Smart Choices for Sehri

Smart Choices for Sehri

Ramadan-ul-Kareem Mubarak! We have gladly stepped into the blessed month that not only helps us take care of our spiritual wellbeing but also purges and  cleanse our body of impurities. With Ramadan, starts the round courses of Sehri and Iftari. In more than 15 hours long fast, its important that we eat smart in Sehri and keep our body fueled for the day’s activities. While many of us make various choice of food option for Sehri, and some sadly choose to even skip it, our choices can impact our bodies in coping up with the Fast, a great deal. A few tips are as follows:



  • Eat complex carbohydrate, high protein, moderate fats and high fiber diet. This is to ensure that the sugar releases in the body slow and hence they keep the body fueled for long.  Moderate fats and proteins will stay in your stomach more; hence prevent that ‘empty-feeling’ from prevailing just about in half day.


  • Drink a lot of water, not in sehri, but a night before, for that will keep you hydrated for long. A gallon of water in sehri will not only make you nauseous but will only be excreted as urine in a few hours only.


  • Dairy products are particularly helpful as they stay longer and provide you with energy for long.



  • Avoid salty or spicy food, it will make you feel thirsty in no time.



  • Avoid baked stuff. It might lead you to constipation and will bring in empty calories leading to weight gain.



  • Caeffine products can cause fluctuation in the blood-sugar causing headaches and hunger pangs, so try limit them as well.


I know that there’s alot more to it. So, please feel free to add your Sehri tip/s with us.

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