Forget Victory or Defeat- We Love ‘Em

Forget Victory or Defeat- We Love ‘Em

So Pakistan has been ousted by Sri Lanka in the semi-final of the t20 world cup, 2012. The defeat was marked by vehement protests against the giants of the Pakistani cricket team; Shahid Afridi being in the spot light. People from every walk of life started fulminating against the players for their performance. Let’s just pause the music of contumely for a while and check this status out that Shahid Afridi posted after the match:

“I Know many of you people just sleep after watching the match but you remember after loosing last T-20 semi final against Australia which we lost due to saeed ajmal last over and then when he returned to his home his father kicked him out of his house and after 6 months later he is able to join his own home in Faisalabad. Do you understand what’s the situation of players & their families right now? Are they sleep or not ? and you are criticizing Shahid Afridi due to his poor performance”.

This reflects a very bitter truth. I totally concur with him. Winning or losing is a part of the game. The real victory lies in the manner of the fight that you put up. Performing under tremendous amount of pressure, in the presence of huge crowds, in a noisy and clamorous atmosphere takes a lot of courage and a stout heart. No one should forget that Pakistan in the only team to reach the semis of all 04 t20 world cups. In fact, starting from 2007, Pakistan has always reached the semi-final of every major ICC event. This is what is called performance in its true sense.

In lieu of just launching into diatribes against the team let’s just think over it for a second. Let’s place ourselves inside their minds and see the things from their viewing angle. Defeat frays our emotions even when we are sitting against a TV screen miles away from the actual place of encounter. So doesn’t defeat hurt those who are directly involved in the action? Yes, it does; it surely does! Ask them and their families. Try to discern their dismay and try to listen to their silent screams. Try to peep inside their heart and it will transpire on you that their heart sheds a tear after every second, for they were the chosen ones and they failed to bag a victory.

Pakistan is a cricket crazy nation. Whenever our team is about to embark upon a major tournament we lade them with a huge burden of anticipations and always want them to come out as victors. We always forget that there are other teams as well and that their nations also have faith in them and want them to bring home the cup. We can’t always win. We should inculcate in ourselves some toleration. If we can’t remain with anyone in his bad times then we shouldn’t be with him in his good times too.

To sum it up, don’t forget that we are ‘Pakistan’. These 11 men are our heroes. They are, indeed, champions. They have made us proud. They are the sons of our soil. Their heart also throbs for Pakistan. We, the Pakistani nation, are their strength. We are their courage and their real zealot. For once, just for once, embrace them warmly and I assure you that results would be magnificent. When a whole nation gets behind her team even in predicament then nothing, and I mean nothing, can stop the team from clawing back triumph. Pakistan Zindabaad, Pakistani team Paindabaad!

Muhammad Talha

A Final year student of Electrical Engineering at UET, Lahore

  • riaz

    Great to see Sri Lanka in the final. They’ve deserved world cup success since 2009

  • M.Saeed

    Talha, you are talking plain sense and very laudable on paper but, we are a senseless martial race only running on Adrenalin! You cannot change your genes and we have this strain everywhere.Don’t you see display of the saying “Na khaidaN gay na Khaidan diyaN gay” in every walk of our lives? We need a tsunami of genetic changes before being able to live with the realities of life. And, they say, it takes 7-generations in continued efforts to change your genetic orientations.

    • Ali

      Extreme reactions are no answer but we have the right to criticize the mistake even of the heroes. Every player has a sale by date, if Australia can drop Ponting, and tell Steve Waugh enough is enough mate you better retire, why can we not do it. Reality of life is Afridi is not the player he once was, Malik is a washed up has been, Kamran does not deserve to bat at pivotal position of number 4, Gul is erratic and has lost rythm, Imran Nazir is all hot air. If people are asking for them to be dropped they are not committing a sin. Accepting that someone is no longer a player he was once upon a time is the reality of life. Burying your head in sand and saying well played just because we made it to the semi-final is not accepting reality. We need a tsunami to ensure people are selected on merit rather than past laurels, we dont need a tsunami if it means status quo remains.

