Stop Killing the Burmese Muslims!

Stop Killing the Burmese Muslims!

Burma has a population 75 million with the Muslim population being just 0.7 million. The Burmese Muslims have been under this affliction after 1962 when the Army usurped the power in Burma. It all started on 3rd June 2012 when 11 innocent Muslims were killed by the Burmese Army and the Buddhist mobs after bringing them down from a bus. A vehement protest was carried out in the Muslim majority province of Arakan, but the Protestants fell victims to the tyranny of the mobs and the army.

Trying to elude capture and an imminent killing; Burmese Muslims thronged to the Bangladeshi border, but all they met was dismay. The Government of Bangladesh refused to offer them asylum.

Over 500 Muslim villages have been incinerated hither-to. Thousands have been exterminated. The persecution of the Burmese Muslims at the hands of the Buddhist mobs is at its full swing. Yet all the human rights organizations have maintained a criminal silence up till now. Has the Muslim world become so callous that they remain undeterred by such genocide?

This is not a new thing or an unprecedented massacre. Muslims have been a subject to such hostility even before. If we go through the
annals of history we come to the very tenable conclusion that Muslims were always on the suffering side. Islam is a religion of peace and
harmony. It doesn’t allow its followers to lay-waste any other tenet. This leaves behind a big question mark. Why are the followers
of such a peaceful religion being oppressed from time to time?

The fear stricken faces of the poor Burmese Muslims really cuts one apart. The glimpse of their bruised bodies is a heart rending
spectacle. Where is the UN now? Why isn’t the International media highlighting this issue? Why are the competitive authorities of the
Muslim world procrastinating?

Stop killing the Burmese Muslims. JI did a meritorious job by staging rallies against this brutality. The government of Pakistan should
raise a voice in favor of the poor Burmese Muslims at the international forum. The whole Muslim world should join hands to get
the poor Burmese out of their distress and misery.


In lieu of launching into a tirade against the killings, something should be done on the ground. If we don’t help out our brothers there then we are equally responsible for their bloodshed. We won’t be able to satisfy our conscience, and the abrasive cries of the Burmese Muslims will keep on pinching us throughout our lives.

Muhammad Talha

A Final year student of Electrical Engineering at UET, Lahore

  • Ahmed Zeeshan

    atlast anyone raised his voice from Pakistan

  • Kharal

    As per history the name of that country is Burma and Muslims are suffering there while the thing to be done is to pressurize the embassy in watching the rights of people Can this be accomplished by the Government of Pakistan with their belief in human rights….

  • tomar

    U should first concentrate for the 18 persons killed along the IRAN boarder, there was a recent incident of explosion of a bus as well. Pak has problem of poking its nose in everybody’s affairs, while its own people are continued to be droned daily.

  • TZW

    Myanmar has only 60 millions population and Muslims in Myanmar is between 6% to 10% of population. More than 800,000 Muslims are in Arakan state alone.
    Don’t try to bullshit the world…! Try to get correct informations before publication the news to the world. The whole world knows all of you are cheaters and liars..!
    The rest informations of in this news are also bullshit and cheap lies.
    P/S- Please talking about the killing innocent people and blown up the Christian church in Negeria by Muslims.

    • Maha

      TZW, I’m an Egyptian muslim and I lived in Myanmar and actually finished my high school there. While living in Yangon and never found any feeling of discrimination towards the local muslim community there. In the school we were all christians, buddhists, muslims, etc all in one unity. The point now is to speak up for this inhumanity, for this kind of extermination, for human rights regardless of the religion….if these were buddhists being killed I would have wanted the whole world to know about it as well…we are all human after all. I’m not sayng that all muslims are angels and saints but those being killed are thousands of muslims who have not done anything to deserve this. Please stop generalizing and saying things such as “The whole world knows all of you are cheaters and liars” Muslims are not cheaters and liars nor are christians, jews or buddhists but HUMANS are sometimes liars and cheaters. This is a call for humanity not a call to defend a certain religion. Please put aside your biased opinion and feeling of race or religion discrimination. We are all humans who share the same planet. I wish people would just understand that.

    • no name please

      So u r trying to tell the Muslims that Church worshippers are flag amd torch bearer of peaCe? If so i would request you to pls name the religion of Bush and other so called super power leaders and the puppet regime of UN. Wherever the war in on its on Muslims my friend and u r closing eyes as the end pigeon doesnot survive. One day when more suphisticated and civilized countries come in UN they will ask Bush for war crimes. And pls dont give us message that people who go to church only are the innocent ones, every human is equal and should be treated equally or be ready to face the music. We the followers of peace as per teachings of our Teacher Prophet Muhammad PBUH do not hurt any other religion feelings. Did u ever heard a Muslim statement about Christians or any bad words for anyother religion, NO. terry jones is not a muslim, hitler was not a muslim, sharon was not a muslim.

