in the neighbourhood of Malala with your father, I can assure you that your father will be trembling with extreme fear of Taliban and for your safety, you will be rolled into a few layers of burqas confined to the four walls of your refuge and “happily”. Malala and her father represent the unwavering courage of pashtuns who look the oppressor in the eye and say “no”, from the lowest position of a girl in that society. So live in luxury and safety but at least leave hypocrisy. Have a bit of dignity not to discredit your own kind where you know well the degradation of women in this culture. Now coming to your source Abdul Hai Kakar who’s wisdom guided Malala and her father to take life risk for “fame.” Kakar is a tribal and his area is equally subject to Taliban atrocities. If he is so brave why didn’t he write his own diary and be famous himself. You both represent those scavengers who live off the misery of their culture. Malala and her father represent liberty and human dignity. I look forward to your reply.

    • Muhammad Azeem Mughal

      The nation is disappointed on the act of the Pakistan Tehreek Taliban..but we are tired of listening the same excuse provided every time..queries are rising and everybody is confused and wants to know whats the reality behind the incident…so am i..

  • Pakhtun

    Khurrum, I expected you to term me as a terrorist harbinger, because that’s what you self-righteous hypocrites do, blame others and while at it, you make sure that the rest of Pakistani ethnicities are told off for having a different point of view as terrorist supporters. It’s old school now, give it a rest, will you.

    You, sir, are living in canonized little world of yours where you think everyone having a different belief professes the support for thugs like Taliban and hence the deaths of thousands of innocent victims in the border area is justified for what the criminal acts of few being done in the centre. How, sanctimonious, you self-righteous hypocrites are, tsk!

    And to the story, there’s much more than what meets the eye here. You just need to open one, if not both. The conspiracy is unfolding already, we (Pakistan) are planning to invade part of our country (NWA), under the pretext of this Malala drama for the “Do-More” philosophy of our masters.

    All we’re doing is acting like Pavlov’s dog. When the master say jump, we only ask, how high! Pity, but that attitude is costing us our country.

    • Hamid Ali Shah

      I support your ideas. keep it up. revolution is at the doorstep.

    • Dr.Khan

      Agreed a doctor when I see the whole saga from the time of shooting till this day,all that I saw on different videos convince me that she was met with a warning shot instead of killing one.She was stabile all the time and moving her limbs from the beginning,showing that the injury again was nt the motor system and the most important issue is how come a bullet in the head travels down to the neck,those who know anatomy knows its impossible unless she we struck in the neck where the bullet was taken out.Now she is walking with support.unbelievable..staff that defy all the medical odds like that guy whose car is run 100% on water.
      In a Nutshell” in Pakistan stuff really happens and then is turned into Conpiracy”.only in my blessed Pakistan nowhere else.
      let the truth spill itself,all will then know the difference.

      • nauman gilani

        me also a doctor and 100percent agree with u..

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the bloggers moved by Malala’s quest for education and the tragedy suffered, will take time to visit the ZS blog here. May be renming it as education blog, will attract more bloggers – unless of course the interest in education is only to the extent of a headline!

  • Nauman

    Agree with the writer. Thousands of children died because of
    drones attack, with dirty drinking water, lack of medical help and various
    unknown reason but none of us raised the voice for them like we did in Mala,s
    case why so love with Mala??……. children are children. I feel sorry about little Mala as she was struck in power

    • hassan jamal

      There is no doubt the matter has been made a hype by the support of some strong gp (Media,agencies,govt,NGOs etc)
      childrens died in waziristan and other border areas are as innocent as this girl is.
      besides, we all should pray for the health of malala no matter what conspiracies lies behind.

      • Shahzad

        I stand by Malala and find the ideology of the TTP reprehensible. Would like to add here :

        Islam through Hadith gives guidance on governance including on how to coexist with other non Muslims. But it does not allow alternative sources of state power.The Taliban are non state actors who state that apostates ( mur tad ) have to be killed whereas (monafique) it is good practise to kill.

        Can the state allow this twisted ideology to exist and be practised against its own citizens and against our neighbours including Afghanistan, Iran, China and India. Now this is not fundamentalist Islam but hiding the truth about Islam and in fact blaspheming against our beloved Prophet pbuh, may I suggest this is obscurantism ( falsifying the truth ).

