PTI- Seriously Overrated

PTI- Seriously Overrated

A fashion symbol , networking opportunity, safe association & the right thing to do. This is what everyone think about PTI . For me it is a little different . For me it is like an old wine in a new bottle , group of people who never had a political identity in the past , refuge for ousted leaders and just another washing machine of your past political sins. You may differ but this is my opinion and would try to elaborate.


I don’t hate the party but I very well despise it . The main reason is their leader is not clear for his own life’s direction. Like he claims that he is a world cup winner but do were the other players in the team, so is Younis Khan as well. Also let’s not forget we have remained hockey and squash champions but did their captains encashed . No! He is the only leader who used it for his advantage.


Then he built a cancer hospital with our money. Even I contributed at that time as a Tiger. But then 2 decades later I found him using this as a political tool to explain his prowess and by the way . Karachi still awaits a similar set up. Karachi’s sons like Abdul Sattar Edhi , Ansar Burney and Shehzad Roya and many more  hold strong serving the country but do they desire their political right . No! As their objective is still to serve the people not the quest for power. If his theory is right than why not Mother Teressa in India ran for PM though similar issues exist across the border and for me Edhi Sb has most of the right in that case.


Then he went to marry a beautiful English woman not finding any one suitable here . Bore two children and decided to move on. No problem it’s his personal life but what’s the guarantee that Jemima’s interference in Pakistani politics would be limited . I still remember her tting on October 30th on the stage as what? Is she a new Sonia Gandhi of this country?


Then he found alliances with Gen Musharraf , Nawaz Sharif , Fazlur Rehman and even JI . This topsy turvy political ride and his flirtation in politics and U turns every few years let me think whether his political acumen is that strong? Today he conveniently points fingers towards Pervaiz Musharraf but yet take his party stalwarts under his wings and also some of his policies.


I still do not understand whether his party is Islamist , leftist or some thing new?he conveniently picks up all popular issues a d chides about it without realizing that though he maintains a neutral populist position but then if fe ever come in power which side he would be on and whether he would deliver.
The only position he has clearly maintained is his support for Talibans. Means does he want a Talibanized Pakistan or a moderate Pakistan? Since he can’t have both at the same time domestically as well as internationally as the world community wants though a stable but a moderate Pakistan. Further, his proximity with JI . Does he denounce the incursions in Kashmir? If not how would he bring peace with India as his recently Vision talks about. I wonder why India would negotiate without him distancing himself from both Kasmiri Mujahideen and Talibans both of whom are thorns for India and the region.


He hates US and UK but still invests his endowment funds there and also take donations from there. Wonder if these nations are good to deal with his charities why not Pakistan then? Think if he distances himself once he comes In power. Wouldn’t his charities would also get effected? Another of a no clear policy.


He talks about breaking cartels and hegemony of establishment but yet conveniently takes feudals , retired private sector high fliers and beaurucrats in his cadres. Aren’t these are the same guys who established this situation in the first place. Blaming all on politicians and absolving these people. Is this fair?


Lastly before I end this opinion . I would dare to say that his vision which I would like to expedite upon in the future ignore key factors like how would he find cheaper power? Ignoring the importance of hub of Pakistani economics? Regional economic crisis and most importantly how would he end this war in Pakistan? If his idea to enter a truce with Talibans then he would give Pakistan in their hands which would isolate us more and than spit on those who sacrificed.


Anyways, looks like we never learn and want shortcuts in life. For me PTI is nothing more than a hogwash. Good luck & Pakistan Zindabad

Danish Kazi

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • Muhammad Imran

    All these questions have already been answered but let me remind you again.

    1)All those who were losers in the last elections or in their political careers may be so because no body lets honest people go ahead. Unless you do favors for others you are not granted and so many honest people step down because they don’t seem to have power to fight with all other corrupts. Now they saw a hope in Imran khan and thought they can now do something with a good leader.

    2)I bet when younis khan will come to politics he will do the same and promote himself as a world cup winner but let not judge it for now as he hasn’t come to politics at the moment. As far as Jehangir khan(Squash Champion) and Jansher khan(Squash Champion) is concerned my answer is the same as in case of Younis khan. And whats wrong in promoting oneself with such a thing Even Obama promoted himself as the Hunter of Osama Bin Laden(so you would also say that obama is not capable too?).

