Xanders- A Hot-Spot for Food Lovers

Xanders- A Hot-Spot for Food Lovers

Amongst this uproar of bistros, a lot of stuff has been brewing while a lot has come to surface making it big. One such place which is small in size but has made it huge is “xander’s”located on the 26 street,clifton .Owned by Mr. sikander,who has very thoughtfully created the whole concept of casual eating place with no high fi décor but a place that radiates sense of freshness and serenity as one walks in. The main door is surrounded by beautiful lignum vitae trees, through a glass present next to them; one can also peer inside the café from the outside. The sitting area has stripes of apple green and white painted walls that compliment the purple cushioned chairs and grey comfy sofas.

For the People who enjoy natural breeze, a seating is also available on the outside.

Xander’s is spectacular in being the only bistro that serves in their menu, all day breakfast. Hence for people who have a thing for omlettes and can’t get up early, then this place is the for you. The Full English breakfast consists of beans, salami, fried egg, hash browns and toast served together. The Mediterranean omlette is something pretty plain to look but with every bite one can taste the rich ingredients inside it. Both are extremely flavorsome. Blueberry pancakes and stuffed French toast are also worth mentioning.



Besides breakfast options, the menu comprises of Sandwiches, burgers, khaosay, salads, desserts, pizza, beverage and coffee. The word is out that this place has the best pizza in town. Made exclusively in a conventional brick pizza oven, that gives it the divine smoky flavor. Smoked chicken jalapeno pizza and pepperoni pizza are my personal favorites. They have a perfect combination of spices, sauce, cheese and meat. Full of interminable relish and savor. A must try for pizza lovers.

Chicken satay is another noteworthy dish, served with garlic rice. Then the much talked about prawn open face sandwich, not something that I enjoyed or would recommend. A little too strong in taste but the honey mustard chicken sandwich is very appetizing and so is the old school cheese burger.

Never the less, when it comes to desserts double fudge brownie served with ice cream is delectably mouth watering .Although a place for food but it majors in desserts too. I can guarantee for the taste in being the most different when compared to any new restaurant.



The owner has managed to hire well behaved, educated waiters who understand the customers demand and put forward the right recommendation. The price range is between RS600 to 800 perhead.It caters to the young and old both.



One good thing about this place is that it not only caters to the food needs of the people but also is a look out for all the fashionistas.This small place has a designer gallery located inside that consists of clothes by topnotch designers.



Three reasons why a trip here is a must:
1.Best pizza, 2. Ambiance,  3. Best breakfast


Natasha Khalid

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

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