Eat Yogurt to Lose Weight

Eat Yogurt to Lose Weight

Although there are numerous theories about yogurt, yet no one has ever proved it harmful for health. Yogurt has always come out to be the most beneficial product for human beings. Research work has been going on, in different universities of the world, to know about more and more advantages of this dairy product.

Many people use it for its gorgeous taste, while others may use it for the health-related benefits. Moreover, yogurt, available in the
market, is of many kinds. Before using a particular brand, you must have full knowledge about the ingredients that it contains.
Pasteurized yogurt is different from the normal homemade one. A yogurt serving means a boost in your fat burning process and weight


A research was conducted on obese people who ate fat-free yogurt along with low calorie diet for 12 weeks. The obese people were
divided into two groups. One was given simple diet while the other got simple diet along with 3 servings (6 oz each) of yogurt. Both groups got 500 calories less than their normal diet. The second group lost 22% extra weight, 61% more fat, and 81% more fat from around the stomach. The first group also lost weight but not as much as the second one. The International Journal of Obesity quoted these results.

It is evident from the research that low-fat dairy products contain protein and calcium that are helpful in burning fat and losing

Although scientific reason behind the issue is yet to explore, the result can be implemented to help obese lose weight.

Some of the advantages of yogurt are as follows:

1.      Low fat yogurt is pro-biotic. It contains bugs that are useful for human body.

2.      Yogurt with “Active Yogurt Cultures” may provide you with necessary vitamins, proteins, iodine, phosphorous, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B5, and zinc.

3.      Calcium in yogurt tells fat to produce cortisol hormone less in number; this allows you to lose weight rapidly. (Cortisol hormone is produced around the waistline due to fat and it causes more fat to be accumulated around your waist and stomach.)

4.       Amino acids in protein repair your muscles while carbs replace energy stores in muscles.

5.      Salt (Sodium chloride) is normally taken in more than our body needs. The excess of salt may cause heart and kidney diseases.
Potassium, present in yogurt (600 mg per 8 oz), helps our body to get rid of the excessive sodium.


6.      Body immunity is boosted.

7.      Colds and stomach diseases remain away from regular yogurt eaters.

Thus, yogurt has proved to be beneficial in maintaining human health. It has proved to be the best possible diet in losing weight. It may also be taken with fruits, almonds, pistachio, peanuts, fruit justices, and salads, and so on.

Shahid Saleem Butt

A freelance writer and contributor for The News/Geo blogs