    3) Abrar ul haq is already in alliance with Imran khan so please do some research before saying something. I don’t know about Shahzad Roy but i think he has helped Imran khan in some way or other too. As for as Abdul Satar Edhi i would say that people interests are not always the same. He is a great asset to the country but maybe he doesn’t want to jump in a system where corruption is at peak and its only Imran khan who have decided to jump into the fire although he doesn’t have to. Imran khan is wealthy and is famous what else would someone want? Still he want to jump into this system and i think he is into it for the love of his country.

    4)He married an English Woman that is entirely out of the point as he did that before stepping into politics and in a time when pakistan had not that many problems as it has now( i know there were problems but not that much and you never know when your interest in something else(like politics) will arise due to the problems that your beloved(country) is facing and by knowing that you can do it if you want to). Everyone has the right to live his/her life and thats what he did.

    5) He made an alliance with Musharraf, Nawaz, Fazal Rahman, And JI. And then broke the alliance once he came to know that they were not in the interest of Pakistan. Do you see it as bad? If yes then let me tell you that the Great Quaid-e-Azam Broke alliance with congress and joined Muslim league. If you are against making and breaking alliance than i would take it as you are also against Quaid-e-Azam who did something similar.

    6)You said whether his party is islamist or support modernism. My answer would be that it is neither(none of the current party has clear stance. Or even if they have a clear stance it is strongly opposed by their practical action so i would say they are hypocrites and nothing less). He has a stance of peace. I don’t see a single statement of him supporting either Taliban of West. All i have heard him saying is that war against taliban is only making it more messy. Have you seen things in tribal areas? If you kill 2 people in a family(by mistake in a drone strike or whatever means) the remaining people as a revenge join taliban.Now there are some other reasons for joining taliban but none of the reason is bigger than the one mentioned above. As people who are fighting for islam have some sort of revenge factor in their mind for the govt as well. The taliban use such attacks against govt to recruit other people in the name of revenge and islam. Which means that good people becomes bad. See a modern world example. Taliban killed only 3000 people in world trade center and they have come and killed hundred of thousand people in revenge. No human in the world let go revenge, be it be the Taliban or the Modern Society.

    Lastly i would say what is meant by all this column? Do you want to say that the only hope of change is corrupt and want us to turn or back on him and Vote PPP, Nawaz, JI, ANP, MQM etc again? the parties mentioned above have ruled for sometime in the last 65 years and look what a country we have. A great country isn’t it? Go ahead and Vote them again but i m going to give it once last try. I will Vote imran khan for he is the only Hope before me(If he fails i will have no hope left in others but myself).

  • Sohaib Rasul Qadri

    after reading this article i felt hate for PTI, but then i think it more of a waste of time… :D

    • Syed Razi

      Hats off………to you Mr. SRQ.

  • HJ

    To me you would find any excuse to find fault in him no matter what. Your column was esssentially written to self please and others who support the forces of evil. Thanks buddy but stop saying Pakistan Zindabad at the end, it’s an insult.

  • khurram Kaif

    You seems to be worried because the people like you(Danish) they won’t take any lesson from past. I think PTI is the right party and they are moving towards into the right direction. But Mr. kazi you and geo is supporting Nawaz sharif so you can not like this that your nawaz will lose the next election. But unfortunately you and geo will lose. Please do me one favour please convey my message to mr. Nawaz that take a hike. no

  • Muhammad Asif Afzal

    Well whatever he is better than any political leader or party currently in politics…….we have tried everyone so this time we should not be reluctant to vote him ………Long Live PTI……..Long Live IK………… if you will write lackings of Noora or Xardari…….you will never finish…………so Ultimate Choice…….IK……….PTI

  • mango pakistani

    looks like it is written by a 10th grader. you forgot to mention another karachi’s son Hakim Saeed. what happened to him, we all know.

  • patriot

    Totally rubbish, I want to ask a simple question to Mr.Writer if not Imran Khan than who? And by the way how much you get paid for that article?

    • Malik

      well said. 100% agree. They are being paid to write these rubbish articles..

  • Ed Raf

    Mr. Kazi
    If you keep uttering negative things about those people who are really sincere to Pakistan and wants to do something for this nation then Zardari, Nawaz and Musharaf is the fate of this nation and you are equally blamed for encouraging the mentioned people to be the leaders. Let Imran K given a chnace to delieved what he is promising for or give us an alternative? Would you be leader of this nation? Don’t judge people and stop delivering negativity as yellow journalism created so many Musharaf’s.