      • TZW

        How about Osama Binladen and killers of terrorists group in Mumbai ?
        Are they animals? Still have too many terrorists in account . Bullshits..!

        • M.Saeed

          Weapon has no religion. Terrorists are WMD employed by some extreme anti-humans, to harm humanity.
          But, killers of ObL are Weapon of much bigger Destruction.
          If ObL was real terror, the whole terror should have ended with him.
          NATO Alliance was made and employed to kill ObL—the Heat-lung machine of terror—but it is very much there only with added vengeance.
          Killing Kasab and Jandal, like killing ObL will kill all routes to real terror.

  • G. Din

    Muslims are always innocent; the world is always wicked to them!!!!!

    • Maha

      G.Din, this is not true as there is never a whole race that is totally innocent. As humans we have the bad and the good among us. Go back in history and you’ll see that we as HUMANS are usually not fair to those who are unlike us. But as a muslim I totally believe that my religion is one that calls for peace and the word “ISLAM” means “PEACE” in Arabic. if there are minorities here and there that have political agendas, these come from all sorts of religions and the muslims of them do not represent ISLAM just like there are many from all over the globe from different races and sects that also do not represent their religions as I believe that all religions are for peace not war and discrimination.
      So the world is not always wicked to muslims….the world is actually wicked to human race when it comes to their own benefits and history can justify this. The world we live in is not very fair after all.

    • Arun A

      Why dont you guys look @ ur History – 14% hindu population has been reduced to 3% in Pakistan…….

      The only thing that is spread by pakistan is the radical ismalist approach of eradicating Non-islam population……

      • aaa

        and 4% muslim population has been reduced to 1.5% in India. Pakistan had never any roits between hindus and muslim but India had most and all of them were state sponsored.

    • Hasa’an

      Welcome back to this site with your usual satire Ganga Din.

  • John

    Islam is a religion of peace and
    harmony. It doesn’t allow its followers to lay-waste any other tenet. This leaves behind a big question mark.

  • ijaz Mir

    Burma is a different country. First try to stop killing of fallow Muslims of our home land Pakistan. Please worry for Pakistan first and try to do some thing constructive.

    • Zeeshan Sheikh

      I knew the first comment would be like that. you are sick who don’t even want to waste his words for sympathy with Burmese muslims.

    • Dawood

      raising voice against the brutality in burma muslims does not mean we don’t want to stop the killings in our own country u dumbo. The entire muslim ummah are brothers. We hav to raise voice against such brutality. People are killed in every country. You can not stop the killings entirely. Government should no doubt take action against killings in pakistan but that does not mean w should wait to raise voice till killings in pakistan are over. That is never gonna happen. killings of 20,000 is a BIG DEAL u dumb head sick minded person

  • Noshi

    Hang on now, i hardly think this article is accurate, merely an inflamation of the truth, first of all you say it started when 11 ‘innocent’ muslims were killed, well according to media reports from reputed channels those 11 muslims were convicted of raping buddhist women, which is something that ignited an already tense situation, as some people in the discussion have stated these are Bullshit facts and ffigures, it is people like you who are partly to blame for the humiliation of muslims by infusing wildly incorrect facts and figures and pretending to be a journalist. Goes to show how serious the news group is about proof reading sources of news even if its personal blogs.

    • Muhammad Talha

      Go and get your stats immaculate! It’s due to the people and bumpkins like you that we have to fight on many fronts; the effrontery that you exhibit in the most brazen way. Talking about news channels, and that too as ‘reputed’, I couldn’t help smiling coz it was nothing but a melodrama. Canards are often fads. To their chagrin, the denoument turned out to be something else. I damn care about people like you. I’m here to parry and forestall any attempts to traduce my Pakistan and my Muslim world. As for people like you; come a thousand, come a ten thousand, I’ll extirpate you all!