        I am against war to, I believe light the candle when you fight darkness. But then if the obscurantists blow out the candle and think they have a monopoly on violence and the state should be prevented from protecting its citizens, then I am afraid at some stage you will have to unsheath your sword.

        But agreed you have to first take the moral high ground to show this ideology is twisted wrong and not according to a great religion.

        The concern is , are PTI, PMLN, JI, JUI etc on the same platform or are they simply spokesmen for this twisted philosophy , I believe the jury is out and time will tell. But I hope and pray that sanity prevails.

  • Introspection

    Unfortunately, the Pakistani Media; for the most part, are catering to
    nothing more than a ‘bigoted-agendic-media-hype-exploitation’ and
    ‘sensationalism’…dangerously bordering on acts of ‘treason’…as they
    willfully continue to shroud any, and or all manifestations of conspiracy and
    espionage in national and state incidents and happenings…’poor-gullible-awaam-un-naas’,
    a clear victim of this ‘pinging-media-conditioning and targetting’…wake-up
    Pakistan, and promptly address this disease, before rigor mortis sets in…!

  • Zahid Hussain

    clearing concept also in this matter? First if this is a question so
    really we have no answer for this. further thinking socially politically
    if we make ourselves truly right from inside thus we can make ourselves
    able to find out its answer.

  • THK

    Well who cares if it is a conspiracy..the question is “why is their no action?” An attemptfailed by PAK army for operation cuz the Gov. has already said of no Operation! I hope the elections takes place but it cant be a reasion to not start any operatoon..

  • Khan

    Madeeha reading your conspiracy about Malala is ironic. I am answering you because I have lived pashtoon culture, its enmities and the current grip of ignorance on this culture. It can be easily compared to the inquisition and dark ages of Europe. If you were living in the neighbourhood of Malala with your father, I can assure you that your father will be trembling with extreme fear of Taliban and for your safety, you will be rolled into a few layers of burqas confined to the four walls of your refuge and “happily”. Malala and her father represent the unwavering courage of pashtuns who look the oppressor in the eye and say “no”, from the lowest position of a girl in that society. So live in luxury and safety but at least leave hypocrisy. Have a bit of dignity not to discredit your own kind where you know well the degradation of women in this culture. Now coming to your source Abdul Hai Kakar who’s wisdom guided Malala and her father to take life risk for “fame.” Kakar is a tribal and his area is equally subject to Taliban atrocities. If he is so brave why didn’t he write his own diary and be famous himself. You both represent those scavengers who live off the misery of their culture. Malala and her father represent liberty and human dignity. I look forward to your reply.

    • Bloom

      Yup.. agree with the above !! the time has also spent when these Taliban were used to cut fingers of those girls/women who decorated their nails with nail polish. If TTP itself accepting the act, then its not in the reaction of Drone attacks or something else.. but in the favor of extremist way of life that they erge to impose there. Many blogs relevant to the topic leads to so many other sub-topics but I think Pak does not want that rule which was enjoyed in Afghanistan for 5 years.

    • Ali Kazmi

      Westernized bitches like yourself don’t have brains. Since you dont have a brain to think, I don’t blame you

    • Ali Kazmi

      Its not your fault , not everyone has eyes and ears to see and hear. You are one of those people who do not have brains of their own to think!

  • Faizee

    is malala really injured or received bullets ???? or some thing like the old fake video of sawat??? why she sent to abroad for her treatment? I think it is not more than a drama n ‘ll expose v soon. what do u say about her meetings with US troops and officials?

  • faizan

    It’s a conspiracy…the road to extend the invasions in the name of so called “war against terrorism!”

  • anony

    Well said Taimoor ! Why shud the western media take interest in malala when we ourselves are not that offended ?They shud be minding their own business of giving employment to their gals when especially those foreign countries are in abject poverty unlike our prosperous country pakistan where gals neednt be educated bcoz our economy is very sound. Milk and honey flows in this land and the only duty of a gal is to be happily bearing children to consume the excess wealth this country has .”And why dont they solve their own problems? ” Exactly ..we in pakistan have no problems except for some stupid gal being shot dead and few people bombed here and there . But the western country is full of problem where people r struggling to survive each day ………. They shud take our example . when for a film that was taken in a foreign land and by some third rated film maker we didnt make a big fuss . we all went about with our work but the media in western countries protested and killed , looted . We on the other hand feel that the film maker should be assasinated and like wise the taliban has chosen to assasinate malala who they think is anti Islam .wat is wrong in that ? Good logic . Pakistan will never change for centuries to come. justification justification and justification for every thing that happens here.