  • zia

    okay u r not satisfied dont vote then……we still will vote

    • Babar

      Guess what, pti will have two seats: 1. Quraishi 2. Do not know and imran would be very lucky if he wins his own seat. Good luck to u and to your mr lier khan.

      • Usman

        What if he got more than that???

  • Insight

    How much money you got to write this article, so biased
    Name anyone who has brought that pride and achievements to this country worldwide
    your sharif or your zaradaris

  • Syed Shahrukh

    Very well analyzed & very well written about Imran Khan & PTI, but I am sure his followers will not digest this criticism!

  • M.S. Qureshi

    I agree with the idea given by the writer about Imran encashing respect and sypathies of people.
    I remember he had invited Rekha, Vinod Khanna. Kabir Bedi, and Sonu Waliya from Bollywood to his Lahore Charity Show, shortly after winning the World-cup for his Shoukat Khanum Hospital fund raising. He not only encashed the people’s lust for watching Indian actors live, but also the sentiments of Madam Noor Jahan, who performed live in his show perhaps, for the first and last time, just in appreciation of our team’s winning the World-Cup. Incidently,the show was conducted by (late) Moin Akhtar along with Anwar Maqsood, at Gaddafi Stadum Lahore.
    Towards the end of that show, in reply to a question from Moin Akhar, Imran catagorically replied that, he was very shy and found it very difficult to answer questions from public.

  • Fawad Rehman

    World cup (with rest of the team) and SKMH(from our money) are only medals he has other than that everything Imran Khan did is hanging on his wall of shame.

  • PakistanCareGroup

    Mr. Danesh,I agree with you, we love Mr. Imran as a crickter and his glorious look and personalty,this is only adantage he enjoys. Else, politics are not in his reach,he do not have enough think tanks to provide genuin idias required to run a country.Being sentimental is one status and deciding for vote is an other action. I am afraid Mr. Khan will not be discouraged by low voting for his PTI. But he may disturb PMN votes in Punjab without any gain. He is aiming at Punjab Votes only,overlooking other provinces of Pakistan.Best option for him would have been to join any existing political setup and service country through Parliament without any hassle.Habitually we salute rising sun and start cursing before it sats.

  • hamid

    Dear Danish…how can Imran khan be compared with Mother teresa, Abdul Sattar edhi or Ansar Burney…he wants to come in power through ballot….ok he has done some social work that has benefited masses…but then why he should not take credit for the achievement..Bradford university made him chancellor and a prestigious English medical association awarded fellowship, first to any Asian who is not even in power in pakistan, inspite of these achievements … feel Imran khan is not a big deal. You are claiming that you donated money for Shaukat Khanum…how much you donated? i will not ask you ..but then who put the management of Shaukat Khanum in effect? who is the mascot of Shaukat khanum whom people of Pakistan and non resident pakistanese donate these money to? i am sure neither you and Nawaz Sharif can do these things.Even if you will try nobody will support you. But the million dollar question is that Why are you not asking Nawaz Sharif that Why are you distributing laptops in Punjab When majority of you public schools don’t have qualified teachers and the the illiteracy among the children are one of the highest in Asia.Why are you not asking Nawaz sharif that your Punjab state has poorest healthcare facility which is evident from the fact that infant mortality rate is even worse than Rawanda and Liberia. And you should also ask Sharif dynasty that if they are not corrupt then why the hell they take notorious stay order from courts when they themselves say , that they are ready to settle these cases in courts… on their dozens of corruption cases. @ danish if you dont want to vote for Pti don’t vote but atleast do some introspection and ask yourself ..what is the sngle positive thing done By Nawaz Sharif that has benefitted masses who was the two time prime minister and and numerous times chief minister of Punjab? Nawaz Sharif is the same man notrious for not staying in Pakistan whenever Pakistan was in deepest crisis even after coming from Jeddah after the political settlement with Musharraf.

  • hamid

    i would like to know the qualification of @Danish Kazi as a jornalist and also comment how bad his general knowledge is….forget about Punjab he doesn’t ..even know about Pakistan.

  • bilalqureshi7232

    you are a paid guy to defame PTI… you idiot

  • Ahad Jamil

    bro one thing for u, get well soon..:)

  • Waqas Yousaf

    Very subtle arguments and well written post. 10/10. Keep it up good sir.