      • unknown

        you people r just an anathema to whole world.your article is just based on anecdotal evidence and your characteristics is blinkered one.your muslim world faces massive carnage.It is all because of the backdrop that islamist has created before your eyes through prejudice in the name of allah.i hope it could be eulogy,but i m sorry.You say ,you can wreck us.But i m sure your surmising is enough for your annihilation.Wait dude ,you must be a docent in a college funded by Zaid hamid.Better You r enduring in a third world country like pakistan.Posting such a concocted one is an offense and will take u to an austere consequence in any acculturate world. A part from all these your animosity shows how much
        responsible you r.Dawn and geo are two news paper read in india as well.writers like you can damage the image of news papers specially your
        idiotic comment.Remember war is always fought in the battle ground and you should always know what was the result.

      • Anonymous

        ” I’ll extirpate you all!” – Who are you? Dr. No?
        And, who are “you all”? The Rest of the World, beyond ‘West Pakistan’?

    • Ahmer Waqas

      How many rapes happens in USA and other countries!!! so is it a way to give punishment to the community!! It’s a fact.. a killing of muslim is not a crime and raping a women is crime if it is done by a muslim. You should be shamed on this Noshi…. If somebody killing your whole family just becoz of this that somebody from your community kill/raped another community person. is it a justification? Once again shame on you that rather supporting the humanity you are just encouraging these killings.. What we do in pakistan! should we also start killing minorities….

  • Miss Chouhan

    they are facing it just because they are Muslims.. . ..???
    humanity killers.. .

  • Taj Ahmad

    Killing of Muslim in Myanmar must be stopped immediately, killing of any
    minority in Burma/Myanmar will only bring misery in this tiny country
    in South East Asia. I am sure, Burmese government will take swift action
    to stop this killing of Muslim minority in Burma.

  • wisee

    anything that appens wrong is wrong. Be it in pakistan or outside pakistan. If someone has brought up piece of news which is credible enough, why shouldn’t it be published. although we have lot of domestic problems, the severity of burmese issue is not less. instead of agitating against y someone has published such news, I think more responsible behavior is to condemn the wrongs of all side without getting the part of it.

    • aLi

      So where is the condemnation for genocide going on in Pakistan specifically targeting a sect. Why we (the so called civilized people and independent media) has always stopped short of condemning these heinous crime and the mullahs and seminaries behind it. Why we don’t raise any voice when condemned criminals prosecution has been stayed for unknown reasons although the same was proceeded with earlier on. There was as reason behind this violence in Burma (i.e. raping a Buddhist girl), what reason do we have for all these atrocities going on in Pakistan. Just because someone said ‘Wajibul Qatl’ and mis-guided, illiterate and tyrant people started killing them. Wonder when there would be sanity in the mind set!
      Saaray jahan ka dard hamaray jigar main hain,
      ghar kay aangan main kiya hua kis ko khabar hoi!!

      • Ansary imran, BD

        Rapping a Buddhist girl? Huh!! brother do you believe this? Some
        Buddhist young men raped her and it is proved by their own court. I’m from Bangladesh so I
        know better than you. Buddhist people, armies, police killed 20000 Muslim they
        raped 5000 young Muslim girls. They destroyed 500 muslim villages, mosques and
        madrasahs. So don’t believe them.

        • gary

          Ansary, will you tell us how the hindu population in your great country has reduced to 9 percent today from 20 percent in 1971.

  • Okhajut

    WOw. Budhist Terror eh.

  • FreedomofPeace

    Its time to awaken the sleeping giant (lost kingdom) from the far east,An invincible group who will defend the Freedom Of Peace. When Islam spread from Maghrib to Mashriq now its time to go back from Mashriq to Maghrib..MiddleEast and other part of the muslim world will become weak and controlled by Zionist and Jews (US and its allies).

  • MAK Mumbai

    It is so sad and unfortuante that 11 Muslims are killed in Burma and and everyone are crying Burma to stop the genocide. My heart goes to the muslims killed. The one question that is lingering is, hundreds of muslims are killed in Karachi in this year alone and every year and why no one is saying, Pakistan to stop the genocide of muslims in an Islamic Nation. Why ?????.

    • Acerbatour

      Because it is the most hypocrite country with most hypocrite people in the world. Just few days back a mentally retarded person was killed and then burned on the pretext of
      blasphemy but no condemnation is found in this blog. Actually thousand of Muslims which are being butchered there on yearly basis were pseudo Muslims and others are real. What a joke.

  • Sherry Davis

    Mr.Muhammad Talha had it not better if you had mentioned the correct and real facts before your ever sentimental people. It has become the habit of you Pakistanis to poke your nose in other affairs whether it is in Kashmir or Palestine or any where in the world keeping aside what the hell is happening in your country. And also it is my sincere advice not to distort the facts and always present the truth and background of the incidents before your readers.

