You’ll be Missed this Eid!

You’ll be Missed this Eid!

1.      Martyrs of Siachen avalanche

On 7th April 2012, a massive ice avalanche struck a Pakistani military
headquarters at Gayari, near the disputed Siachen glacier region. 129
soldiers and 11 civilians got trapped below thousands of tons of snow.
A rescue operation was quickly launched by the Pakistani military. But
due to the remoteness & extreme weather conditions, the efforts of the
rescue team gave no positive results. On 29 May 2012, the government
declared that all the 140 people buried under deep snow were dead.
This unfortunate incident was termed as “the biggest casualty ever
in the history of Pakistani military forces”.

All these people attained martyrdom- a state that many dream of but
very few manage to achieve. These martyrs are our real heroes. They
have undergone pain & anguish, and what not, for us. They were there,
risking their lives at the world’s highest battlefield.

2.      Mehdi Hassan

The King of Ghazal left many hearts in deep grieve when he breathed
his last on 13th June 2012. Seen as a symbol of national pride, Mehdi
Hassan was adored and loved by people of all ages. Mehdi Hassan was an
icon who mesmerized music lovers not only in Pakistan but around the
globe. He was hugely popular in India.

The entire music fraternity mourned the death of Mehdi Hassan. Melody
queen Lata Mangeshkar, who once called Hassan the ‘Voice of God’,
said, “A singer like him is born once in a millennium. It is my bad
luck that I could not sing with him when he was healthy. Now I can
only regret. With his demise the music fraternity has lost a great and
legendary singer.” Many other celebrities tweeted about his death and
paid tribute him.

It is ambiguous that the world of ghazal will no longer be the same
without Mehdi Hassan.

3.      Arfa Karim

On 14th January 2012, Pakistan mourned over the death of computer
genius, Arfa Karim Randhawa. Aged only 16 at the time of her death,
Arfa had become the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified
Professional at the mere age of 9. Arfa died after complications
resulting from an epileptic stroke.

The young girl made her country proud by representing Pakistan around
the world with her incredible aptitude and skills. She was a spark who
got attention and love from everyone around the globe. Gems, like
Arfa, are born once in a hundred years.

4.      Pir Pagara

Veteran politician and spiritual leader of the Hur Jamaat died on 10th
January 2012. The chief of Pakistan Muslim League- Functional, Pir
Pagara was famous for his predictions. After the defeat of Mohtarma
Fatima Jinnah by Ayub Khan in Presidential run, Mohtarma declared the
Muslim League Functional and made Pir Pagara the head of Muslim
League. Since then, he has been an influential figure in Pakistani

Pir Pagara was under treatment in London where he breathed his last
due to liver infection.

5.      Ghazala Javaid

Very few have the mettle to fight men & stand against them in this
society of ours where men are the most influential. Ghazala Javaid
fought all odds & made a career in singing & made name for herself. A
beautiful Pashto singer, Ghazala ruled over the Pashto music industry.
Anyone and everyone who had even a little bit understanding of Pashto,
was a fan of her songs. Ghazala bid farewell to this world on 18th
June 2012, when some unidentified shot her dead in Peshawar.

All these people will remain in our memories and hearts forever and
ever. Their images have been permanently carved in our minds. So this
Eid, let’s take out some time and remember them & pray for their

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  • Hassan Murtaza

    When I see this news. I feel some thing like jazba. I wanna be like her.
    She is awesome about his tallent.
    May god bless her soul in heaven and may god bless me to be like her.

  • Khan usafzai

    poor Ghazaala Javaid …May her soul rest in peace….she will never find justice in this land of no laws….

  • saba siddiqui

    the author wrote nice post but dint mention those innocent pakistani who has been died in target killings nd martyers of bhoojha air line=(

  • ZAK

    I don’t know but how a human being can dislike this comment.