  • Lodhi

    Take the example of Jinnah.He became governer General to serve the nation.He did not encash his sacrifices for power.similarly IK wants to do something for Pakistan.Edhhi has decided to restrict himself to philanthropy.Ik wants to serve people in all spheres of life and for this he has sacrificed his family.

  • Amir

    I must praise Danish for writing such a bold article which is against the current tidal flow of some sorts. But the only question at this point in time is do we see anybody better than him on the political horizon of the country? As far as the world cup 1992, in the post match speech the only person he talked about was himself. He failed to acknowledge the contribution of any of his team-mates. Shame on You Imran Khan

  • dr asim

    i totally agree with the writer and would add that that he can be a good politician but never a revolutionist.there is difference in his words and deeds.

  • Ali

    Everyone has his/her own opinion. Please don’t start a blame game. Well, I’m fed up. I don’t trust all political parties but I think we should give Imran Khan a chance. Maybe alliance with General Musharraf and rubbish parties like JI was just politics to bring PTI to the main stage, but that’s just my thought. We should give him a chance then we’ll see what kind of a man he is, will he do whatever he promised

  • Sanober Khattak

    I started to read this article, thinking it may have some valid detractions from Imran’s policies. I am shocked at the level of english, grammatical mistakes and weakly formed opinions of this writer. I am amazed, are they no good writers in Pakistan as we are forced to read this substandard rubbish. I would have liked to read a detraction article, but One which I could believe even 10%. I 5th class student could write better than this one..I implore the news , give him some training in critical writing or let his go!

  • Dr.Noman

    PTI is I think under rated and under estimated.
    One who lives in public and interact with people knows that how high is the popularity of PTI. Masses are liking IK and his policies. 90% of Pakistanis consider and believe IK as the only hope for this country and rest of 10% will start believing in few months. There is no place for Nora League and PPPs. So all the best to PTI.

  • Noman

    Kitne paise mile hain jhoot likjne ke tume??
    People like u are cancer for this country.

  • meekal a ahmed

    excellent piece.

  • Malik

    I think u dont live in Pakistan or u r totally ignorant. There are hundred of candidates on one seat want to take the ticket. Come out of ur home and see the reality Mr.Care..

  • Shakeel

    We love Imran Khan and he is the last hope for our country..
    Keep these foolish theories in ur pocket.

    We will vote for PTI..thats it.

  • Muzzammil Basraa

    biased and negative comments about IK. Mr. write tell me who is an ideal leader in Pakistan,Zardari,Nawaz Sharif,Altaf Hussain,or any other,all these are in power for last 4 years. For God sake first test the IK in election then make critique if he fails to deliver

  • Nauman

    With due respect Mr. Danish, what you were thinking of while writing this? let me ask you few question…i believe that you won’t mind answering these?

    i am 33 year old and now i feel that all our elder after the partition played some or full role to bring this country to the present situation in which we are now.

    If they have stood to the false then and didn’t did what is wrong and for their own goods and gave a thought for this Country the situation would have been different now…some of the people would agree and some would not? giving an example now….! i always try to follow the traffic rules and i always stop on Red light no matter their is a Traffic warden or not…! i never try to take money under the table what ever i am dealing in…! if our elders didn’t started these so-called “norms” (i would say) we would have been a Developed Country till now like Malaysia or China.

    So how many times you tried to stop the menace of corruption in our society or how many times did you stood up against the misuse of the power by others?





  • Umar Khan

    Useless contentless article. Waste of time reading this.

  • Aftab Qureshi

    Excuse me, Mr. Kazi. If one were to take your views seriously, it will tantamount to rejecting PTI and whatever it stands for. It follows, therefore, that we should continue to leave the country and its people to the mercy of the smae “luteras” who have plundered the country for decades. Shame on you!

  • Rehamt Ullah Khan Wazir

    Imran Khan is best for administration as Shokat Khanum for Pakistan and best for avoiding curoption in Pakistan. Ever best leader.

  • Shawez

    Instead of complaining like every other ‘blog’ writer, why dont you step up and suggest some possible options. Fine you don’t like PTI, then who should we vote for? PML-N? Or should we just vote for PPP and bring this government back again? Or are you one of those bloggers who say ‘don’t vote at all’ or better yet ‘leave the country – go to the states and find a job’?
    I personally don’t think complaining about each and every thing is constructive unless you can actually put out some realistic and practical alternatives!