    • Muhammad Talha

      Mr or Mrs Sherry Davis (Whichever salution goes with you): Let me just remind you that people like you can only ‘conjecture’ while sipping a cup of tea. I’ve become blase about such idiocy. We Pakistanis are atleast humans, and we have the knack of setting new paradigms that you geeks follow. Don’t forget that you’ve inherited everything from the Muslims i-e educational set-up, dogma for life etc..Yet you want us to dispose to your mythical ‘Supermacy’? Tom foolery; as it is in it’s very stature. Try to come up with a cogent argument the next time you think of flaying me!

  • M.Saeed

    Let us study the following facts before talking on this issue:

    Burma, now Myanmar, has a population of 60 million (2010), with 89% Buddhists, 4% Muslims and 4% Christians.

    Historically, it was the most peaceful Asian country before Military rulers came and blasted its peaceful myth developed under the Buddhist culture.
    It is important to note that, the last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar was imprisoned by the British In Burma, because of its unique atmosphere of tranquillity, having no fear of any turmoil against their grave action.
    The third Secretary General of the United Nation, Mr. U Thant, was a Burmese and his selection is a unique testimony to the fact that, Burma was a most peaceful neutral country. U Thant was accepted by both Super-Powers without any reservation and served two terms. He was also being asked for a third term and he was instrumental in making rules, not to give a person third term. That was the proof of his selflessness. He retired with full honours from the both Super-Powers of time.
    Facts speak better than any stories.

    • Muhammad Talha

      With all due respect, Raving about the ‘peacful past’ won’t do any good. They would serves as good parables, but for the nonce it’s required to throw some light on the current issues. A ‘haven’ of tranquility and serenity doesn’t neccesarily remain a ‘heaven’ for its inhabitants and indigenous i-e with special emphasis on ‘haven’ and ‘heaven’. Time changes and so do people!

  • Anonymous

    Why not stop killing – everywhere – muslims or non-muslims!

    • Axay

      you know why,, because Good Muslims do no oppose anything bad happens, may be in fear of their own Majhabi Jihaadis..
      If terror is happening again you, and you are not opposing it, then you are also part of the sin..

      • Anonymous

        All good humans oppose anything bad whether they are Muslims or not. People who do not oppose bad probably see things from the same pair of goggles you are wearing – judging humans by their religion or race first and then generalising the whole.

        If you recall, apart from the holocaust and mass slaughter in DRC, think about Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WW2…..we as humans do rationalise somethings being for greater good when we do bad things.

        This sinner thinks that other place is safer than heaven that my be full of self-proclaimed martyrs of all faiths!

  • nitish

    Muslims are themself responsible for their situation.The truth is they raped a buddhist girl.This ignited an already bad situation.The problem with muslims r that they can never live in harmony with other religion.They try to impose sharia law on every other religion.Authors article is just nonsense and biased one.Facts r not ccorrect.He can fool his own country man but not the whole world. Better he should reflect plight of minority in his own country. india is ready to accommodate pak hindus and is indeed very serious about it.Think what might be the situation of hindus if india is not ready to accept them.what was the crime of those three girl?can any one answer honestly?If not,you deserve no sympathy from UN or any other country in the world.

    • Muhammad Talha

      As it’s always perceived i-e The Indian+Hindu Idiosyncrasy rots! You Indians are just cynics. Mr. Nitish, you would want to choose your words very carefully next time because you are not up against some effeminate author who panders to the wishes of BJP or Congress or tries to repress the reality. Talking about Pakistan, Pakistan, with all its exiguity as compared to India, has always proved to be the nemesis for India. Elucidating the stupid point pertaining to the jejune surmise ‘India is ready to accommodate pak hindus and is indeed very serious
      about it.Think what might be the situation of hindus if india is not
      ready to accept them’, I can allege that ask a Hindu in Pakistan and so will he spit on the name ‘India’. As far as the turmoil and agitation in our country is concerned, we very well know the surreptitious hands behind it all, and soon those ‘clandestines’ will be brought to lime-light. Chug up copious amounts of water, and stop bearing us the same malice that has always been a hallmark of your progenitors!