  • sharj33l

    what the hell going on… why BBC choosed the girl from northern area?
    y? all the hell behind the scene is to target pakistan in northern areaz by putting this damn issue on the line…

    infact we people of pakistan are emotional and the enemy knows it well and now they are successful in making our minds against the talibaanz..

  • Abdullah Hussain

    Dear Anon
    You will not understand the differences between what you have written. Even the father of Malala will be too willing to sacrifice all to protest this blasphemous film, so don’t mix these two together.

    • anon

      Murdering children in the name of Islam is a far greater blasphemy. I understand that part just fine. For that matter, misrepresenting Islam as a religion that charges murdering children as a lesser crime than blasphemy is in itself blasphemous. You and your kind are shameful.

  • F Mir

    Read the recent article by Kamila Hyat on how to write with facts and not made up fiction like in your article….

    • Arslan

      I think its a good article and she didn’t try to made up fiction, she just raised questions which are valid ones. Everyone pray for Malala but majority of Pakistan don’t want any operation in NW unless Govt give us the guarantee that no innocent people will be killed there and there will be peace in Pakistan afterwards.

  • Muhammad Khan

    My name is Muhammad Khan and i’m in class 10 from Fazaia Inter Collage Kohat,Pakistan.I am proud to be the son of my mother land Pakistan.After seeing Malala’s bravery,my spirit is also waked up for my nation.I’m not afraid of anything.My message is for the terrorist of Pakistan and Afghanistan that they should stop this idiot activities now.Do they think that they are strong?..They can do anything?..Do they think they are doing right?..Do they think that there is no religious muslims except them?..If they think,then this is their “Big Mistake”.They are not muslims,they are TERRORISTS.After shooting a small girl who just stood for education,they that they are muslims,”NEVER”.I am a Pakistani and i know that how it was in 1998-2003 and how it was from 2004 to no 2012.Pakistan was a country of peace,care for every kind of religions.terrorist are just detroying this peace.They are doing the same things that were done before Islam.Before Islam,girls were buried alive,e.t.c and the terrorist are doing the same thing by killing and shooting girls,just trying to destroy them.Education is now the greatest weaon of today time.Terrorist got just shoot a girl in her head when she just stood with srugle for geting education for girls back.If terrorist are just afraid of education of girls as well as boys then we are going to load our weapons.I want to make them hear that they can’t take over education.We will progress in education and will face the terrorists bravely.We will not take our steps.We will spread the education through out the world.”STOP US IF YOU CAN”.I Mhd.Khan giving warning to terrorists that they can’t do any thing except killing people,destroying schools and we are not going to stop any way.Now you have seen just one shining star from SWAT but soon you will see totally shiny stars around you.What did you did to SWAT,to whole Pakistan? by killing people,destroying buildings.but you stop anyone.You destroyed schools,hospitals,buildings for building your camps and training grounds.But now return to the same place you will again find people happy,new schools,hospitals,You can’t stop us.Why don’t you give up after being beaten several times?If you say that you are muslims then why are you killing people?..Why are you attacking on masjids?..Did you ever thought about the small childrens waiting for their father who is killed in bomb blast?you are not human,you are BEAST.Now,we will stand for our rights,and you will have to pay what you have done to our nation!You can’t fight with world greatest army “MUSLIMS”.One week past,I was also afraid about terrorists when we heared about them from our elders.When ever i gei out of home for school,i didn’t know that i will return back home safely.When ever i heared the helicopter sound,i started thinking that is it going for operation against terrorists.BUt now it’s all over.I’m small but i have enough strength to fight with you.You will have to face the pakistan’s one religion army.And we will get our peaceful pakistan Back!!!!!!! hear that “”"”"”Terrorist Cannot Exist”(i’m have send this coloumn to GEO news so that they would publish my message on all news channels so that terrorist can know who are we)

    • NASAH (USA)

      This letter — from a kid from the Swat Valley who also wants to go to school and challenges the terrorist Talibans that he will defeat them with the power of his education — should be at the top of this blog — UNLESS this kid is also part of the CONSPIRACY by the West — coached by the United States — to write this letter.

