Why Don’t They Leave Then?

Why Don’t They Leave Then?

As if multitude of problem facing us; war, poverty, terrorism, unemployment, power cuts etc; was not enough, our buffoon leaders grasp every opportunity to embarrass the whole nation in front of the whole world. The nation which has produced best doctors, engineers, physicist and record world holder IT professionals, has to face further humiliation of becoming a laughing stock because of cowardly decisions and goofy viewpoints of the ruling elite. I wonder why we are condemned to be ruled by worst of the lot which leaves us humiliated time and again.


Mr. Prime Minister (my heart sinks while addressing you by this title), your latest interview to CNN was one of the many examples of the above. The body language, selection of words, and irrelevant and weightless answers would annoy anyone, let alone the interviewer. And when a Prime Minister of a country is spoken to, by an interviewer as to ‘Look me in the eye and answer me’, there is surely something seriously wrong in stances and policies of the state that he is representing. The lady should understand that this part of the world does not know what resigning on moral grounds mean. That is only why you had to rely on a generalised patent answers. Every time this issue of resigning on moral grounds arises, it reminds me of David Blunkett  the British Home secretary, who resigned by taking full responsibility of defaming his government due to his action of only fast tracking a visa application. But here, Mr Prime Minister you are actually standing firm as an escape goat of an already defamed corrupt government like a stubborn child protecting an evil ‘friend’.


Your answer Either choose democracy or dictatorship’, is a patent, prewritten formula for these interviews and talk shows. If one even thinks that this government is dysfunctional and corrupt, they are blasphemers, backed by the army, wanting big boots to intervene in the civilian territory. Oh no, Mr Prime Minister, not every question befits this answer. Not everything and anything is a ‘conspiracy’ against democracy. If the leading lot is corrupt, if the President has heavy accounts and properties outside the country whose legitimacy needs to be looked into, it doesn’t mean we want dictatorship. Trust me, we hate it. That only simply means this is NOT democracy where people do not have the right to object and demand trials on corruption. You remind us of the will of people when you are told that according to a Gallup survey,  80% of the nation is frustrated and fed up with the dysfunctional parliament and civil institutions? Nothing can be more naïve than that. And you ask, why don’t the one third of the nation who wish to leave the country, leave then?Let me answer you why. Remember the flood victim Mohammad Akram? A 30 year old man sick of his life who torched himself in front of your residence as he was frustrated to death because of unemployment? Remember,Kamran Ijaz Gul a child who topped his Class-VII examination and committed suicide because his poor parents could not buy him new school uniform.


Remember, only a few days ago in Multan, aone year old child died due to extreme heat in a bus stuck in a traffic jam caused by people protesting against loadshedding.


These people whose ‘will’ you talk about would leave the country if they had money and opportunity. But they haven’t seen a few thousands of rupees together, let alone millions of dollars that the leaders of this country have and deal with every day. Of course, your question, ‘who’s stopping them depicts your ignorance and apathy towards the nation you claim to lead. And of course, you wouldn’t know how painful it is to stand under the scorching sun at a bus stop with a hungry child in lap as you have millions of pounds to spend on your lavish and luxurious ‘Limousine’ tours.


You wouldn’t know how a parent feels to see their child commitsuicide. You wouldn’t know what it feels like to see your children prepare for an exam with no fan, no bulb and still shine. You wouldn’t know what it feels like to receive a bad news about a loved one, dying in a clash created for political/personal interests. And you wouldn’t know how it feels to see your loved one having a cardiac arrest in an ambulance when the traffic comes to a halt because of PM’s or President’s trail of Mercedes passing by. But trust me, Mr. Prime Minister you and your company are answerable for the herd of donkeys that you are leading. (16 crore, yeh gadhay jink a naam hai Awaam).


The country has already suffered from the worst brain drain and your indifference is making it worse. The lady asked you, ‘Who is running the country in your absence?’ We really want to know, who runs the country even in your presence? The nation is struggling to survive on its own with nobody to look up to for help and hope in your team. My question to you Mr. Prime Minister and company: you have money, properties, palaces,  and friends outside Pakistan and you have the opportunity more than anyone else in the country. If we are going to Stone Ageeven after your ‘country friendly’ policies and getting nothing from you, why don’t you and your team leave the country alone? And your question, ‘who’s stopping them (to leave)’ further disconnects the tie, so let’s do it. No one would stop you, I promise!

Aisha Aijaz

A Doctor,specializing in Acute Medicine. She writes about Pakistan politics & read urdu poetry

  • Mansoor Sarfraz

    well said Aisha…

  • irfan


  • ifty

    call him Pappu Shah

  • Zeta

    Excellent, Thank you so much for writing this peace. This has calmed a bit my fury

  • nomi

    excellent Dr………i hope u will write like this again..

  • Farhan

    They (PPP) are shameless people, they have no time to read this article beside they are busy in protecting their corruption and shielding their King. We need stones and sticks for these gutter warms if we want to clean the garbage from our country.

  • M. Afzal

    Wonderful Aisha Aijaz. You have said it right. If the prime minister, I hate to call him Prime minister but I call him Dime Minister, leaves the country, no one will ever stop him. However, these clowns will only decide when it is time to run with their looted money from the poor public who can not buy a school uniform for their child. In the name of democracy, and in the name of popular support, they will continue enjoying BBQ made from the human flesh. They will continue denying the human right as long as their own families are enjoying all comforts of life. They will never ever learn that one month expenditure of the Prime Minister house and President house could easily build a badly needed flyover in a city. National interest and public interest is no concern for these scoundrels.
    I only hope that the nation has learned its lesson, but the hard way. Time has come when we need a change and put all those responsible on trial and make sense from their nonsense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/khalid.n.khan.56 Khalid Nabeel Khan

    See. Only 53 comments. V r hopeless and ………….

  • Arshad

    Dear Ms. Aisha,
    I appreciate the bold and very very clear articles, you are posting. may All Mighty Allah protect you from all evil eyes and bless you with more courage and boldness and you become an ikon for our daughter.
    Aamee, Summa Aamee.