    • Ahmer Waqas

      Nitish, If somebody raped a girl and he is muslim then it means you have full right to demolish muslim community!! this is bullshit which you have written in your post and you should shamed on this!! I am 100% disagree with you

  • La Michung, Sydney

    In that country where thousands of Muslims have been killed in just last few years in sectarian killings, where a mentally retarded person openly / publicly is brutally killed and then burned on the name of blasphemy has no right to raise fingers on others. A country where the monsters and killers of humanity resides, nurtured and protected has no right to raise its fingers on others. A country which has become a question mark for the peace of the world has no right to raise its fingers on others. Introspect and correct yourself first before raising your fingers at others and that also by presenting half cooked and distorted facts and figures. Just cool down and relax.

    • Muhammad Talha

      La Michung from Sydney, ever heard of ‘acerbity’ and ‘pugnacity’? Or have you spent your whole life harbouring grudges against us? I can surely requite with ‘acrimony’ and ‘cantankerousness’, but I deem it otiose. As for your kind suggestions, Thanks a lot!

    • Asim

      I think this last sentence of yours “Just cool down and relax” better fits yourself than any other.

  • nitish

    Blogger is one brain washed madarsa product.Always talking about jihad….Mullah

    • Muhammad Talha

      And the neuter who has commented on a post that had nothing to do with his Bharat is just a twerp. Nitish, this is called ‘a guilty conscious always self accuses’. No one here will heed your asinine gibberish. You Indians have developed an incorrigible habit of arguing pettily, and every time you try to let at loggerheads with Pakistanis, you end up getting bashed. So just concentrate on you Ram Ram and Krishna, you scrawny wee Hindu! Peruse the article and then it will transpire on you that the word ‘Jihaad’ has nothing to do with it. Shameless Scum, you better try to seek some equanimity instead of running amok!

  • Omer

    Asslam-u-Alaikum, dear all first of all we shall stop looking in to the mistakes done by anyone even if that 11 committed the worst crime of raping innocent women they were brought to justice killed by others. now shall we proceed further for those who are innocent and getting killed for nothing……
    I would like to indicate the role of media who is playing a very beautiful act of hippo crate don’t want to go in details…….
    making money is their primary goal placing such news at their channels won’t bring any prosperity to their bank accounts.
    I also would like to remind all of us that we are muslims must be like a body… in case of pain in finger must be felt by whole body. we need to believe in one super power Allah and follow the book of truth and law the Holy Quran……. otherwise we are seeing bad and yet worst is planned to come soon.

  • Farji

    Pakis are killing their own Muslim brothers; in the republic of Myanmar it is fight between two religions as a Muslim male raped Buddhist female which ended up in such chaos, hats off to Bangladesh who is accommodating these displaced Muslims on humanity grounds how about Muslims killed almost everyday in Pakistan. So Muslims are grilled all over the world due to their ethnicity, in fact most of them hiding their given names with surnames replacing with other religions name, when you guys would stop with bloodshed on the name of holly war.

  • Pyi Chit Myo Chit

    Most of the facts in Mohammad Talha’s articles are wrong. We all know that the majority of Muslims in Myanmar’s Arakan State are illegal immigrants crossing the border from Bangladesh, almost wiping out the local Arakanese people who are mostly Buddhists. Some of those illegal immigrants started burning the homes and properties of the minority non-Muslims and the situation became out of control for a while. The Muslims are aggressors. The local Buddhists were the victims.

  • Tumhara Farishat

    GEO ko saab ka khiyal hai but not those who are being killed by SiphaSabah and Lashkaray Jhangvi in Pakistan. May be they donot come under the definition of Riyal fed stomachs

  • Abdullah

    Oh Allah.. I need your help we being a Muslim suffering a lot in this world in the shape of Palestinian, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Burma. I know we forget you and we are not complying but you love your prophet and i only beg you ALLAH please forgive us (Muslim) and gave us a strength that we believe in you rather in western society. we need to unite and tell them whoever try to come between us that we care about each other…………………………………………………………. May Allah bless them who died in Burma and those who are the culprits don’t forget that someone is watching on you and soon you will be get punished for your deeds.

  • Muhammad Saeed

    it is really unfortunate the muslims are getting so weaks that they can not help their brother and sisters, if you put a glance on world’s politics you will find all problems are related to muslims. What’s going on in Pakistan similar to burma or may be some time worst where muslim is killing other muslims.
    I strongly condemn the killing in Burma and wish that very soon we will get rid from such a worst government in Pakistan and will get reall islamic and democratic governement which will take care Pakistanis as well as will raise their voice for other muslims brothers and sisters.
    Muhammad Saeed,
    Saudi Arabia.

  • Rashid

    Nice article Mr.Talha, thanks for highlighting this ignored issue.