  • Babar

    What is wrong with us – what kind of message we are giving to the world? What is the difference between Mr 10% or Mr play boy? Imran is and was not an angel. Imran has not shown the maturity in making choices or in making decisions. For example, take his personal life, it is a mess. When imran retire from cricket, he started writing against west that we should not be impressed by the west. Then all of a sudden he married a Jew girl who was nearly 22 years younger than him and could easily be his daughter if was married at the right age. Everyone knew, its not going to work. Was it a right decision? Then imran lied about he religion of jemaima not being Jew but Christian only to shut the media up. We all know she came from a jew family. Imran did not marry jemaima, Infact jemaima married him. which I believe was an effort to have some one in pakkistan to do what ever the jews wanted to achieve. Imran was more popular in those days and jews were sure that he could easily be a PM. When Jews or jemaima realized he is not gonna get any where , jemaima left him. Now that Imran is getting some popularity, jemaima came to Pakistan again. Why? Imran has now probably Stopped her as it was being questioned. Now I believe that he could have had been a toy for Jews if had become PM. Imran’s children- any Muslim father makes sure that his children get good Islamic education, how about Imran’s children, they are being looked after by Jew lobby and spend more time with Jews than Muslims.
    Change- imran talks about change- he needs to change himself before he wants to bring change in the country. He can’t bring revolution by living in Palaces. Can IK donate his palace for a good cause and live in an ordinary house among ordinary people?
    Gambling- is it really ok to advise on gambling and earn money from it which Imran admitted on tv? Is it ok to waste five days watching cricket so IK could give advise?
    Luxury life- this is same Imran who gave advice on gambling to earn some money, now how can he afford to live such a luxury life? What business has he done after that other than increased funding for s/Khanam? Can any one name any other cricketEr in Pakistan who is living a luxury life like him?
    Is it ok for imran to have double standards on Kashmir. IK’s statements differ when in India.
    Board of Shaukat Khanam- is it ok for his family on board of s/khanam and wages?
    Has any one of you been to Shaukat Khanam with a poor patient. I took my tailor who was very old and that poor man died without any medical help. There is no such thing about s/Khanam what is I famous for.
    Funds invested- is it ok for IK to approve the donated money to be invested overseas? Then why does he call upon other leaders to bring their assets in Pakistan?
    Political vision- he said on tv “Allah Mujahy sheikh rashid jaisa politician na banay” and now he is ally with s.rashid. He is been supportive of p. Musharaf. IK was once to file a case against Altaf and Now IK believes he is all ok because Altaf not only let him hold jalsa in Karachi but also supported him. Why has now imran forgotten 12 may?

    IK is now desperate to become PM and will compromise any thing – a guy who can advise gambling to have some money- imagine what can he do to become a PM.

    Conclusion- imran lived a western life, he married a western and jew girl, his children are being brought up in west. What is Pakistani about him? About Shaukat Khanam that belongs to people of Pakistan. A lot of people in world do social work to gain personal financial benefits and some do it for a good cause and not for publicity. How about If his children come to Pakistan one day with a hidden agenda from Jews and simple people of Pakistan welcome them with open arms and what could be he consequences ? These are the facts and mistakes done by imran and he had to live with them. Imran could be a risk for not only Pakistan but all the Muslim world even imran may not know it. A person who could not make right decisions for his own life and his children, how can we trust that he is mr right for the nation, for our beautiful Pakistan. IK is the man who can lie out of his teeth, been caught and doesn’t get ashamed. By the way, being educated and be wise are two different things and I can assure you that IK is not wise.

    • imran

      Mr Hussain Nawaz own Rs 50 billion property in UK. This was your monry. The thief has already ripped you off. You want to losse everything?

    • amin

      his personal life is none of your bussiness. we all did stupid stuff.

  • Babar

    You want single proof- IK admitted on tv giving advise on gambling to make money.
    IK’s different statements about his palace.
    Luxury life style- is there any other cricketer in Pakistan who has a life style like him. Who are the member of he board of s/Khanam – his family and they take wages. He is like choir machai shor.

  • Babar

    Who has done all this you have mentioned above. Ppp, mqm, Anp and your imran doesn’t say a word about them. U talk about weak analysys, I tell u only 6 seats for pti and for imran I m in doubt.

