Blue Casting – Advertisement on Mobile Phones

Blue Casting – Advertisement on Mobile Phones

Gone are the days when we only had a single TV channel and we were forced to watch the advertisements during short break of our favorite TV Show. But Cable TV now has allowed us a liberty to switch over to other channel with a finger touch on TV remote if not interested in those lame ads.



With the advent of new technologies recently, advertisement industry is also equipping itself with state-of-art technologies to transmit their advertisement to their targeted audience. They have wisely used television (telecasting), radio (broadcasting), internet (web casting) and print media but their campaign is not over and they are still busy inventing new methodologies to reach out to their target audience.



If you happen to pass by a big billboard on a highway and receive an unexpected message from a company on your blue tooth mobile phone “Would you like to see the advertisement of their products”?



You will probably think that this message is from your mobile phone network that is showing these paid advertisements to their subscribers for other companies or you probably think that perhaps there is a virus attack on your phone network. But Stop! Just pay a little attention on that billboard up there right next to you. Does this billboard belong to that company whose message you have just received on your blue tooth mobile phone? If so, then you have been hunted by a latest advertisement system that is known as “Blue Casting”.
Blue Casting system has been introduced by a British Company in which blue tooth devices are installed in a bill board which transmit message to every blue tooth mobile phone found around that billboard, in which they (mobile users) are requested to see their products advertisement. If mobile phone user shows his/her interest in watching that advertisement then this billboard transmits him/her an advertisement containing movie clip, picture, text, audio or mixture of them and all is performed very rapidly. Blue tooth devices mounted on a billboard can detect every blue tooth mobile phone presented around 100 meters limit.



Since this system is transmitting messages to only those blue tooth mobile phones that are passing by its 100 meters limit therefore it is ensuring that message goes only to those who are also seeing this bill board. This system consists upon blue tooth so user has NOT to pay any amount to anybody, as there is no utilization of cell phone network.
According to the blue casting company this system is safe for mobile phones, as it cannot transmit any executable files so there is no chance for downloading of any virus or damaging software from billboard to mobile phone.
We are witnessing an overwhelming growth in use of mobile phones in our country. A large score of our population, no matter which class or profession they belong, now own a blue tooth mobile phone or other devices like iphones, ipads and laptops. This has created a big room for new opportunities to use this new way of advertising their content to a good number of people, especially youngsters.
I can foresee, it’s just a matter of time when this new advertising “monster” reaches to our streets and attacks on our blue tooth device.

Syed Shahzad Alam

A content developer at Jang Group of Companies. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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