Pakistan’s Worst Defeat in Olympics

Pakistan’s Worst Defeat in Olympics

This is no news that Pakistan on Tuesday conceded a humiliating 7-0 defeat from Australia, who shattered the hopes for a semifinal berth for the green-shirts.


All the experts have condemned Pakistan’s dismal performance as former Olympian and coach Qamar Ibrahim has termed it the worst ever defeat in Olympics –at the hands of Australia as compared to its previous worst 6-3 defeat in Sydney Olympics in 2000, which has exposed the preparation of the team for the prestigious event.


What more, the former Olympians are criticizing the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) which could have avoided the humiliation of this day but it always turned a deaf ear.


“This is unacceptable from a country, who proudly calls hockey as its national sport. I request the government to sack the ineffective present PHF setup or at least get the name of hockey erased as its national sport because it has been robbed of the importance and care that it deserves under these incompetent officials,” Qamar Ibrahim said.


What he also highlighted was that many loopholes blistered out in the match against Australia, which could have been avoided by proper planning and preparation. “If the team had properly prepared for the tournament and proper decisions had been taken then we wouldn’t have to face such humiliation,”


He also pointed that the federation and the team management committed some serious blunders. “They kept only one goal-keeper in such a huge event, which is a massive blunder.”


Qamar added that the federation has failed to prepare younger lot, who could have replaced the senior players. “These senior players couldn’t have performed well in such demanding tournament and the federation should have groomed new players to replace them by now and they have failed to do this basic job in their term,” he said.


Another former Olympian Shahnaz Sheikh concurred with Qamar and said that Pakistan has paid a big price for not having experienced goal-keeper Salman Akbar in the squad.


Shahnaz said that Pakistan completely surrendered to the Australians in the do-or-die match. “Pakistan played the way Australians wanted them to play.”


Shahnaz also demanded that PHF officials should step down and let other people come forward and do something better for this sport.

Mushtaq Ahmed Subhani

A copy-editor on the web desk of Geo Super. He has been contributing on sports and showbiz for over 40 years.

  • Saleem Haider (INDIA)

    Why to worry? Forget about Olympic,science, education, development,pride,respect etc etc. YOU ARE NUMBER ONE IN PRODUCING TERROR MACHINE IN THE WORLD. KEEP IT UP

  • Zarva

    In the whole Pakistan there are approximately more than a million people. Every day we get news of students topping in metric or any other news of students raising our national flag. Pk call there favourite sport Hockey but why can’t they participate in different events like Athletics, Cycling etc. They can’t just because there are not enough facilities for student to gain interest in sports. What do we do in our PE lessons? Play pakan pakrai or hide and seek etc. Pakistan has the talent to compete and get on the top of the medals table but no one thinks about that. Saudi Arabia girl participated in Athletics and the other in Boxing with Hijab. We have no excuse to say why we haven’t even got a single medal

  • S.Haider

    India do not need any certificate from those who have nothing since last 65 yrs and have become a headache for the world and is a question mark for the peace loving people. India’s democracy is standing like Himalayas since our Independence and respected by the whole world. Yes, Pakistan may come out from this self invited bad patch BUT only when it would start respecting and stop underestimating others. This bad patch has been invited not by your leaders but by your Policy makers who are controlling your foreign policies(You know better). Allah help those who help themselves therefore we also request you to come out from this suicidal acts and do not defame more our dear religion ISLAM.