Will Hell be Any Different?

Will Hell be Any Different?

Fire of painful existence:

Can you tell whether someone is undergoing pain, anguish or distress? May be you can, to some extent, particularly in cases where the painful condition is the result of a physical suffering and more so when it is also visible to the eye. But the answer will probably be a clear ‘no’ when the torment is experienced mentally, regardless of the fact that the pain caused may be much more excruciating than the physical one. Its ruthless intensity may be imagined from instances where it leads people to put an end to the most precious thing for them in this world – their own life.

In both kinds of pain – physical and mental – we can never gauge the magnitude of the ordeal that is devouring an individual.

Broadly speaking, the entire course of a human being’s life gets sucked away by the relentless battle to overcome pain or at least gain some amount of control to suppress it to a minimum possible level.

Uncertainty, doubt, insecurity and confusion are but some of the various forms of pain that are part and parcel of every individual’s life. Moreover, the baggage from the past, responsibilities of the present, and insecurities pertaining to future also weigh on our minds/ nerves in the same fashion.

What can be a bigger pain for humankind than the fact that a man has always been at a loss about his true identity and purpose of his existence in this place we call earth. Ask anyone what is the purpose or use of his life. I am 100 percent confident you won’t get a satisfying reply. We know the use of every little thing produced in this world but are clueless when it comes to the purpose of our own existence. What are we? Who are we? What is the common aim of the mankind? Where did we start and where exactly are we heading? Is life anymore than marrying, bearing children and then earning throughout the life to support them?

Music, dance, cinema, poetry, novels and every form of art has directly or indirectly to do with finding a way out of reality, an escape from our painful existence. I would say the suicide rate in the world have been too high compared to that of today had the man not developed these artistic fantasies. The unmerciful reality is too agonizing for us to go on living our lives unaffected and feel no need to do anything about it. So, it isn’t difficult to comprehend why we have been striving to find distractions to protect ourselves from the fire of reality.

We not only fool ourselves by engaging our senses in the false pleasures of artistic illusions, but we also create delusions in our minds in an attempt to thwart painful feelings stemming from our perception of reality.

We force our minds to think on a certain pattern, a deceptive path with boundaries that we carefully knit and then gradually condition our minds to remain within these limits. A free mind is like a wild bird that can move about anywhere it likes to go. But we put a leash on it just like the way we put the wild bird into a cage. This is how we incapacitate our minds and force them to see what we want to see and feel what we want to feel. We do this to achieve a single most important goal: to escape from reality (read pain).

Fire of slavery:

It is not difficult to see that the entire population of the world has been doomed, to burn in hell forever.

There can’t be a greater punishment for anyone than slavery. Slavery is a worst kind of fire that burns one as long as he remains locked in its shackles.

Whether anyone likes it or not, he/she is a slave in this world and will remain so throughout the time that one is alive. From the time one comes into this world he automatically becomes slave to many things, the most prominent of which are resources, money and power or anyone through whom one can gain access to these things. The concept of living a real life is a far cry in the absence of freedom. Freedom is a utopian concept, it has nothing to do with reality. There is no way anyone would have experienced freedom in his/her worldly life.

Fire of jealousy and greed:

The entire human race is burning in raging flames of jealousy, greed and lust – a self-engineered hell which only gets more and more ferocious as one grows in age.

Fire of uncertainty, doubt and insecurity:

Uncertainty, doubt, ambiguity and confusion are just some of the many unsettling feelings that have troubled the mind of a ‘rational’ human kind from a time immemorial and will perhaps continue to keep it on a bed of nails till the extinction of the restless creature.

Following is Bertrand Russell’s take on our being rational. “It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this.”

Fire of death sentence:

Amazing words from a movie: “On a long enough time-line the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.”

No one can deny that all of the living forms in the world including human beings, animals and plants are on a death row. But, in a death row a convict is lucky enough to know what crime he had committed and at what exact time he will be executed. On the contrary, in our case we have no idea as to what part of this vast world and at what exact moment our ghost is going to bid farewell to us and, what can be very unsettling is the question: ‘For what sin?’

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Mazhar Bughio

Web journalist/ writer associated with Geo News/ The News International.

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  • Nadeem Asghar

    `نہ تھا کُچھ تو خدا تھا، کُچھ نہ ہوتا تو خدا ہوتا
    ڈبويا مُجھ کو ہونے نے، نہ ہوتا ميں تو کيا ہوتا

    ہُوئی مُدت کہ غالب مر گيا پر ياد آتا ہے
    وہ ہر اِک بات پر کہنا کہ يوں ہوتا تو کيا ہوتا !!!’

  • truepakistani

    The whole pakistani society is the trailor of worldly hell. The hereafter hell is being intensified every micro second for people who do bad deeds in this world. Few example like one of my friend who believe that Allah is only merciful and whatevet bad deed he is doing will be forgiven becauae he is born muslim. But I always tell him that you will be judged by your intention and deeds. This is the common though and is spreadimg like disease in pakistani whole society. In mosques the moulana molest and try to have sex in all the weak economic areas of Pakistan the corruption is sky high.bribery and rape is norm. Do not worry pakistanis will get special treatment in hell fire.

  • Khalid Pathan

    The essence of this interesting article can be summarized in one couplet of famous Urdu poet Sauda, which says that ” SAUDA JO BEKHABAR HEY KOI VOH KAREY HEY AISH–MUSHKIL BOHUT HEY UNKO JO RAKHTEY HAIN AAGAHHI.”

  • Anonymous

    Will Hell be Any Different? …..perhaps it will be safer if across all faiths, all the terrorists, suicide bombers, war criminal leadership allegedly doing God’s work who believe themselves to be martyrs with a place in heaven!

  • farkhunda

    The world is not for forever actually our good deed will lead us to heaven.

  • Mansoor

    The concept of Hell only exists for those who must know that someone is watching over them constantly so they must refrain themselves from indulging in evil deeds. It’s a way of telling fools off.

  • DM

    Yes, hell will be different. The kinds of fire that you have listed are temporary and not apparently torturing every moment in our lives. But the torment of hell will directly influence us and will perhaps remain for ever.

    Additionally, this world is temporary and freedom is never for this life. Here we live according to some social, individual and global norms and code of ethics. In the hereafter, if u get freedom that will be forever and so might be the case of hell fire. Even if you move form the hell after completing your punishement period, u will get a mark on your forehaed as a reminder of the hell experience.

    So, no complains in this world brother, as long as satan is here to misguide people, these fires will remain here. May Allah guide us all to the straight path, help us become the righteous and save us from hellfire.

    By the way, interesting to know people think this way too :)

  • asif Iqbal

    It is all in your mind. Heaven or hell is what you make of your life.

  • Sundus

    It seems like a reflection of my thoughts. From where to get answer?

  • azhar

    does the author have any answers?