Spa Craze

Spa Craze

It seems womankind has been struck with the  current spa craze. So many spa centers on the Karachi snob list with their flag-high rates make me only wonder if we have become too self-indulgent or that in the stress-packed life of today, it’s impossible to function without generous strokes of a spa consultant.


Been to a spa center recently for the cheapest available option, Thai Foot Massage, after going through excruciating foot pains for days. A nice girl with a big, hearty smile walked in with spa essentials, bowed down exclusively to my service and began giving long, firm and moisturized strokes on my feet, pressing the key areas. My shoulders began to drop and stress knots began opening up and all that meant in the world were her knuckles sliding smoothly on my tough feet.


And I never wanted her to stop. However, I did stop and think why is it that so many women are rushing in these spas with prior appointments and why have they prioritized massages as something to chuck quite a sum of their money on.


Left me thinking how some women in olden days used to have nomad women or their maids to do ‘chumpi’ and ‘Malish’. Other would avail these facilities only after childbirth, when their bodies are torn with labor pains. However, the gist remains the same that the new term ‘spa’ is only a replacement of the old word ‘Maalish’.


Where a lot is said about the benefits of a nice Maalish atleast once a month, some are:


-         Alleviates heightened stress levels releasing happy hormones to improve overall body functioning.

-         Decreases levels of cortisol, a hormones that is produced when stressed.

-         Unblock the tied by energy and harmonize the energy flow in the body.

-         Improves blood circulation  and stimulates pressure receptors that initiate action from the nerve that regulates blood pressure.

-         It soothes the organs and helps them dilate for an efficient blood flow.


To add the cherry on top, bottom, and sides, there are a variety of ways in which these massages are done using herbal oils, fluids, hot stones, pressure nodes and of course kneading, stroking and pressing hands, feet, toes, knuckles and oh… Some of the most favorite massages are Swedish massage, Thai Foot Massage, Hot Balt stone massage, Shaistu massage, each one promising you complete rejuvenation and absolute revival of energy. And this is probably the reason why many women are oh-so-addicted to these spa-centers after a rough day at office.


And a big wow to the health benefits! No wonder why a women in her late 20’s remarked that she would go to Thailand and Bangkok – why? For an absolutely relaxing holidays in their amazingly economical spa centers!

Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

  • Taj Ahmad

    Spa is a craze to our women, why they need to go to Spa…? Please ladies,
    you don’t need to go to Spa, the actual beauty is in simplicity, with no make-up
    or lipsticks at all, I bet you, try it as I said, you will look world most beautiful
    woman on earth, Spa craze will make you witch or most ugly woman of the world.
    Choice is yours…Simplicity or Spa….?

  • Ady

    Actually thinking of spa is an option for the ladies who hardly work at home or are working ladies in different field of life except home.

  • Rakshinda

    Love the article!
    @ Taj sahab
    Uh.. do you even understand what this article was about? It’s not about ‘beauty parlours’ it’s about ‘spa’ where no lipsticks or ugly women are concerned.Spa is for relaxation and massage.


    Sir, we aught to be candid in admitting that the machinery for welling oil is an invention of the West,not of the Middle Easterns.


    We Muslims men are obsessed with ‘covering’ the woman’s “body parts” — now even woman to woman? How pathetic can we get!.