  • Pakistan Lovers

    yes definately and there is no doubt in it which will be verfied once Pak army attack waziristan hence providing support to obama for his election compaign.

  • Saebi

    absolutely agree. This is sheer conspiracy. Nothing more. Lets get back to work and wait for more

  • Sana Ullah

    i am 100% agreed with Arsalan but justing thinking deeep… haha

  • Asad

    History has shown that peace is not a business profiting nor it is to the benefit of the west. Whether it is world war 1 or 2 or future 3. All of them had a hidden agenda to it. The architect of these wars are never exposed to the public, rather tasks are carried out through puppet or proxy. Just like 9-11. In Malala case i also believe that those foot prints lead to the same architect of 9-11 who are not interested in safe and peaceful Pakistan.On the judgment day, I will not be surprised when the earth reveals the secrets of who killed JKF, Benazir and attacked Malala. But for now I’m not going to believe the main stream media as reality is opposite to appearance. Quran speaks of these secrets societies and warns us against them. ALLAH knows best. May ALLAH guide the Muslims and speedy recover for Malala. She was just tool to acheive their evil plan.

  • M.Saeed

    Qalim sb. and MOD-Madeeha:

    This is a game of highest grand-masters and no commoners like us can have any inkling of its reality hidden deep-down. Just think for a second. Can even a sharpest-shooting computer controlled robot fire a bullet the way the boy fired such that, it passed through the entire bone structure of Malala’s head without critically damaging her brain or highly sensitive organs and stopping just short of the spinal cord in the neck, saving her to live and tell tales of Taliban horror with visible brutality?
    It is just another display of a well planned thinking executed with multiple-routed moves originating from every possible eventuality resulting from various failures of moves, thus creating a new pattern of pawn-position on the board, to be appropriately tacked on the same go. Just compare it with sudden emerging of Benazir Bhutto from the roof-top of her bomb-proof vehicle and getting critically hit just like a sitting-clay-duck target, without leaving any definite incriminating tell-tale indication marks for accusing fingers.

    • NASAH (USA)

      Saeed sahib — do you mean to say that Malala Yusufzai was attacked with the surgical precision by a human drone?

  • Muhammad Khizir Farooqi

    How Abdul Hai Kakar, the BBC reporter came in contact with Gul Makai who wrote her diary in BBC Blog. under a faked name ? When she wrote the Blog she was not in contact with Karar. It is clear that she wrote that block with out any out side help at that tender age.when she was a student of 7th class. Only then Mr Karar discover her as MALA LA after that Blog and took her interview. In this way we all and the whole world came to know about the GUDRI KA LAL as MALA LA lying in Swat. It is her learning age like all other girls of her age and the thing which is remarkable and made her over and above than other girls of her age are her intelligence and pickup which distinguish her from others. How a girl of just 14 years old could think and plan like Mullah Omar or Osama Bin Laden or any other member of Al-Quaida / Taliban or could be dictated. Until now what she said is the prorogation of education among girls. Allah may bless her with health so that she may achieve her objective and dream. Ameen

  • Sarmad

    If puy aside conspiracy theorists then who will dispose the real face of Evil! This age is the age of Media War!

  • Sarmad

    Bro ev erything in modern Democracy is a Conspiracy. And Malala case is a possibility i.e something higher than conspiracy.

    • Shahida Khan

      Your birth was a conspiracy against humanity, you fool

  • Sarmad

    Please think what you said!

  • umair

    i appriciate the work of MALALA , my nation proud to be her act ,but plzzz not highlight as much as v r doing ,plzzzzzzzz highlight the other issues of PAKISTAN . there are thousand of childern are deprived from proper health and education . so work on these issues plzzzzzzzzz

  • Zara

    True malala is just a consipiracy… Nothing more than that..

  • wasim

    mr khurram i would like to draw ur attention to the fact that what evidance u have that these attacks are carrried by people of waziriztan or the fact that the people support them.? a person whose whole family has been killed in drone attacks of ur so called saints will automaticaly target those who even help the killers of his family and its sad to say but that includes us also…

  • Hamid Ali Shah

    I just don’t support the idea that we should impress the west of our liberalism. I as a Muslim and Pakistani eloquently oppose any operation in Waziristan, as it would support western agenda. We can Stop this madness. Wake up my fellow country men, don’t fall in trap to the so called ENLIGHTENED MODERATION. look where it got us.