  • Varunzview

    Please stop kiliing minorities in Pakistan to or just raise your concern against it

  • rehan

    Immediate take the action against this bullshit country , all Muslim countries and UN start sending the forces for stopping the killing for Muslim. Stop the aid to this country, public will force to the government to take action against Burma.

  • Imran Rajjad

    this is why Islamic countries need to have an Army of their own.

  • Just human

    I don’t know which is best religion
    but I know we are not animal
    so be a human and stop killing innocents.

    If you human stop fighting join hand to stop
    mass killing as we all are same creature

    no religion nor any country can divide us
    we are humans
    and let become good human beings

    • Zameer

      what is happening to the Rohingyas is similar to events in the Muslim
      south of the Philippines, Eastern China, Chechnya, Bosnia and Kosovo. In
      all these lands, Muslim states were overtaken by larger non-Muslim
      nations. When they sought independence, they were suppressed by the
      stronger majority. Massacres and deprivation of essential and national
      human rights led to genocide and ethnic cleansing.

  • fslcanuck

    please also say something about Pakistani Muslims and Non-Muslims being killed in Pakistan. Most of them belong to minority ethnic or secterian groups.

  • Husnain-Iqbal

    stop bullshit. do u think the peoples die in bomb blasting and target killing are minorities. They r muslims for kind information.

  • Rosh

    Why are they being killed may I know?Just coz they are muslims?

  • Dawood

    Muslim population is increasing everywhere in the world. Islam is the fastest growing religion on Earth. So it has nothing to do with population of Muslims increasing in INDIA. it is increasing in the whole world

  • eamaeil

    where is humans ?

  • Abu Hurairah M. Edza

    We too, in the Philippines, Muslims had experienced this kind of Phenomena, so our last option is to fight for our cause until the last shed of our noble blood. Allahu Akbar! let us help our brothers and sisters Muslim in Burma even in the form of sincere prayer for them that somehow they will be heard by the Wold Power for justice..

  • Meraj

    The UN did absolutely nothing for all the Muslims genocide in Syria why would they do anything for the Burma Muslims..

  • I am a muslim and proud

    I am a muslim and proud • a minute ago • parent

    buddhist people when they have power then they show true their themselves they are fucking bad people, but if they do not have power they pretend that are good people, but actually they are bad people in side, I`m muslim but I don`t accept any violence or killing to everyone in the world, people who do not believe in God they are scary, who are doing bomp attack or killing innocents, they are not muslims or believers, I want to say for every fucking bad human or killer, that do not think when someday you die, that you sleep in piece, after your death there is a hell which waiting you

  • zeeshan afzal

    stop innocent burmese muslims. they are also human beings and are also burmens.

  • Ali Safa

    I don’t approve of killing a single person. But Muslims have killed people round the globe. Muslims are really problematic. There has been lots of wars among Muslims themselves. Among many others include:

    1. Battle of Jamal took place in 656 between forces of Ali ibn Abi Talib and forces of Aisha. According to William Muir, 10,000 people lost their lives in this battle.

    2. Battle of Siffin took place in 657 CE between Ali ibn Abi Talib and Muawiyah. 100,000 people lost their lives in this battle.

    3. The Battle of Nahrawan took place in July 657 C.E between Ali ibn Abi Talib and the Kharijite. 4,000 people lost their lives in this battle.

    *** The interesting is that both sides of the battles were Muslims.

    *** The interesting is that these are only three of such battles amongst many others.

    *** And many many many many many many many many many many more.

  • Has’aan

    Aok hi suf mein kharay hogaye Mehmud o Ayaz-
    Na koi banda raha na banda nawaz.
    This is real Islam where every man (king or ordinary) are equal.
    But, you Brahmin Nitish openly admit being a superior cast who looks down on the entire other humanity as inferior.
    Thank you for making everything clear. A Brahmin will die but never touch an untouchable Dalit.

    • nitish

      My comment has nothing to do with dalits .This reply was just to remind you, dont live in fools chauvinism of considering own religion better.I dont say which is better hinduism or islam.But if you have any thing wrong concept in your mind,you just need to brush up.Here another kind of thinking is going around.Do you think only our kind think like that.Go and ask a hindu(any caste) and so you will get the answer right .A hindu can never be a beef eater which is a usual practice in islam. We will better choose to die than to accept islam.”In islam every man is equal”…. .What about shia,sunni,Ahmediya ,muhajir and many more. I think you treat them worst than dalit. Moreover women r considered as a commodity and has no right of property under islamic law.And you feel pride while practicing all these thing.

