Misfire or Strategic Move?

Misfire or Strategic Move?


Pakistani drawing rooms and talk shows are resounding with N-League’s onslaught on Imran Khan. As usual, talk shows are only serving a mere purpose of bringing opponents in the wrestling ring. However, the nation is interested to know why N-League has chosen this time to attack Imran.


There could be two main reasons of this onslaught:



1)  N-League is scared of PTI’s success in the general elections. This may be true but the timing of assault was incorrect. The accusations of mishandling SKMH funds and tax evasion might be the only weapon that N-League could have used few days before the elections. And then, Khan would not have enough time to justify his position, and PTI election campaign could have been seriously impacted. Where it is a fact that N-League has an experience in conducting mud-slinging campaigns against their opponents, which have quite worked in the past. N-League’s politics revolves around maligning others and portraying themselves as ‘Sharifs’. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that N-League mistimed its best shot against the fast bowler.


2) N-League is quite convinced that PTI is their biggest competitor in the next elections. They might have also sensed the reality that mere allegations would not damage PTI image much. Unfortunately, they are up against a blue-eyed boy of media, army, and the educated class of Pakistan. They are not pitched against the PPP this time, which has been bashed and maligned in the past with the help of army, biased judiciary, and intellectually corrupt intelligentsia. Therefore, the only option is to facilitate defections in the ranks of PTI. Because, it will be difficult, morally and politically, for first rank leaders of PTI to desert their party right now without any real excuse.


Therefore, N-League has to prepare a batting pitch with a nice sheen of allegations and accusations on which PTI leaders shy away from playing for their team. It is almost certain now that N-League will suffer major losses in the elections if major defection in PTI ranks does not happen. As a last resort, N-League would try to throw a juicy full toss to main players of PTI to get their wickets. Shah Mahmood Qureshi is fond of playing on the front foot if he sees major award beyond boundaries of the field. The fall of Shah Mahmmod’s wicket can cause a domino effect.


If the above two reasons are absurd than surely the recent onslaught will be followed by an attack on the personal life of Imran at the opportune time. This match will get exciting with every passing day till the election night. It is worth watching because it can change the political landscape of Pakistan.


In the whole episode, there is a message for PTI that they should get ready for ‘Tit for Tat’. PTI abusive blitz on social media against their political opponents and journalists would not bring any change on the political landscape of Pakistan. Imran can try digging deep in morality and corruption of Zardari and Sharifs at political gatherings but this attitude is not a reflection of a sagacious politician.  PTI should refrain from rhetoric and concentrate on chalking out election contesting strategy because they have little experience in the science of election day comparing to other opponents.


There is also a message for N-League after this drama. In this modern age of free media, the old tactics of politics are subject to absolute failure. Those were the old days when it was easy to shatter someone’s image by merely pointing fingers at someone’s sincerity or morality. They should realize that army is no more on their back so the only option is to roll up their sleeves to practice politics of masses rather than indulge in monkey business.

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs based in Darwin, Austrailia

  • Taj Ahmad

    Nice pictures of both Mian Nawaz and Imran Khan, I hope, its not a match fixing
    between PML(N) and PTI for 2013 election…?

  • Haris Javed

    donations of SKMT have doubled since these baseless allegations.. .
    + khawaja sb has become a convenient punching bag!!
    so definitely a misfire!!!

    • ali

      these two partied need to combine otherwise only imran khan give path to zardiri
      this is reality
      based on reality

      • fslcanuck

        another PML-N supporter who is afraid of identifying him.

        • saad k

          even investing NIT fund money (pure investment fund with the risk factor) in a company owned by a board member is not legal!!

          and this was zakat, donation sadqa etc money. and all this was done without donors permission!

          • asad siddique

            As for as the abusive language is concerned you have to keep in mind the furstration and difficulties of people they are suffering on the hand of PMLN and PPP, so not every one has the temprament to keep calm in those difficut times.
            you are livinig in dreams, majority of people on the net are with PTI because majority of the educated people are also with PTI. And don’t take it easy folk, they are all over 18, this not 1997 mind you, We are wining and loser are crying, started to feel the pain of defeat hmm??

          • saad k

            pain of defeat what!!
            I seriously only feel the pain of seeing people being fooled by people like imran khan for the last 65 years! Yaar it is people like him who have fooled us all for so long, in the name of being educated! always giving stupid example of the west, how things work there not here, and we have to believe cuz majority have no excess. About time to stop following people like him who are supported by establishment and look for anyone who is more local and grounded!! and more realistic!

