Eat Lean Meat and Lose Fat

Eat Lean Meat and Lose Fat

High protein, low fat and low carbohydrate meals burn energy storage in human body more quickly than a low fat food. Such foods and diets lessen the need for caloric consumption and hunger. One can eat these foods to lose as much pounds as possible. There are several foods that fit the criteria.

Lean meat has been found, after numerous researches, to be one of the best in burning superfluous fats in the body. It not only provides necessary calories to body but also keeps dangerous things like cholesterol and fat in lower amounts in human blood.

The US Department of Agriculture And American Heart Association is working on the policy of encouraging people to eat lean meat instead of other meats. This naturally found lean meat includes chicken, fish from freshwater, shell fish, etc. Lean meat contains ingredients like fat, saturated fat and cholesterol according the recommendations of

A game food or seafood package of 100 grams contains 10 gram total fat, 4.5 grams saturated fat and 95 milligram or less cholesterol. According to the Department of Agriculture And American Heart Association, food containing ingredients in this proportion is lean meat. Lean meat provides a lot many perks and may be taken to reduce
the risk of cardiac problems. The cholesterol quantity should be less than 300 milligram every day.

1.      An egg contains 220 calories and 200 milligram cholesterol.
2.      Half pound chicken breast contains 160 milligram cholesterol.
3.      Half pound fat free turkey meat contains 440 calories.
4.      Half pound fat free turkey crumbles contain 260 calories.
5.      The proportion of vitamins and minerals is the same in lean meat as in the other ones.

Lean meat is available in different types like turkey breast, skinless and boneless chicken, fresh water fish, shell fish, ground beef (prepared according to the above criteria), and so on.

Thus, low fat lean meat has a number of advantages and one may use it by baking, roasting, broiling and grilling. It should not be cooked or fried with excessive oils so that the purpose of lean meat remains intact. It is expensive as compared to high fat meats, but its real advantage is in low-fat and low cholesterol. This technique may be used by fat and obese people in this month of month of Ramzan.

Shahid Saleem Butt

A freelance writer and contributor for The News/Geo blogs


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