Hair-Removal Ad; Why So Ashamed?

Hair-Removal Ad; Why So Ashamed?

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and there is no point of attempt for switching channel when a hair removing cream ad commercial is aired. You don’t even have to evacuate the lounge at once during T.V. commercial.


The only thing that actually excites us, are those sensual legs, which she moves in a fashion that seem tartly display in front of our families. For [some] people there is nothing unusual in showing and/or seeing bare female body parts, and for [some] others, undraped-feline semblance is quite stimulating; especially in arousing a male audience. However, this is considered in accordance with freedom of expression, a complete western approach.


Since the vast majority of our population is strictly close to the theorem of modesty, so Katrina or any womanly baring flesh & bone on public television, cannot ever be acceptable in a devoutly religious society. Nevertheless, many such ads are still being continued to be aired in media, even during the holiest Islamic month. Since the Islamic code of conducts for currently lacks an ordinance regarding appropriateness in the media; all of our T.V. channels appear to be in a mad race, to excel over each other in order to
compete the highest rating.



Lured by greed, for money, they air contents that create problems for concerned parents, who are facing a difficult and uncomfortable situation. When my inquisitive four-year-old son asks me about something he watches on the television and experiences from his other activities; commercial, such as Katrina’s hair removal-lewdness ad, poses a moral threat to my child.


My point of view is not about—Kate-sex-show—as I’m more concerned in delving into the logic of depilation ways with respective attributes. Probably you will be wondering to know that cream or chemical depilation is not solely attributed by women. Be it history or modern world; from oldest hair waxing formula to today’s creams methods, all have been using by men as well so—it leads me to the question as to why, since women AND men who have been using various types of hair removal techniques for centuries, these commercials do not display a male figure using this particular product?


Having been a sports-journalist for some time, I have been a witnessed of male bodybuilders using Nair and many others like that even in Pakistan. Mr. Yahiya Butt (former Mr. Asia, and Mr. Pakistan) including with great number of other prominent athletes, would have used various emollients for hair removal, during their entire careers.


“So why is it only Kat, doing all that there?” Kat’s subliminal jargon weighed heavily upon my mind until one day, searching for answers, when I began to find information regarding depilation on the internet; I found testimonials about epilating and discoveries of its association.


My research provided me with many facts about depilation and its association to men. According to acquired information; male epilating tradition is as old as human history itself along with women’s’ cleansing ordinance. About 2000 B.C., Phoenician and Babylonian kings used to remove their hair by an early version of depilatory waxing. They would use demulcent based on water, sugar and lemon. Around 1150 B.C., in Egypt, Pharaohs had hair removed using waxing.


Later in 500 B.C., depilation became the common norm in every society and from aristocratic to slaves, men would remove their under arm, upper chest, and legs with soft waxing ointments. Roman patricians had a specialized male or female slave for epilating at homes. For wearing tunics, men liked to have the hairs removed from their legs and for that purpose they used hard wax element, like red-hot nutshells for singeing fuzz. Such methods were still continued until the Middle Age.


During the dark ages, under the rule of Christendom, depilation and general hygienic practices were almost forgotten and even women allowed their body hair to grow as a symbol of femininity and fertility.


In 12th century, the Crusaders took all the Eastern epilating and hygiene methods along with them to the West. Steam bath, swimming and removing under arms and pubic hair became the main custom and tradition of Western hygiene. During the arrival of 20th century, a new perception on the human body was developed due to fashion and sports revolutions. Men in general started to use epilating with more advanced techniques and aesthetics.
If women can be shown shaving her legs in order to maintain impeccable hygiene, then why can’t a man be shown in a hair removal ad?


This is a case of reverse gender-discrimination. Kat only insinuates that it is women who benefit from the hair removal product, whereby men can as well. Sadly, the bottom line here may be that sensationalism sells better than reality.

Nauman Ansaari

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

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  • Taj Ahmad

    My advice to Katrina Kaif, stay out of movies, do some good T.V.commercial for
    businesses and stay as fresh and good looking as possible.
    There is a lot of money in commercial ad rather than acting in movies,
    choice is yours.

    • tak ka chacha

      Taj,as long as you do not advise her to marry you, the hindi cinema is safe.

  • Ercelan Ehamd Ensarii

    our people have gone beyond the morality thing, it is not as shamefull for us as it was 10 years back when the only channel to watch was PTV, now with the freedom of media these sex things have penetrated in our mind as such that we don’t even feel it which we felt a decade ago. We have lost our moral values, cultural values as well, in the name of freedom, we don’t even realise what we our feeding into the mind of our children, when they watch these things they get used to of it, and this bocomes no more unethical for them. Anyway i believe this is the prophecy of our Prophet may Allah be pleased with Him that before qayamah i see evil raining on your houses.

