The Cooking Extravaganza

The Cooking Extravaganza

O how this bothers me whenever i am surfing through the channels on a lazy afternoon…these smartly dressed up ladies telling 3 %
population of this country how to cook eye-pleasing food (never tasted it so i can only say ‘it’ has a vision).


The thing that bothers is the blatant disregard of food which is a necessity. In our country where almost half of the population doesn’t get to have basic food commodities much less the newest and the ‘healthiest’ products! O Lord! Thinking about it all so is so disturbing to me that i am at complete loss for words! I mean do we have so much electricity so much natural gas so much food that a dozen channels can spend their day and night to teach us ‘how to cook’?


Each channel must be using  galleon of vegetable oil per week not to mention electricity and natural gas of which there is supposed to be a mega is it justice in a country like ours. People don’t get to eat, the prices are escalating day by day and yet we are being shown on our television sets that all is very well…we can afford all this and more. The poor can just work 18hrs a day and don’t get to have two decent meals a day while we can show you how easy it to make this all at ‘home’, so much resources do we have. I am unable to watch those ladies and men showing their cooking expertise for this same bothers me greatly.


Let us be a successful, self sufficient country and then indulge in these pleasures. One doesn’t need to spend and show so much to teach
one how to cook. It is too much to hope it’ll stop but i just wish it can be more subtle..because right now it hurts…

Eesha Hassan

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • Fizza

    Delicious dishes are the complimentary benefit of Ramzan, but i feel bad about those who are unable to get these basic necessities, i myself try my level best to support them and would like to advise all of you to support the ones who need us.

  • Saqib

    But dear how would you justify that a programme in which the lady is hosting the programme while on the other hand the male is cooking. Is this what our tradition is. Moreover i agree with you but my stance is why dont they use there local language for description so that much more people can be appealed and pleased???

  • john cena

    I can only see lol … why writer is wasting hers and people’s time in writing these sort of articles.. you can stop rich from purchasing food and enjoying it.. Poor are not helped by writing articles and whining about them..they are helped by educating them…. so I see no difference the news wants to sell their paper and tv channels want to sell their programme so its just one corporate trying get more profit than other… where is the poor?


    Looking at the picture — my only hope — the lady is not eating as well as she is cooking.