  • Ali

    They are surely our heroes, but when a hero continues to live on past glories he becomes a big zero. Let me assure everyone reading this I would never condone throwing tomatoes on them or pelting their houses with stones, or covering them in grafitti. But we do have to realize that mistakes were made not only in the SF but throughout the tournament. The major mistake made throughout the tournament was sending your best limited overs batsman at number 6 or 7. I am talking of Umar Akmal and if anyone thinks that he is not the best limited overs batsman in Pakistan at the moment check the ICC rankings he is the top ranked Pakistani batsman both in T20 and ODIs. Yesterday in the semi-final Umar came in to bat at number 6 after 11 overs, with score at 64 for 4. Out of 54 balls remaining he faced only 22 and scored 29 at a strike rate of 131. The other players combined played 32 balls and scored only 30 runs. If they had scored at a rate similar to Umar we would have scored 135 at least. From over number 14 to 19 Pakistan scored just 25 runs, of the 30 balls Umar played 10 and scored 16 (strike rate 160), others including Afridi and Hafeez played the remaining 20 balls for only 9 runs. If they had managed to score at the rate of what Umar did we would have had required around 10 or 11 of the final over rather than 23. Umar scored so quickly without taking any risks and playing proper cricket strokes.
    He did the same throughout the tournament yet was never given a chance to bat up the order ahead of failures like Kamran, Malik and against India even Afridi. You cannot win a tournament after making such a glaring mistake. Ajmals’ example given by Afridi does fit here as Ajmal bowled just one bad over during the semi-final against Australia the rest of the tournament he was extraordinary. Afridi on the other hand has been a failure not only in the WC but throughout this year. He was a hero and a great player but it is time he hangs up his bat, otherwise he will lose respect. Our critics should also wake up and so should our management we always compare Umar with Kohli, Umar is a much better batsman but you wont get Umar to perform even like Kohli if you keep sending him to bat at the position of a Revinder Jadeja or Irfan Pathan.

  • Ahmad

    Talha ! As yu said real victory lies in our manner how we play against any other team in field… so did we really see manner of playing from our team in recent match??
    Victory dosn’t matter..The only thing matters is how we play !!

  • Nabeel Anwer

    Doesn’t matter its Pakistan or Srilanka! If pakistan qualified for the final we all support them as Pakistanis, no Srilanka is in final … we all should support them as asian. Dont forget the time when srilankan team were under attack in pakistan, and after that there government and even the srilankan team supported Pakistan. and gave us respect. So for me yesterday defeat wasnt painful. I am happy for Sri Lanka … this cup must come Asia!

  • Noor

    Totally agree with the writer!! I think Afridi could have done better but like he said winning nd losing is part of the game! i am sure he tried to do his best and that’s what matters

  • Asif

    Awesome article. We should appreciate our teams efforts and in the end the team which played better cricket won. No problem until next time…………….

  • AK

    That is the reason why we dont learn and realise,that legend means not he is a lifetime hero what ever he doshould not be observed ,in sports a sport man is only good untill he is performing if he is not performing he dont belongs to the team,he must be out and practice till he proove that he is fit and in form otherwise give chances to others,this country is full of talent we must come out of star and super stars,we should respect them only because of their games not because they are good looking or he is khan or from karachi or sialkot

  • Bilal Hakim

    SORRY Tahla you r wrong they are playing not for Pakistan but for money which they need hook and crook, do u forget case 3 crickets did they play for Pakistan or for gamblers, they sleep well, eat well, live well what they need we have to give right player to right place, and talent will be given honor not Afridi is no more talent become out dated and expired like China Mobile, along with him Kamran who was also involved in the previous case of 3 cricketers, we have to stop stop stop Perchi system from Sialkot, one of Pak Minister always visit Zaka Ashraf himself is not cricketers the gang of 4 should go as soon as possible who r they AFRIDI,SHOHAIB,KAMRAN, IMRAN NAZIR, dig a talent from age 16 not cow of 6 teeth no body will buy on eid Qurban.

  • Anabya

    a very very decent blog i read so far…very well said they are oue heroes no matter what they all is ups nd downs of the destiny they just need our support nd v being pakistan should be there for them whatever the situation is or will be

  • Atif Aman

    We love you buddies. What so ever happens, we will never forget your wealthy services for us for Pakistan. May Allah bless you all. Better Luck next time. Specially to Afridi. I like you I love you Man.

