Tip: Sshh..No Ear-buds

Tip: Sshh..No Ear-buds

While a lot of us squeeze cotton buds in our ears sometimes as a meditation technique, also as a pass time and at other times for genuine ear itching.


For those of you who don’t know: It compacts the wax in the eardrums, cause infections and eardrum damage. Also, a little pressure on the buds can actually rupture the eardrum And while wax- an anti-bacterial lubricant is beneficial for ear, you can excess remove any excess through several other ways i.r syringing and suction. If I go a little more on the advantages of wax it  blocks dirt, dead skin and any foreign particle from penetrating too far in to the ear. However, if there still is a need be, even though the above mentioned ways may not sound feasible, they are in fact safe.


For what’s not safe can also lead to deafness which I’m sure you’d not want at the expense of your precious time waiting for the doctor.


So No Ear Budding! Have a healthy life

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