How to Deal with a Bully Boss?

How to Deal with a Bully Boss?

Bad situation. A bully boss is one who with the arch and stretch of his brows makes you swing on circus ring hanging right above the pit of fire. Interesting? Misery would define it better.


Trust me, a bully boss can be a bane to one’s life for not only he attempts squeezing the last drop of your blood from your being, he later reprimands you of being anemic. Sadly, you can be that red muffler for this bull who qualifies you for a sacrifice the moment he sets his eyes on you. On a serious note, where each boss has a bully in him, a bit too much of the B-factor can plague your life with not only work dissatisfaction but is also a perennial stab on your ego.



But how do you recognize that your bull (boss) is a bully? Below are a few signs:


  1. He Turns you into a Dwarf: Yes, he makes sure he intimidates you either by abstracting you if around, or the smirk he gives you from the corner or makes it a point to pick flaws in your superbly done work. One way around doing is each time you work well and wait for a nod of appreciation; he brings up something you’ve left unfinished to tug you down from a high.



  1. Catch my questions if you can: The moment you step in the danger zone, his vicinity, without a slip of breath he shells you with question. And by the time you start making a sense out of what he’s asking about, he’s already irritated by your stupidity. Oh how dumb! Oh long before your slow CPU starts processing info. You lame employee.



  1. Public insults hit more than the private: True that. Sitting a bunch full of people and may be your students (in case you’re a teacher), picking up on you and shrilling his voice to slice ego is one bad tactic these creatures employe. He scolds you infront of a score of people, and score be a harsh word, he tries belittling you so you might just want to put on the invisibility belt.



  1. Take Masters for Matriculation: If he delibretly gives you work below your 11th grade IQ, then he’s silently reducing you to that. Also, he’s telling you that with your degree and skills, this is all you’re worth.A penny.



  1. Babies get paid less: He makes sure to point out how new you are to this game. And that its too early for you to ask for the minimum wage. He babies you so you never stand up to walk into his office to demand a raise.


Ahh..there are more traits I know but apologies for the space constraints. However, the litmus test is, each day you come back from work, stress shows on your forehead along with a steady fall of confidence on your skills and worth. Too much pain I sense. Let’s find a spell to banish this dungeon. True, to banish it requires you to spell out and lash back with a bang. (Don’t take it literally)




  • Faith is the Key: Yes. Have faith in your self and your skills. This is your bullet proof jacket against his deadliest arsenals. Know why he’s doing it to injure your self-esteem. Don’t take it. Know what you are capable of and head forward to slash him down.



  • Big Mouth is Better than Dumbness: Don’t go yelling at him. You don’t want him to have a point against you. Start politely yet firmly. Convey how his public reproaches and in-appreciation is a trouble to you. Stick to logic while you say this. If there are your faults, accept them with grace but make it a point to prove that his fault is way bigger than yours. And that you’d ‘appreciate’ if you’re not made to feel like this again.



  • Perfection is Possible: Jot down all instructions you receive. Use calendars, reminders and notepads to make sure you do your things in time. Be critical of your work, evaluate it and when you pass it forth you must be sure that its Purfect according to your benchmarks.



  • Retaliation is better than Resilience: Don’t just whine over the insult and forget about it. Retaliate very firmly within the ambit of grace. If you’re scolded in public, explain your point without being too emotional and then say it out openly that you’d like to be treated better than this. And that it would be hard for you to put up with it the next time.



  • Hiccup on a question cue: Just when he’s bombarding you with question, give an irritated look, take a breath and make a firm request to ask you questions one by one allowing breathing time as you answer. And give him a smirk while you do that silently telling how ill mannered he is doing this silly.



  • Be Matter-of-fact & save a doormat: Even when he tries to sweet talk you, return it with a hint of smile. Don’t be lured by his fake frankness, he’s soon going to blow your cover of being cool. And that’s something he cant get to unless you’re back to being the same doormat you were.



  • Have a Dictator’s voice: Make sure you take out a thicker, less shaky voice around him so you could be firmer than a buzzing bee. A louder, clearer yet polite voice does the desired magic.



  • Avoid being around him: Don’t attract his fancy much. Keep yourself at bay. Out of sight means out of mind and in this case out of threat.



  • Good books of the Higher ups: In case he’s only your immediate boss, try being prominent in front of your higher ups. Meet them gracefully and make sure you cc work to them as well especially when its exceptional.



  • Walk out on the Dictator: Well, if he still continues to be the bull he is, then your way out of this hell is the way out of the office.

Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

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  • kute

    wow,,,,thts really a gud one…im one of thz employees who work for hours nd hours and belive me my boss is big bully,,,,,,,today im back from work wid a broken heart nd almost ready to quit as so many othr ppl b4 me did but not me.yes at times i do get upset but i hv faith n myself nd my skills and dats more thn anything for me…after a lil sulking i make myself blv tht my boss is just a small mind nd small heart who has the seat but no skills…shouting at ppl dor not help in addressing the problem rather it increases the boss is suffering frm sever kind of staff turn over nd thts alarming coz my boss also has bosses….my abilities keeeping me safe but my bull boss,s inabiliites putting him at risk….

  • Ahmad

    Is this or Geo News ?

  • Nadir

    A very very good article. So true, cannot describe it in a better way. And yes follow the instructions given by the author. You can also go to the HR department or someone higher up and describe your situation. Make sure you have the agenda ready and not think in front of the higher up boss :)

  • Junaid

    Excellent Blog! There r 2 persons in ur life , which can make ur life peaceful or hell , those 2 persons are ur wife and ur boss, if u r fortunate to have a good wife & good boss then u r lucky but vice versa we just can pray ;-)


    nice sharing

  • Ikram Abbasi

    We must have faith in our abilities. We must strive to be perfect in our job responsibilities. We must do self analysis and always strive to remove our weaknesses. We must adopt proactive behaviour rather than reactive. We must have courage to share our feelings and thoughts with our bosses. We train ourselves to adopt change as quickly as possible. When the wall will fall eracted among the subordinates and bosses, this problem would resolve automatically. However, we must know that the rule of this world is “every predator has to face a predator”. Bosses also have bosses.

  • Sohaib Ahmed

    I don’t agree with the suggestion of avoiding being around him, that can provide a short term relief but at the expense of even more serious issues later down the road. Also about the suggestion of reaching out to the boss of boss is something that should be exercised with extreme care , it could be counter productive as well.


    Your boss gives you a hard time? What’s your middle finger for?

  • SmArt SaNu

    This is one of my Favorite Articles <3 thanks for sharing this to us ^_^