  • moosa

    I think heads off to pakistan Team for reaching upto semi final where world no 1 and No2 team cant.We are isolated by world cricket but still reaching mile stone.Congrate to Hafeez and his team,

  • Arif

    I agree that loosing and winning is part of the game. But if Afridi was out of form he should have opted out as a gentleman and give some one else a chance .After all he failed time and again .

  • zain

    welcome home punjabistan 11 still do not understand how they cannot find a single player from a population of 3 crore people (karachi), things will not change until this bs is dealt with

    • Has’aan

      punjabistan 11??? Shame on you to say that in sports which should only recognise pure national merits.Parochialism kills nationalism. Out of 15 player’s squad, two players (Asad Shafiq and M.Sami) were from Karachi, making a 14% representation despite being only 9% of the population of entire Pakistan (15 million Karachiites out of a total of 185 million population) and still you grudge.

  • zulqarnain Aslam

    we only want that give a chance to shahid khan afridi & will be the captan of pakistan team

  • noor faraz khan

    thanku brother…

  • ASIM

    Agree with writer.. just think about the time when there was no hope in 2009 and whole nation was sorrounded by suicide bombing .. mothers were loosing thr kids ..that time out of no where we became a T.20 world champions and those 11 heroes made us proud in front of the world even in the time of such difficulties.. LOVE PAKISTAN..LOVE GREEN TEAM..

  • shakir

    The above statement is good in the regard of sympathy but the truth cannot be ignore that Pakistani cricket team need to more practice before coming in the international playground .Govt spend lots of money over them so they suppose to be play seriously .They have to play internationally not locally .Pakistani nation love their but cannot compromise on the negligence .

  • abbas

    afridi must be out of the team. wht is he doing in the team?

  • Anonymous

    A bit of hard luck for team, pitch was not very good to bat on.

  • Ahsan

    Afridi has been immature but still we gave him chance for last 15 years. Imran Nazir wasted 10 years but still not able to make his place in the team. Same story for S.Malik. So for how long we will tolerate Kamran Akmal blunders costing us matches. Simple story is that we have not learn to discard player when they do not perform and due to this reason we were not able to build new generation of players like India , WI and Australia. I will not agree will blogger and his followers. For him instead of taking some corrective measures we need to support bunch of losers. Sorry man i not insane and have little sense of cricket.

  • Taj Ahmad

    I give credit to Hafeez and his team to qualified for semi final, better luck next time, for Afridi get your boom boom back as we need your batting too.
    PCB should make three type of teams, T20, ODI and Test and three different captain.

  • Rameen

    You are rightly in saying we need not to be emotional. As we appreciate them when they are victorious, we have every right to mannerly criticize them. Cricket being only sport for the entertainment of people is also another reason we get frustrated. No Olympian, football, tennis or any other sport is there to entertain us and take the burden of cricket grievers. Secondly, cricketers have also diluted their reputation by involving in fixing, in-disciplinary acting, and infighting.

  • faisal

    i love our team. tum jeto ya haro hume tum se payar he

  • Has’aan

    You are equally nobody to scout around this site with a stick.

  • Abdullah Hussain

    Exaggeration my friend. The result is very important. Win some loose some is acceptable. looooooooose is not acceptable. What we are tasting from team Pakistan is a long loose. Afridi was a great player is correct, Afridi is continuously failing to perform is also correct. It is also correct that three of our cricketers landed us in English jails. So what is wrong to appreciate when they perform good & what is wrong to criticize when they perform bad. Pakistan cricket needs an acid wash to clean up the mess & invigorate it to becoming a winning combination.

  • Ruqaiya Lokhand

    I second you, but at the same time I disagree. I agree at the point that players are under pressure and everything but here it’s not about one match if you have been playing for like years you wouldn’t just get out on a duck or may be a 7 or 11. This means your past experiences taught you nothing. Okay i agree this can happen but if it is happening in all the matches it’s time you should make a decision give some one else a chance rather than losing it!