  • A Human

    it,s strange to know that Budhist are so cruel that they triggered Genocide of muslms in their areas of control……….i urge that they should stop this, otherwise get ready for a strong reaction all over the world……………

  • Dr Imran Khan


  • Rotten Tomato

    or may be minorities in india

  • Shaharyar

    funny! there is merciless killing of muslims in burma and some of you are still defending the murderers. imagine if it was muslims killing those people then the UN would have wiped out entire muslims population in burma saying that they are terrorist, you call this human rights!!

  • suhaila

    islam is a killing machine it is in their so called holly qurran tell;s them to kill a none believer in islam sora al toba 29 and 5 and there is about 4000 aya and haiths teaches muslims to kill others in the name of allah and mohammed just because they do not beleive in their bloody islam

  • istiyak

    why?????????????????????????????? muslim have been killed

  • jeem

    so where are the human right activists..who will hump on issues which sometimes is even not relevant…..something like the right of people to be homosexual

  • sandy

    Budhists are
    peaceful everyone knows it. only muslims people are dangerous and they kill to others but not all the muslims people, mostly of pakistan, afganistan and saudi arabia. i saw the newspaper about pakistan. they kill sikh and hindu in their country every month and also kidnaps about 25 women of minority. so if this type of news we read and also see the population of minorities decreases from 20% to 0.2%. everyone can analyse what pak do with minorities.

  • sandy


  • sandy

    yes this is very true. because aasam also face this problem and the bangladeshi muslisms killing the innocent bodo peoples. they kill about 50 peoples and now army taking action in aasam.




    Budhists are peaceful everyone knows it. only muslims people are dangerous and they kill to others but not all the muslims people, mostly of pakistan, afganistan and saudi arabia. i saw the newspaper about pakistan. they kill sikh and hindu in their country every month and also kidnaps about 25 women of minority. so if this type of news we read and also see the population of minorities decreases from 20% to 0.2%. everyone can analyse what pak do with minorities.

    • abdulrehman

      hi SANDY,
      i am from Pakistan. we you must be aware that my country is suffering from terrorism even then there has been no kidnapping or sikh killings and if you look at historic percentages of minorities in Pakistan u will find an increase .
      i promise you there is nothing like that what you have mentioned here.
      moreover such actions like kidnapping killings are not allowed in our religion.
      i hope i have cleared you about pakistan
      thank you,

  • jimmy

    what about Muslims killing millions of non-Muslims, Christians, Hindus, forced conversions , Ahmedhis (who follow different version of Islam) in Pakistan…doe Pakistanis protect these people, forcing a Hindu boy to convert to Islam on live TV? isn’t that inhuman…sorry you guys are being hypocrites…if u people face discrimination abroad u people deserve it…when you can respect the minorities in your own country why should the world respect u ??

  • Axay

    Please, come to Assam and help us.. Indian Congress is corrupted. if not then sorry for helping Bangladesi (muslims) for giving home here and attacking native people..not even singlr bangladeshi opposed it.. why??

  • Meher

    Muslims have always been targeted by non muslims in every society,they are brutally killed every where for no reason,even they don’t have peace in their own societies only because of some foreign force ,that is imposed behind all the destruction causing chaos and breaking the peace of the society,,We all Muslims should raise our voices against this brutality and pray to God to bring to an end such evil practices by foreign forces..

  • Abdun Nabi

    I totally agree with you my brother.
    As per my opinion Buddhist people are real terrorist. Because till now they have killed more than 100000 Muslims in Burma. We people from all over the world should rise our voice against burma riot. Ya Allah give us the dareness to condemn on burma riot.

  • Zameer

    What is happening to the Rohingyas is similar to events in the Muslim
    south of the Philippines, Eastern China, Chechnya, Bosnia and Kosovo. In
    all these lands, Muslim states were overtaken by larger non-Muslim
    nations. When they sought independence, they were suppressed by the
    stronger majority. Massacres and deprivation of essential and national
    human rights led to genocide and ethnic cleansing.

  • tats

    the reason is. they start to make war with muslim?..

  • Entaro Adun

    u need UN’s now? i thought ur allah will be angry accepting other non-muslims helps…..forget my sentiment

    actually ur source of social media about killing muslim is wrong, its not only muslims being killed in there so its not about religios just another political issues . ur racist statement just make it worst now or maybe u are helping terrorsit to spread this lie.

    the world knew Buddhist disallow hurting other living-beings, yet muslim allow to lie or even kill other livings as long they are non-muslims

  • humanlover

    Can’t believe Buddhism is a peace loving and non proselytizing religion.. they cant do this.Islam has a history of forced conversion and religious intolerance.