  • Hamid Ali Shah

    You must be a retard to comment like that, you don’t have a clue.

  • Nisar

    I will second Madeeha’s point of view that we, as a nation, should not acquire a repute of being capricious and changing moods with every blazing news headline. The case in point, that of Malala, certainly deserve sympathy from all. She being a minor girl, if i may say so rightfully, and for having taken a bold stand is certainly commendable. Our national response to this incident should not be derived or motivated by the world view of the incident. Lets see Malala from the eye of Islamic values of Justice and give her the compassion that she deserves. Conspiracy theories thrive in a enviornment of ignorance and lets shun the ignorance.

  • Imran

    And what about the liberal extremists who are targeting the ideology of the whole nation and dictating what is right and what is wrong? In my opinion while we condemn the religious extremists for enforcing their agenda through force we should have the courage and independence (from masters abroad) to reject the liberal extremists who are trying hard (and to some extent are successful) to establish link between terrorism and Muslims and especially linking this whole menace to the teachings of Islam. Extremism of all sort is wrong and should be rejected for a peaceful and moderate society.

  • Kammie Dante

    People in Pakistan believe everything is a conspiracy. They convince themselves that everything happening around is by others (West or India etc etc), They talk themselves into it that this all is happening by some big huge conspiracy yet they blame the government about this. Pakistani leaders are the most corrupted convicted leaders in this world. Malala’s case is just one of them. Whatever happens they point the finger to others and keep themselves clean. I ask YOU people of Pakistan why this is all happening? why is there drone attacks of USA? why is there many teenage girls dying in drone attacks? why are innocent people being slayed in broad day light? WHY is this Malala took two bullets and yet being called an US Agent? Why is people Like Taliban are killing Pakistanis and beating Women and staging it front of everyone? i Tell you why… because you are an self absorbed selfish nation.. Sorry to say this but this is all happening because of YOU people. Everything happens in Pakistan is because of YOU. You keep your mouth shut and point fingers at others rather than solving the problem. Your political leaders are looting you and yet you are TOO blind to see this happening. WAKE UP PEOPLE! YOU CAN SAVE PAKISTAN not any leaders not any Politics not any USA Drone not anyone BUT YOU! You are the true Pakistani YOU have the power… Being Silent is SIN…. Wipe out this Plague from Pakistan.. Take PAKISTAN BACK from these Looters.. these Politicians.. These USA Agents.. These TALIBANS… Take it BACK PEOPLE!! WAKE UP PAKISTAN!!

  • Attaur Rehman Khan

    There is no doubt the matter has been made a hype by the support of some strong gp (Media,agencies,govt,NGOs etc)
    Media’s tells us one side story not told the truth.
    Very shameful action of media is that they said Taliban claimed the action, who tells them this…and how they believe on it. ?
    However, we pray for the health of malala no matter what conspiracies lies behind.

  • Zahid Hussain

    Dear Pakhtun, Khurram and everyone!!!! AoA.
    you had a good discussion brothers. i think we must realize to acknowledge our base and identity. Very simple if we make inside ourselves correct so from outside no one is able to attack us and make us a conspiracy. We should try and work for a workable constitutional system in Pakistan which is not present and is our main problem. What is written in our constitution is not working in Pakistan. we all will have to go back 65 years and to conceive the realities. i really feel and consider that only a workable constitutional system can save Pakistan which must come through a Constitutional Convention before going for an election.


    “When raising legitimate queries or doubts against the convenient
    political vernacular begins to attract gagging orders from liberal
    progressives, the risk of a transition from ‘national socialism’ to
    ‘naziism’ increases.”

    Qalim sb — do you really believe that the world wide condemnation of a bullet in the head of a 14 year old child girl fighting is a — “convenient political vernacular”?

    And “raising queries or doubts” against the motives of a child girl victim — NOT the killers — in coma — is “legitimate” journalism?

    And do you really believe that my criticism of the untimely and inopportune blog at a time like this — risks transition from national socialism to ‘naziism’?

    Now that thank God — the kid is out of coma — may be she will answer if she is a foreign agent.

    • Anonymous

      NASAH Sb
      Not that my argument is in support of conspiracy theorist – but as Andrew Grove woukd say ‘Only tge paranoid survive’.

