Stuxnet Exposing Obama’s Cyber-War Facade!

Stuxnet Exposing Obama’s Cyber-War Facade!

In May 2011, President Obama and his administration published a seemingly-attractive and ethical report of America’s strategy for Cyberspace, calling for tighter measures for cyber protection, security, freedom and openness. Fine words were used to depict morality and ethics in global Internet society! But, the question arises did Obama really mean what this report emphasized upon?

“Today, as nations and people harness the networks that are all around us, we have a choice. We can either work together to realize their potential for greater prosperity and security, or we can succumb to narrow interests and undue fears that limit progress. Cyber security is not an end unto itself; it is instead an obligation that our governments and societies must take on willingly, to ensure that innovation continues to flourish, drive markets, and improve lives” said the report.


Carrying on, Obama wrote, “The digital world is no longer the province of small elite. It is a place where the norms of responsible, just, and peaceful conduct among states and peoples have begun to take hold. It is one of the finest examples of a community self-organizing, as civil society, academia, the private sector, and governments work together democratically to ensure its effective management.”


Fair enough, these lines are self-explanatory and clearly indicate that Obama would have thought of implanting a uniform code of conduct in order to stand by his words. But something was clearly missing! Something the world was unaware of, something that could wreck havoc in the cyber world. Yes, it was the implicit cyber war that the US and Israel had initiated against Iran, totally going against the codes of the published report.


Within a few months of taking over the presidency, Obama decided to accelerate the cyber warfare that was targeted towards Iranian nuclear facilities. The cyber program, named Olympic Games, which started in the Bush administration, got an acceleration call from Mr. Obama but accidentally became public through an error in 2010, when it leaked via the internet by mistake through an Iranian official’s laptop. The malware used for dismantling the nuclear centrifuges is now commonly known as Stuxnet.


In a leaked reported quoted by David Sanger (for New York Times), it was stated that soon after the escape of Stuxnet, an emergency meeting was called at the White House by President Obama which included the Vice President Joe Biden and then CIA Chief, Leon Panetta. Mr. Obama asked whether the cyber program should be halted or not and after assurance that the Iranians should know little about it, he decided to carry on with the project.


A former Israeli government official told the Guardian that just as it was confirmed that Flame, another highly sophisticated cyber worm, was prepared by US security experts with the help of Israeli army engineers, Stuxnet also, more or less, comes from the same origin.


Just a few weeks later of the Virus’s international exposure, there was a heavy attack on Tehran’s centrifuges and to US and Israel’s success, 1000 out of the total 5000 centrifuges ceased to function, though the threat was later neutralized by Iranian experts. Variants of Flame and Stuxnet were successful in wiping out hard drives from computers of senior Iranian officials coupled with an Iranian Oil firm that led to suspension of various oil terminals in the country.


It still remains a point of debate as if Tehran is actively pursuing its Nuclear Weapons ambitions as many intelligence reports found out in 2003 that the major nuclear weapons programs were abandoned by Tehran. It that is held to be true, then that the million or even billions of dollars spent by the US administration for this cyber warfare make no sense.


The revelations made by Sanger undermine the fact that America’s claims of protecting the cyber freedom hold no credibility for as these malwares go publicly in the wild, they take with them the risk of dismantling major industrial and technical infrastructures. With the leak of information related to Flame and Stuxnet, attacking Iranian nuclear facilities, the questions arise as if he US and its allies are at all serious in solving the nuclear impasse with Tehran?

Farooq Yousaf

A research associate, marketing consultant and content editor, belonging to Frontier region of Pakistan, working for the Center for Research and Security Studies, Islamabad


    As the saying goes — the sword raised against an adversary is first raised against ones own head.

  • M.Saeed

    Israel by far is the biggest rogue entity in the world. It
    does not subscribe to any definition of a Nation, or a Country and Saddam in
    his references, rightly used the term “Zionist Entity” for Israel.

    The “US of A” is another country having no defined
    “Rules of Business” of the Government. Basically, Constitution of the
    US is a collection of “Articles of Confederation”, having no central
    and over-riding control by the President of the United States. Its policies are
    covertly and intriguingly framed and formulated by unseen hands of its various
    infinitely powerful Agencies.

    With its media empire ruled by the Jews, it is anybody’s
    guess about the worth of its “blatant truth” in reporting all issues having the
    “hidden” interests of the “so called” American people.

    Therefore, out of absolute necessity, the US President has
    to be kept in the dark, or led to remain in the dark about all critical
    political and international issues of the country. That is the reason why the
    US President must be an “engineered”, President who must possess a very
    low Intelligence Quotients, sufficiently insufficient to make simple
    two-plus-two and see it four.

  • Ghinva Raza

    This is so true! as per Sean Penn two time American OSCAR winner himself cquoted US Politics as VILLIANOUS & OBSCENCE CRIMINALS .it really makes sense!! They are filthy ruthless zionist minded!! Sooner & not later they may All Fcae their ill fate.inshallah.Long Live Iran! Long live Pakistan!


    It is China folks – the biggest cyber thief — stealing other people industrial secrets — with a full time government sponsored theft industry.

    Soon there will be a need for another Geneva protocol agreed upon by everybody — on one of the Ten Commandments — Thy shall not covet the inside of thy neighbor’s computer.

  • Larry Constantine

    The problem with this story being ignored by mainstream media is that some of the so-called insider leaks by Sanger cannot, on the face of it, be true. In particular, the scenario by which Sanger claims that the stuxnet worm escaped into the wild is technologically impossible. The industrial controller could not have infected anyone’s laptop and the stuxnet worm never propagated via the Internet but only bt way of removable media and local area networks. If Sanger’s sources or reporting are wrong in this area, what else of his account is misinformation or disinformation?

    –Prof. Larry Constantine (novelist Lior Samson)