  • Taqua Imaan

    You are seriously uneducated to the core! If you knew anything about Islam you would know it does NOT promote terrorism. There is no room for terrorism in Islam. But you just can’t differentiate between the sincere Muslims and those who are Muslim by name and not by action. Do yourself a favour and read up, to remove ignorance and not spread the misinformed information which is brainwashing you. Research both sides!

    You are in dire need of help. You know what? Muslims are only allowed to fight in self defense, not start the wars. Also in war circumstances if they were to keep a non Muslim hostage they still have to treat them with respect not treat them worse like animals which can be seen against the Rohingiya. The difference here is the Rohingya did not start any war and nor are they capable of defending themselves.
    It’s easy sitting behind a screen under a fake name and chatting a lot of nonsense, why don’t you come to an event in person where you can debate and have a civilised conversation. I don’t even hate you, just pity really. You are not actually worth the hate, because one can’t blame someone when they are ignorant, unless they open their hearts and remove the hatred from within.

    • galubhai

      Muslims are only allowed to fight in self defense, not start the wars. …..
      Really? Pakistan has started all the wars against India and lost. Ask Hassan Nisar.

  • being human

    Kill the Muslims…all hates them

  • Crusader

    Those are extremists. Not what i would call true Bhuddist!!

  • Crusader

    what a joke!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

  • HateMuslim

    but whatever it is, its Muslim pple creating who love violence… The world knws this even though u may give some high funda justification…

  • LoveAllServeAll

    yes nazir u r write, may be that is the reason why muslim are hated by all the people in the world or all the religions in the world….

  • Greg Dietrich

    It makes no sense why people can’t agree to disagree,
    find a way to stop the fighting and a way to live in peace.
    Sometimes I want to crawl beneath the surface of the Earth, and understand the plan for why life’s filled with so much (fucking) hurt.
    No matter what we try we still lose everything we’ve got.
    Quit fighting with our demons and controlled by our robots.

  • Crusader

    Bhuddist are peaceful people only 0.0001% are bad! donot blame all bhudist!!!! sirf kuch ganday bhuddist ke waja se sub badnam horay han :-) :-)

  • HE MAN

    Then why Pakistani Hindus are running away to India????????? Why there are thousands of Minorities like Shia, Ahamadis etc are killed in a year in Pakistan?????????? Now you would say it is a conspiracy to defame Pakistan by CIA/RAW/MOOSAD. LOL:)

  • Sterling Headset

    The Burmese aren’t Americans, they’re going to succeed at convincing the Muslims that their favorite past-times (rape, torture, castration, ankle beatings, honor killings, beastiality, homosexuality involving family members, lying, still more lying, occasional bouts of unrestrained false-bravado and more and more lying) will lead to death and or deportation.  I would like to close with the following informational statement for Muslims. Something called “the wheel” was invented not to long ago. Start there, then move onward. 

  • mado

    why man is killing poeple who believe in god and not who believes in builds thinks that he made self?????


    U idiot wht do u? first of all luk whoz tlkin da one who doesnt hav n e identity of urself , huh well v muslims dnt cre evn if dogs lyk u bark at us ……….. Nd abt the rape it ws done by three people who shud b punishd bt y r the innocent ones being killed, U R SUCH AN INSENSITIVE PIG i tell u , sit at home wearing BANGLES and all that GIRLY STUFF and keep ur mouth shut IDIOT

  • Mohammad Sulman Shahid Rana

    international organisations may do better by concenses of opinion otherwise these units of power may collapse !

  • ayesha146

    Please is there anyone in UK doing something about the plight of these people , it makes me sad to see that no one is standing up for these people !!

  • anonymous

    You are a cult and wish if someday happen the same with you and to your family….

  • Usman

    You are telling a lie . I think you are blinded by your heart which is in veil of hatred .Your comments are showing your mind and your Justice and your way of study about Islam. Is your religion teach that to you. No your religion is not teach that.

    I think you are a christian .

    Do justice with your religion , your self and then comment again . I think you are understand what i want to say.

    I am sure this is not your religion teachings . This is your oven thinking.

    Be honest your self. Then read about Islam again.Which is the religion of peace.

    May GOD show us right way and Give strength to walk the straight path.