Depression is Over-rated

Depression is Over-rated

Depression isn’t an illness. It’s an excuse for being cynical and miserable. I just find it kind of melodramatic how passive people are when throwing around the term depression. Most people who say they have it, really don’t! rather they just say they do because they’re going through a series of rough patches in life and would rather have a short term solution to a series of long term problems by labeling it as ‘Depression’.


How about the thought that  maybe you are not just living hard enough and this depression you feel is an excuse for a prolonged sense of boredom and lack of motivation you get when things aren’t going your way? Fact is, if you’ve got a roof over your head, food on your plate and some basic human contact with friends and family, there’s no reason to label something as normal as feeling depressed as a severe medical condition.
Depression here can be explained as a self-inflicted disease. Bad company, bad environment and bad surroundings are the pathogen causing the malady. Therefore it is always advised to approach asocial surrounding which is based on principles of ethics and methodology of keeping a good relationship. Once the disease spreads, it rampantly provokes the proper functioning of the life until not treated.
It is another form of disturbance- this syndrome is caused by the company we keep. A company that is usually well known as the group of friends, relatives and colleagues. It is the interaction with these people which creates a phenomenon called as distress. The influence of company, their attitudes and way of spending the day causes the other to be habitual of it.

Why are people disturbed? The question has a deep and wide form of elaborate explanation. There can be different reasons for this condition; a behavior that is commonly prevalent among the society. The remedy can be easily postulated and practiced if the cause of a condition is known for the benefit of people. We have to realize a verity, if we want benefits then others should be gaining successfully without any disorder. There are people who are physically or
psychologically disturbed but here I am discussing about those who are normal and healthy.


Okay, so I may understand the romantic side of depression. The idea that you are direct  your own destiny and can end your life at any given time, admittedly seems a lot more cool and fit for closure to a person desperately trying to find meaning in their lives. But let’s face it, we’re not Kurt Cobain, nobody is and the best reaction any of us would ever receive through suicide is gossip fuel for a few shocked acquaintances and needless stress to our friends and family.


Here, sociologists suggest being optimistic which can refresh people’s minds and they might understand much better than what is being told. A constant supply of positive attitude has to be given to activate and refresh depressed souls. So the next time you feel depressed, Remember that when you are in a depth of a difficulty, you can bare it and you can face it!

Rakhshanda Mujeeb

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

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  • sant

    wtf?! I can understand that people that never experienced bouts of depression are uncapable to perceive how absolutelly devastating and debilitating it really is, but I cannot understand an urge to write an opinion about something that you just don’t understand, without even trying to get at least some knowledge about the topic. Depression IS a real disease, extremelly hard, and extremelly dangerous, that approx one third of people can’t escape for years, decades or even lifetime, even with myriad of talkative or pharma treatments. It is EXTREMELLY irresponsible to write pieces like this, because one of the hallmarks of depression is self loathing, and unninformed (and, might I say, very lucky) people that never had to experience real depression are basically pushing some poor tortured souls into deeper and deeper despair. Depression is not self inflicted. There is nothing romantic about it. You can’t just “snap out of it”. People that are depressed must understand it is not their fault, must accept that they are ill, sometimes even very ill, with liftreathing condition, and must seek a help. Help can be found, treatments get better by the day, for example properly administrated Ketamine can lift depressive symptoms in matter of hours for people that are suicidal…I must ask blog author to really stop talking about things he doesn’t know anything about.

  • dave

    Irresponsible and ignorant post.

  • Jamil

    No one can avoid depression especially those experiencing it and i simply don’t believe that people can be ignorant of this dangerous disease. it has several stages and when i was experiencing it few years back i took several medicines but then i was unable to come out of it. then somebody told me about yoga @ and it helped me a lot.

  • M Imran Iqbal ™

    I encourage author to get the real picture of depression and obvious the real picture for life. There are certain things in life you never understand until and unless you never face it and people have to understand that sometime you have to let it go and have patience. Depression is logical – and your post is already giving the idea to the depressed people that they are not capable of doing anything good. They are not successful or its there fault for being loser in their life. I encourage you to be more productive about writing these kinds of stuff – and should focused on how the readers will benefits with that. If you want people to be more optimistic and positive – its not the way of telling them. Its just rude and self.

  • Dr,Cheema

    Vindictively irresponsible post. the writer seems like an ignorant villager sitting in a haveli n talking to nuts..
    i am a doctor and i completely understand what really depression is. So Mr writer u need to broaden ur knowledge n views alot u seem to be overjoyed wid ur life thats also not normal u know that.
    My bro is a leading psychiatrist in N.Y. n i hav seen patients in his clinic of young boys n girls of age 14 to 19 brought by their parents that their son has not made a gf yet…do u get it how sensitive the case may be.. but in pak people comes to a psychiatrist after being ditched n looted by all the hakeems, bad aalims n kala juddu walas…so people wid persistent low mood for weeks, lack of motivation, lethargy and less interest in life MUST CONSULT A PSYCHIATRIS ASAP. The whole idea is retarted or mental people donot only go to psuchiatrist even wid little mental stress u can take sum reli gud advise n help from the dr that have saved many lives