  • adnan

    I am not sure how many people would want to see a man removing his hair in commercials !!!

  • Mathew Star

    Should a Male appear in Hair Removal Cream Ad.? Just imagine Nana Patikar, wearing a short and appearing in Hair Removal Cream Ad, instead of KAT, hahahahha, no woman will buy that cream. Entire Brand Image of that cream will be dashed to ground…… Please let KAT doing her job….. She is a perfect choice for that type of Ad…! Just get rid of man women debate …. an Ad is an Ad … See it with commercial perspective …!!

    • Alveena Agha

      Well we have very High cultural & moral Values religiously its all wrong so we being Pakistani’s condemn against that

    • hammad

      why we need these kinds of add ????

  • UncleSami

    Is this the #1 problem of our country right now? I am impressed with the intellectual depth of our ‘enlightened’ writer.

    Keep going, I am sure you are so stuck with those images that you cannot think of anything else.

    • Najam

      Yes, Immorality is the #1 issue of Pakistani nation.

    • Sohail

      Uncle it would be better for you to discuss other blogs rather than to come in and analyse this article. You can find range of topics. LOL

  • Ujala

    rubbish article

  • Crusader

    don’t blame anything & everything on west ! you are responsible for everything you have done ! KIDS !!!

    • hammad

      ya i agree , we are responsible …but it is also true that our enemy is working so hard to destroy moral Islamic values ..this is why are have war now a days in Muslims countries by non-Muslims

  • Rabia Sikandar

    I totally agree with the author point of view. It reminds me of another ad, which used to appear few years back in which female model would appear and say “Cool Shave” though ad dealt with males commodity (shaving). I would always wonder what this woman is doing in this ad. But it shows the mindset of our big big organizations. Though advertisement sector has really flourished a lot, with more and more people entering this field and more and more people studying this particular field, but mind set remains the same. Females are still treated as a commodity. Marketeers are still of the view that their advertisement viewing rate is raised if it has female model in it. Besides this our public also want to see Katrina in hair removing ad rather than Dr Aamir liaquat in cooking oil ad. In a nutshell, we need to change this norm and grow big Now.

  • Practice Islam

    Living in US and have an intention to get my son to become a hafiz, I don’t keep TV at home. Until and unless we practice Islam completely, we can’t avoid the fitnas going all over. It’s just not this type of ad, the majority of TV programs are out of sync with what our moral and religious fundamental are basing on.

    • abdul

      U should go back to pakistan,after all taking the kaffir money is haram.

  • Saqib

    Now have a look on new ad they have made for Q mobile in which an ugly lady (sorry) is being presented in an elegant manner. I wonder not only ads rather each and every thing if we go for talk shows majority females unveiled and are asking questions. One of the famous tv anchor was doing programme on Ramadan and its blessings and had not head scarf even huh what a weird thing.
    for instance just look at the name of a programme Tonight with Jasmine. I don’t blame the channel but would accuse the lady who is doing this programme. Does it really make any sense to have such name?

  • AKS

    So what’s the point??


    Shame on you, Mr.M.S.Qureshi !!!

  • sraza

    this is our mindset in Pakistan. and when we go abroad everything is acceptable even we allow our women to wear jeans etc.

    this is pure hypocrisy. Nudity should be banned but again everyone is answerable to his own deed. Please dont try enforce your own islam on to another. Allah will not question what others do but what you do. if you dont want to watch just shutdown ur tv sets. thats it.

    • hammad

      not we ..may be you ….,,,its not about my Islam or ur ..Law must be enforce ,,Allah will ask us why didn’t we stop evil practice in society…we have to condemn these kind of immoral activities on every platform ..
      walk nude on the street and telling others to close eyes .. i think you are being hypocrite here ,,
      “Allah k zameen per qanoon be Allah ka ”

      and you don’t know nothing about Muslims lives in abroad ..just stop judging people ,,

  • Wadood Ahmed

    Do you want them to advertise hair removing cream in “burqa”?

  • hammad

    after reading your comment ,i understand why your sky is white …well here we do have Islamic schools ,. children go to non-Muslim school too ..its all about on parents ,how they educate children , mostly Muslim study in non-Muslims school but they are very good Muslims,…
    and who are u telling others where live or not ????