The Big Fat Bride

The Big Fat Bride

One of the weekend nights as I decided to sing some wedding jingles; I headed off to my neighbor’s wedding. Since wedding these days are more a show of how wealthy you are or let me rephrase it, how wealthy you want to look, it was important that I showed off a little bit of my self too.


After stealing some moments away from indulging in my own looks, I decided to go have a look at the sacrifice on the alter..oops on the stage. To my utmost surprise, there were two of them. Shook my head off a little for a clearer vision, and all I could see was a juxtaposition of opposites.


Right in front of me was a quite womanish, big, fat girl, draped in ‘laal jora’, cocking her head shyly as people congratulated her. attentions got drawn to her right side, where in a little space where I would imagine only an apparition could manage to squeeze itself, was a super-skinny, slimmer than the most anorexic of our models, the other bride.


Humor struck with me with a bolt just then, and I let out a whimsical laughter. ‘Oh man, feed her a little less on stage so she doesn’t expand enough to crush her Counterpart on the right!’ A bride so bulky I hadn’t seen nor imagined. ‘Poor thing, the guy, its not the bride on the alter of a brutal sacrifice, it’s the groom this time, for a change’, my sweet cousin remarked with a smirk.


Anyways, we the passers by left with an arrogance of our own, shielded with an amenable look. It was after I got some food down my tummy, I felt quite embarrassed of myself. My beliefs, my ideals and expectations demanded me to question them and myself.


That was a girl sitting there on the stage with dreams of being adored more than anybody else, on her special day. For a girl to be accepted as a girl and a bride, do all we need is a smart, plastered doll, trimmed and toned from all ends to fit the perfect mould?


It is ironic how we more than any other people of any time choose to define our selves by our appearance. How we look, what we wear and most importantly how we carry ourselves counts way more than what lies beneath – a beautiful soul. But, is a beautiful soul destined to reside in a lovely body only, is the question of the day. Hardly any one dares say that all they want it a beautiful, soulless caricature. However, as we all want  ‘loving, caring and nice’ partners, we have to think twice whether these spiritual qualities are only found in stereotypical beautiful bodies. Or perhaps, the dynamics may be otherwise.


There’s more to ask ourselves than we do in our robo-routines. Is it rightful to judge, slight, praise or accept people based on how they look, for we may miss a nice spirit based on our strictly physical ideal. Or is it only fair that all of us irrespective of our inches get valued and appreciated for what will never change, our beautiful souls.

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  • maryam

    thats the irny of the situation no body likes to be judged but we are all so eager to judge others…..on my big day i did not get the perfect makeover obviously i did not get the perfect look and oh my what i seriously had to go through …… nobody cared i too was a very much self concious looking that way…. nobody cared i am a living being not something my husband has bought over the counter…. and those bad comment might just turn his heart on the big day……well not even my hubby,the person i tied the knot with was so caring as to protect me from those harsh comments, infact he is the one person who told me later what his family and friends said about me… sorry its getting long and boring…..point is y does it matter so much to look pretty..y cant we be just happy for someone….and just bless them instead of ripping their heart…
    and belive me i wasnt looking that horrible….