  • Asad

    I don’t see PTI coming to power. Maximum they can do is dent PML(N) vote bank which eventually will help PPP.

    • http://www.facebook.com/akbarindubai Muhammad Akbar

      PTI has also damaged PPP and if in future PTI makes an alliance it will definitely preffer PMLN over PPP.

    • Jehanzeb

      Someone trying to be different in the public here . And i bet you dont even vote but just sit and watch the drama

  • Asad

    khawaja sb ne rifle ulti pakri hoi thee, a suicidal attack on himself

  • M.Saeed

    1-The two melon-heads are fighting between them desperately to perpetuate Zardari.

    2-In a fight for a piece of flesh between two hungry wolves, often the waiting cunning crow is the winner.

  • S Nasrullah

    It is interesting to note your attempt to project a possible scenario in the aftermath of the mud slinging PML(N) have unduly embarked on. To state that PPP have often been the victim of prejudice, patently from the powerful military or prevalent judicial diktat, at the hands of the PML(N) is a perception with no justification, at all. NS was removed by the military megalomaniacs, twice. The performance of PML(N) as the Opposition in the NA has left unpalatable taste in the mouth of the public and they would be in no mood to even support the icons they did in the past when NS took a bold stand to go ahead with the country’s Nuclear Program. Since then the spark of genius has been doused by a series of collusion and connivance with the most corrupt and contrived rule of AAZ, atop the PPP.
    IK is rapidly transforming into a beacon of hope for the Nation in turmoil. Such reckless, unsubstantiated and wicked accusations would only stymie the precarious condition of PML(N), even in Punjab, let alone in other Provinces. Shah Mahmood Qureshi got a fillip joining PTI and not the other way around. His defection – if he does – would be suicidal, politically. And surely Shah Mahmood is more intelligently ingrained than what you read of him. IK is an Oxford personality while Shah Mahmood is a proud Harvard grad and the two have more stable, sensible and sane perceptions than many would hazard an absurd guess.

    • asamieh

      Jiyeeeeee Bhuttooooo

  • yaser_riaz

    I think its still the case of lesser evil, only difference is that we now have to choose from three. However looking at how these 2 rightist junk heads are performing PPP would be winner to toment us and take whats left in Pakistan. May Allah put some sense in the minds of IK & NS to join hands…………

  • Muhammad

    skmh is a great institution and its doing well but it must not be use for political purposes either by anyone. ppp and allies will take the advantage of plm and pti’s war. i think they (pml & pti) have to work together for better Pakistan.

  • Atique

    No harm in increased verbal skirmishes amongst political parties as the general election only around the corner (Zardari mafia permitting). Blames and criticism must be based on facts and the battle must be fought in a civilised manner.Time has come to clean up the way politics is done in Pakistan.

  • gutsy1

    PTI must be thankful to General Pasha. He got retired but left over his remains

  • asfand

    keep it up khawaja sb in zakat choro ko expose krty rahey

  • shoaib

    totally biased article. open your eyes and ears aftab. have you not seen imran on every day baseless blames. kwaja asif has given proofs which can not be denied.Imran understand by converting tehreek insaf into tehreek ilzam, he can win the election but misjudged.

  • Danny

    I dont understand those idiots who are not believing it. Its official documents by SKMT that they have invested the money. No one yet has denied it. Why you guys are screaming on lies? Remove it from SKMT website audit report.

  • Nabeel

    IK has no answer to the allegation that why Shaukat Khanam funds were invested in a company of the
    Imtiaz Haider who was also the member of its board of governors. Moreover, Shuakat Khanam lost money in that venture as admitted by Imran. It is a clear case of conflict of interest.

    • Haroon

      Please wake up from your amnesia

  • M.S.Qureshi

    “N” stands for “Negativity” in PML(N) and “P” stands for “Positivity” in PTI.
    It is a matter of ‘approach’ to tackle the task ahead. Twice tried tested and failed PML(N) is already trying its wits third time on a reduced (65%) of heads under its hat but the result is nothing new. Negativity can only produced negative results and positivity demands taking every-one along.

    • Nimra

      PPP, Positivity Positivity Positivity????