      Incidentally, Madeeha had referred to a BBC journo – perhaps you are aware of the latest fiasco there with Jimmy Saville controversy, who over several years was implicated in chid abuse but as the questions raised in this matter were swept under the carpet when he was alive and recently a news report too was shelved, the proverbial **** is hitting the fan!

    • Ali Kazmi

      Wow amazing arguments, so why you think after 10 years of drone attacks, suddenly, this girl is in the lime light? what about 100s of other girls who lost their limbs?

      Stop these ridiculous arguments and get a life

  • Shoaib

    I completely agree. There are thousand other girls getting killed on daily basis from the streets of karachi to the deserts of waziristan. Nobody speaks for them…

  • atta

    Agreed …

  • Be a human first.

    Madiha, I am glad you wrote this article. Why is it that ‘WE’ whoever that may be, try to find the negative aspect in every situation. Should we not, first as a human being then as a Muslim try to keep our hearts open for everyone.

  • Dr.Khan

    No ma’am we cannot put it to rest, the Question must be asked and asked constantly.The young after arriveing in UK after 3 days is walking with support.A person hit in the head with a bullet.I just imagine if this was to happen,why didn’t she walked to the air imbulance.I am really sorry but it does demand alot of answering to the questions put by every other sensible person in Pakistan.We have been putting things to rest for last 65 years and so have been collecting alot of garbage under the carpet.
    This nation has been so far fed with air and dust about many many things happened around us in last few years.If there is nothing true to these conspiracies,then I guess it is too a conspiracy that so far in the last 11 years we have lost 4500 solidiers and more than 35000 civilian lives.

    Therefore instead we mention every other incident as conspiracy,why don’t we demand asking these incidents are happening in thr first place.

  • Muslim

    well no one knows that will they stop attacking because we have never stop drone attacks

    • anon

      Untrue. The same breed of extremists seized SWAT in the nineties, long before the drone attacks ever started. Have no illusions, the drone attacks are not the root. The TTP is fighting for their own perverted beliefs against everyone who disagrees, and in their jihad, moderate Pakistani muslims are like infidels to them and are executed by them, even while still children.

  • Akber Khan

    Hello every one,I did read some of your comments no one mention a clear veiw of these ugly things why is happing in pakistan and around world?.Answer =These all things happing because of talibans and its brand new Islam which totally agianst real Islam.In Taliban Islam killing innocent by sucide attack(specially labour class),slaughtering people in front of camera,destroying
    school,stonning wommen in public,justifying to grow drugs(heroens) and more,,,,,?
    Please think about it they guest the devil man (eblis,shiatan) osama bin laden who are banned ,rejected by all countries of Muslims,there is question for you? If these countries are muslims and not doing things like taliban does.thats mean Taliban is wrong even not muslims.All we afriad and could not speak agaist them .I belong to trible area knew that drone strike just happing where is these terrorists running training centre to kill innocent these taliban training centre there are no girls like malala, they are just terrorist.Please stop telling lie. some people have sympathy to these talibans and comparing with Malala yousafzai. which is very shame for pakistan people.
    I am proud of this conspiracy to speak agianst unhumenity,injustice and unislamic.
    Malala is brave ,courageous,symbol of peace.May ALLAH bless her to get healthy recovery.

  • Jibran Farooq

    My dear Madeeha, i hope u will not mind the bitter truth behind the scenes.My mind does not accept the maturity of a young girl from a backward area of swat to come up with such an idea of blogging on net against the brutal regime of Taliban who had the vision of killing even the animals of that family which supported Pak army even morally.Even if we agree with the idea that she was Malala her self behind the idea of Gul Makae, then what is the reality behind those pictures of Mallala with American officials?
    Many of the questions are still to be answered, and many conspiracy theories still hold significant as there is an urdu saying ” Dhuwaan wahan say he uthta hai jahan chingari hoti hai” ……..

  • Muhammad Atif Agha

    Sick topic, she opened her eyes as soon as she reaches UK, drama drama drama

  • Hameed

    Innocent Malala’s was used in the conspiracy either by PPP govt or US..

  • Imran


  • Maheen

    @NASAH (usa): In the eyes of real idiot all others are idiots. Got it.

