World-Class Spain Cuts Italy Down to Size

World-Class Spain Cuts Italy Down to Size

In what can easily be termed as the second biggest football final (after the World Cup, of course!) the reigning champions Spain showed the spectators in the stadium and the audience watching on television why they are the best team in the world. They were pitted against Italy, one of the strongest teams in Euro 2012, yet the Spanish side won the match by dominating the opponents as if they were a junior team.


The match was played at Kiev but the amount of support the Spanish team garnered from the crowd, it seemed that the match was being played in Madrid, Barcelona or anywhere in Spain. But even then, no one was expecting that the Spaniards would take the Cup with such a one-sided display of attack and defense. They not only managed to win the match convincingly by scoring as many as 4 goals, they also became the first side ever to score as many goals in a Euro Cup final. They not only dominated the entire match, they managed to dent the confidence of the Italians so badly that when the match ended, their star striker Mario Balotelli had to push the comforting manager away when he came back to sit in the dugout.


What made Spain win the match was a belief in their tactics despite the emergence of Italy as a potential winner. They became the first team ever to win as many as three back-to-back major football titles as well as defend their Euro title successfully, which speaks for itself. The star strikers of Spanish side did the job that was required from them and they managed to outclass their rivals every step of the way during the grand finale. Be it David Silva’s header or new Barcelona recruit Jordi Alba’s field goal in the first half, or Fernando Torres’s two strikes – one for himself and one for Juan Mata – Spain proved to be the better side on the fateful day. However, the main man behind’s the team’s success was theircoach/manager Del Bosque who not only shrugged off the label of being “boring” but gave the word “world-class” a new meaning!


On the other hand, it was one of those days which the Italians would love to forget. They were reckless in the field, seemed disoriented and were the shadow self of the side that downed Germany in the semi final! The match was fast-paced albeit being one-sided. Some criticized Italy for performing below-par but that’s how the game is played – one team can’t win every day. On the whole, the grand finale of Euro 2012 showed the world why football has become the leading sport!

Omair Alavi

A member of the Geo News team and writing articles on sports and entertainment since 1995.


    The world lost all respect for brits balls when Italy won against England by 4-0.

    With teams like MU and Manchester City — how could England lose against the lazy Italians — proved by Spain 4-0. If Spain would have played England it would have been 8-0.


    “No one has commented yet.” — Not true.

  • Majid

    Spain was the better team in the final didn’t matter who they played they were clicking on all cylinder their passing was incredible and they played as one unit there is no I in TEAM and for u NASAH Italians r not lazy people r any nationality doesn’t matter I wonder if u ever played any sport at national level or even at high school level talk to you later inshallah

    • NASAH (USA)

      “Spain was the better team” — that explains a lot Majid miaN.

      In the FINAL you are supposed to be EVENLY matched — with overtime — not 4-0. There was total meltdown on the Italian side.

      For me – Spain vs Portugal was the ‘real final’.

  • C$how

    Mr Omair!
    You did not watch this match. Very very very poor comment. Just an abstract account of the final which everybody could re-narrate after hearing from one or two persons.

  • Majid

    Ok I m going to kill two birds with one rock first uC$how I don’t know how old r u but my 7 years old say very very very very so I’m going to cut u a slack n don’t jump on ur case hard because u might b 7 years old and for u mr nasay Spain was the better team in the final match and now everybody is talking about their total dominance in past three major cups n u also missed the point about the team no (I) in the Spain’ team they play like one unit no big names no big egos