  • Prince

    PMLN thought this is old days and use their rubbish tack ticks which didn’t work today modern life…Imran Khan k shakhsiat aik kohli kitaab jaise hai so you can’t made accusation against him for nothing and be care full next time PMLN to do that again if you did then I’m 1000% sure you wouldn’t be have 11 player in your team to play the match..

  • Bilal Khan

    NS didn’t learn from his exile. It is not 1997. Fall has started but hastened by allegations. Soon we will see PML a, b, c as we saw in the past. It is not a party but a bunch of self interests.

  • Pakiboy

    Bravo Mr u have termed judiciary biased. How much money u have been paid to write this sort of crap

  • Saleem

    Not offended at all, just didnt like it.

  • h

    to me, honetsly imran and nawaz both are doing worst to pakistani nation by fighting with each other, there is no doubt that both the guys are patriotic and positive. even in that case PML Q leadership.
    but if they keep fighting like this, wait for another zardari regime thats next corner

  • shiekh

    ery frustrating and sad to read all these very abusive language being used by people. most of them are probably just kids who have nothing better to do and underage to vote.
    I always see soooo many supporters of Imran Khan on the net and very few in real LIFE!
    I think it is some sort PTI strategy to flood the net with pro pti comments and really abusive language against the opponents, to give a impression that its very popular!

    • Atique

      PTI supporters on the net are real my dear brother Shiekh, but we have to wait until the results of the next general elections to find this out and find we will.May I request you to consider joining us PTI supporters please, if you are not one already.

  • shiekh

    investing zakat money in dubai’s, speculation business through a company owned by a member of the board can never be justified!!!!!
    guys follow but with reason and logic!
    It is people like imran khan who have ruined our country for the last 65 years, these so called educated people have fooled us for too long now!!
    only my opionion….so please don’t start cursing

  • saad k

    eevven investing NIT fund money (pure investment fund with the risk factor) in a company owned by a board member is not legal!!

    and this was zakat, donation sadqa etc money.and all this was done without donors permission!

  • Atique

    Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was an articulate and sophisticated politician who must be given credit for making Pakistan nuclear but on the other hand he was responsible for loosing East Pakistan.

  • Asad siddique

    one more for the route :) because you deserve it.

  • Osman

    I hope the battle between PML-N and PTI would not allow PPP to come in power for another 5 years, just like the PML-N votes were divided in PML-Q and PTI. Both parties should cool down move tactfully as the blame game done from both sides is just giving benefit to PPP. The feudal lords would come in power again, and again and again…, as the rural area people that constitute the major vote bank would keep on voting them. So it may be difficult for PTI to win with major mandate from such areas. Imran may be the right person.. but at the end of the day he will have to unite with the existing parties to form government, just like the same old lotas from PPP and PML-N are joining his party.

  • saad k

    Yes zakat is for food, cloths, medicine etc BUT excuse me! not to invest! and that also in a company owned and operated by a member of BoD, this is corruption my friend.
    And btw I didn’t say you can’t give zakat to a relative and than tell them not to buy cloths, you are saying it, so please don’t twist things!
    PS Please don’t tell me not to give my opinion, i have every right too!

  • sheikh

    ok sir! as you say
    btw what was so unfortunate that i said!

  • shiekh

    Khalid if you can prove your this 90% of your 1900 work force committed to vote for pti, i’ll vote for them too!!
    This is what I was saying PTI supporter are doing, giving false figures and misleading just by being really LOUD on the net! sooner or later normal people will start to reply back!

  • asamieh

    rather than fighting over PTI and PML issue.. ahmed i would suggest kindly get proper knowledge of zakat in Islam :)

  • asamieh

    Bas bas bas i still love IK whtever he do…

    PTI will everytime reply like this cz they dont have any answer :D


    Do you know the significance of today in the history of Pakistan? Do you know what happened this day twenty-four years ago?The Provident had ridden the Pakistan nation of Nawaz Sharif’s mentor,dictator Zia by meting out to him his nemesis through a plane-crash.As today is the day of salvation of the people of Pakistan,they should celebrate it with a great fervor and fanfare.This year Pakistan nation is blessed with a two-fold festivity as Eid and the day of its riddance of Zia are almost synchronizing. However,what saddens is that the residues of Zia’s dark and tyrannical era still exist and the sap-sucking parasitic ivy of Taliban-terrorism,which Zia had been watering throughout his somber period ,has had grown to a formidable form,and that it has entwined the whole beautiful tree,Pakistan denuding it of its fascinating foliage.