  • guga

    PTI can win if we JUST VOTE..

  • Mohammad Akram Virk

    Imran Khan has taken a just stand against the Corrupt and dishonest MAfia. This Mafia includes [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] . Therefore the road is very bumpy but Imran Khan can handle this bunch. Pakistani nation has tried all these Mafias and the result is zero. Our economy has been drained by these Parties by transferring money to foreign accounts.. They come to Pakistan to rob and loot this poor and helpless nation. Let us change our driver.

  • Shah Zain

    I respect your opinion Mr. Kazi but have you ever considered the fact that what has been done by the other very experienced lot of politicians with this country. Are we so insensitive that we are unable to even consider a chance for a change. When any person applies for a job, he presents his credentials, qualifications, experience and achievement to prove that he is suitable for the job. Should that person get the response that if you were too good there you should stick there or he should be tried to do more at an upgraded position. I would ask, how can your conscience (if there is any) accepts such people (Nawaz, Zardari, Asfandyar and Fazl ur Rehman etc) who are running dynasties in this country. 15 to 20 people of Main Sb family are holding positions. If they win election, this whole nation of 200 million people do not qualify for the position of Prime Minister & Chief Minister except Nawaz & Shahbaz. No one can become their FM but Ishaq Dar. Leaders like Kh Asif, Ch. Nisar and Ahsan Iqbal would remain ministers which they have been since eternity but they do not qualify to become PM or CM Punjab.Now their offsprings such as Humza, Maryum, Bilawal & Asifa etc are already in the field and our new generation will be facing another generation of these plunderers. I pity our way of thinking as we are unable to only think freely and no malign those who have done nothing wrong so far. At least we should give an opportunity to people like Imran Khan so that subsequently, we could say bad about them with so justifications.

  • Oracle Zero

    Looking for shortcut?? don’t joke, has he been doing so he could have made alliances with many before.. plus those who think change can not be brought should study with care what happened in 2003 elections in Turkey.. don’t go ahead saying that two countries are different, I am there for last 18 years.. change will come and by Imran.

  • Nobody

    Looks like the writer is a die hard fan of either PML-N or PPP (My guess PML-N), No intelligent logic given by the writer rather it was combination of all the statements from various PML-N leaders. It would have been so much better if he had compared the leaders of all the parties. For me personally i would see who is the least corrupt of them all and then vote for their party. Nawaz Shareef lost all his credibility when he left the country and signed a deal with the dictator and lets not forget the BBC Documentary and the remaining was gone when he said that he would stand with Zardari if PPP leaves him. Mr Zardari never had any credibility neither is he going to ever earn any. That leaves me with Imran Khan, now i am not saying that he is the best and he is going to make Pakistan stand on its feet again in a day. In fact i disagree with few of his policies but right now Pakistan’s main problem is the economy and none of the corrupt lot can ever fix that as they will always be looking for deals where they can earn there percentages rather than looking for what is in Pakistan’s best interests. My last argument in Imran’s favor is that PPP has governed Pakistan 4 times while PML-N twice and they have been going from ok to sub standard and now to complete lack of governance whether its economy (Federal or Provincial), law and order, employment, social care, basic needs etc. I would rather see a new face rather than these same old businessman politicians. Lastly my deepest request to this writer and any other writer please don’t comment about things which you have not experienced, i would request you to make a short trip to shaukat khanum and then compare it to the government hospitals and then write about it. I can easily say that it is better then the NHS hospitals here in the UK. Secondly, he gave all his savings and still goes to every nook and corner of the world to collect donations for SKMT to keep it running and the endowment fund was started as a precautionary measure against the dirty politics which affected it a great deal after the 1997 elections. And lastly about the war on terror, he has never said he is anti-us or anti-uk, he says he is anti war and us policies. Now consider this 11 years war = 40000 pakistani lives lost (Soldiers and Civilians) and still we are nowhere close to the end of it. In 2 years USA and UK and Nato will be out of there and back the their countries where they are safe but these people will still be there and they will seek their revenge on Pakistanis as they wont be able to do anything else. You have to live in reality rather then dreams. And in the end i would leave you with this , imagine if a drone had stroke your home and injured your father mother and then when your other relatives went to rescue them another drone strikes and kills them all. Now after that would you be anti war or pro war. I am always against war whether its afghan war or any kind of war, no human life is worth any gains of land or anything else in this world

  • PTI

    people like u afraid of mQm . even if he uses our money still there is a cancer hospital established no other party did it before And by the way its not fake popularity u havn’t seen wat happend in lahore or khi or even in quetta . u ar still a kid to learn politics .