  • Dr M. U. Saeed

    It may not be a conspiracy but it does, for sure, serve somebody’s purpose to project “Malala” like this, especially since shes not the only one to ever have been attacked and harmed in this way.

  • job

    For God sake, leave the grieving father alone.

  • Bertram Eljon Holubek

    All the good people of this world can be happy to hear that Malala recovers. She has become a martyr who suffered for the rights of Muslim women all over the world. But now she can already speak again, so let her speak and write on. Islam must not take up a stance against this. Because it was also because of the women, that religious news of a new prophet having come spread in those days. You know, most women like to chat all the time, and this was always part of the process of reality making and shaping of destiny. Even if they write things who are wrong this may be helpful in discussions! Let those women talk, and this will give to good and wise men the opportunity to sharpen their minds! If they know better they can easily refute those women and thus earn a reputation. From open discussions the minds of the people will benefit. And this will please the good God who naturally wants people on Earth to become more mentally sane and stable.

  • truth is bitter

    Muslims kill muslims and it has been going on for 1400 years, we can not blame west for everything. was battle of karbala a conspiracy theory?

  • pakistani

    What was CIAs. Modus operandi for dis integrating yougoslavia and who was the lead think tank??? Any guesses?? How about interior minister and other politicians blaming taliban for target killing?? Word taliban has now become a scapegoat for those incharge to wash hands off their irresponsibilities???? High time we wake up.

  • Ali Kazmi

    So why dont you support the children who lost their limbs in drone attacks. and this happens every other day

  • najeeb

    maidam u r correct thousandsof malalas die every now and then no one cares.

  • Ali

    Its a big game

  • nauman gilani

    Malala incident raises many questions…1) why it happened just after the release of blasphemous movie.2) why didnot happened years ago when TTP was esteblished in swat.3) why media coverage was not given when she was in hosp.4)It seems insensible to beleive how she recovered without any disability( when she was struck in head).5) and after that on basis of so called “fake incident”, this slogan is on air all the time in media,”prhne likhne k siwa’pak ka matlab kya. So this all proves that this was a conspiracy to start military operation in waziristan and to detrack the nation on which pak was made. MAY ALLAH BLESS PAKISTAN FOREVER.

  • Blah

    If not a conspiracy, this whole Malala event is indeed an enigma. How often does the British PM care about a girl from Pakistan. The British PM ever had even a couple of words to spare to similar incidents in his own country. Malala’s is not a unique case, but the highlight given to this case has to provoke curiosity, if nothing else, in any mind.

  • Raffia Ali

    The part about Swat diary reminds me of another very famous diary written by a young girl to give voice to the Jews and to personalize the atrocities committed by the Nazis…The Diary of Anne Frank. Although Malala is a brave girl to have survived the physical and emotional ordeal she went through, her rise to fame and coverage in the international media is suspicious to say the least. It seems that the west needed a face to counter the bearded, barbaric Taliban, a face of innocence that could be seen around the world as a silent warrior in search of knowledge and education. It is the perfect formula. The west can carry on whatever they are doing against the Taliban and the image of innocence ( Malala ) can keep the anger going…

  • Rehana Latif

    I really like Malala Speech her ideology .
    What makes me suspicious is the way media projected that incidence and her self. They understand the psychology very well that the world is looking for a hero.
    Positive aspect about it… is the heroic image of Malala will definitely inspire many people. We know Pakistani youth are very talented . .May some day some one will stand to say and do some thing against religious extremism groups. Pakistan must have no space and reasons for religious extremism.

  • Danial Tariq

    Well growing up as a Pakistani, I have realised one thing for sure and that is that as a nation we do believe in controversies and the apparent truth surrounding them.. Malala, in my oppinion is just the reflection of this nation which has its own evens and odds. Education obviously ammongst girls or children in general is something which every one accepts, obviously except taliban. Now there need to be action plan for it. Malala herself should be a source of pride.

  • noobguy19

    there is nothing malala has done. everything is done by the media and west.
    otherwise there are a lot of similar stories.

  • noobguy19

    In Pakistan we have a different definition for patriot. one who doesnt live in this country (altaf uncle is also a patriot). Had malala been a patriot and loved her country she could have decided never to leave Pakistan. as west is already much concerned about malala they could have provided her enough security somewhere in Pakistan. I know its very luxurious to live outside pakistan that is why all of the politicians and patriots after serving my country opt to live outside Pakistan.