  • Neo

    Very respectfully towards the author, your article shows a great lack of research, insight and vision. Just so that I’m not accused of having political allegiance with PTI or any other party for that matter, let me be very clear that I DO NOT have any political affiliation with any political party in Pakistan. Instead of discussing realities backed up with facts it seems like you just talked random about anything and everything that came in your mind. You are for sure allowed to be assertive and judgmental but then the end result should really be something or somewhat concrete and backed up with facts.
    I would love to read more from you but please avoid writing randomly.

  • Mubashir, swindon uk

    salam everyone, its the first time i m going to comment about politics online.
    whoever wrote these 3 or 4 paragraphs wasted their time , not only because it looks against PTI but stupid too. Cant see any homework before writing this.
    There is an answer to every question been asked in this column, but ill just pick one that is CHARITY for CANCER HOSPITAL
    First of all it wasn’t our money , it was and is charity donated in the name of ALLAH.
    once donated we cant claim it as ours, like donating to Mosque we cant say Mosque is ours. Neither the person makes it says its mine.
    Imran khan never claimed it as his hospital.
    it was very cheap of u sorry to say that u pointed out charity as favor to him.

  • Suhail Iqbal Khalili

    The haters of IK may have more credible n incriminating evidences n charges against him for making their point but why he has become a symbol of change— b,coz of performance of zardari n nawaz sharif. Former is a dacoit n later a theif. Their performance n mega corruptions has forced the people to go for a change. IK is perhaps the last ray of dim hope at the end of tunnel—Pls dont try to blow off that hope. His performance as PM or president, i m dead sure will be, will be thousands time better than any civilian rule in Pakistan since 14-8-47 baring Jinnah n liaquat.

  • Adyl Khan

    this author is just another pakistani…a pakistani is one who cant do the right thing and who wont let anyone do the right thing too. i ask u what do u suggest then?whom will u vote?mr 10%? JUI?PML-N?come on say it…ALLAH will ask u that whom u chose among the worst?u cant escape by just saying that everybody is corrupt.u have to choose someone and that someone better be imran or this country will fall into abyss.

  • Sohaib Rasul Qadri

    astray?? seriously… lolzz rofl rofl

  • amin

    jemima converted to islam

  • Abid Hussain

    I agree with the writer.Do you that why IK kicked out Qasim Omar bcz he opened his mouth about the wrong doing of this ex-play boy.You can find Qasim omar in karachi some where doing Tableeq, he may tell you the truth about this LIVE LEGEND.My question is that when this guy was unable ti run his family affairs how could he run our country’s affair.Totally sick guy.

  • Muhammad Atif Agha

    Another junk article by haters and lifafa writers.

  • Tahir

    Author has expressed his opinion about IK and PTI but not given any solution, readers are left blank, charactaristics which he is look in IK, who has such characteristics among whole lot of our politicians, if not to vote PTI then whom to vote?? or just sleep at homes during Election day????? No one is perfect and we should all must stop being perfectionist in our thoughts about others

    IK personality and PTI just doesn’t end on these few points which author has mentioned, there are endless other unprecedented aspects yelling for attention of author

    All other politicians are repeatedly tested and to test them again would be a blunder which everyone must avoid…………Only vote for IK of suggest a better choice with good reasoning

  • nadir

    “Anyways, looks like we never learn and want shortcuts in life. For me PTI is nothing more than a hogwash. Good luck & Pakistan Zindabad”
    Yes please kazi saab, this time leave it for goof & crazy & confused people like us the supporter of IK & PTI, cuz we seen the geniuses like yours of zardari, nawaz and musharaf and it brought no good to us, so yes kazi saab leave it for messed up this time, it cannot be more worse even if we try our best for the worse.

  • Arshad Malik

    it is. I fully agree to the writer comments. Much overrated than it is actually capable of. We don’t want New Pakistan but a leader who
    can build Pakistan & who has developed maturity to make Pakistan come out
    of this crisis. We have voted for such leader and PTI must respect the voters decision.

    Instead of beating the drums of rigging we want to
    see how PTI performs in KP. It’s show time and not just performing on twitter and facebook.