Security Threats for London Olympics 2012

Security Threats for London Olympics 2012


What would be the distinction of London Olympic 2012? New World records, a big share of medals for host Britain or a horribly inconceivable peril of terrorism?


Security issue for London the Olympics is the hottest topic being discussed all over the World. Security now seems dominant over game events and people are more concerned about how can British Government secure this International Mega Event from terrorists, anarchists, and other seeking to cause destruction and make headlines. A lot of videos are available on Internet describing how the terrorists may attack to sabotage this sports event and what may be the level of destruction.


There are real security threats from various groups planning to target this Olympics. According to officials, air strikes, protests, street violence, and cyber-related attacks on critical infrastructures should be expected in London before and during Olympics games. Officials also realize that terrorists’ targets are multiple. Not only Olympic village and infrastructures are in danger, but administrative staff, officials, volunteers, and concern corporate companies employees are also possible target of terrorists alongside players of western countries particularly.


British Officials seem more afraid of the threat comes from theal-Qaida inspired Somalia separatist group al-Shabaab, whose suicide fanatics are reportedly entering into UK individually via uncharted routes from Somalia and may have weapons and explosives training.


British Interior Ministry has warned people about the scale of the threat in the run-up to Olympics and about the would-be suicide bombers among 2,000 extremists already based in the Britain and intelligence reports fear public areas, along with actual Games venues, could also be attacked. Although the Government is taking all best possible security measures but one must keep it in mind that to counter security measures, terrorists are also learning all time and adapting.


For game venues, public has known some traditional precautionary instructions by Security officials.  There are strict rules on what can be brought into venues.


“You can bring one soft-sided bag into venues. It should fit under your seat or in your lap. However, for football venues there is a strict limit on bags so only very small bags are allowed into these venues. Please bring as little as possible with you to Olympic and Paralympics events. You’ll need to go through airport-style security when you arrive at your venue, so the more you bring with you, the longer it will take you to pass through security.”


Main Olympic Park in Stratford is protected under a secret security plan, including the possibility-employing surface to air missiles to combat any threat from the space.


To protect sky during Olympics, some new regulations have been introduced. Under the new rules, implemented from July 14, “all planes, from commercial airliners to single-seat craft, hang gliders and even model aircraft must adhere to strict regulations to fly across much of southeast England. There will also be an absolute ban for planes over central London and the Olympic Park, other than those using the capital’s Heathrow and City airports and a few other exceptions. Military air traffic controllers will monitor planes while teams of ground observers will keep watch for unauthorized craft. Typhoon fighter jets and military helicopters carrying snipers will be dispatched to intercept any suspicious planes and guide them away from the Olympic Park. Those not responding or ignoring to a series of warnings, such as flares (bright signal light) and written messages, could ultimately be shot down.”


All sports lovers can do nothing but have a confidence on British Government’s efforts and security measures to make London Olympics 2012 safe to the utmost satisfaction of people of London, UK and entire World who wish to see and enjoy games peacefully, fearlessly and with its right sprit. …. Wish you all the best LONDON!

Syed Shahzad Alam

A content developer at Jang Group of Companies. He can be contacted at [email protected]

  • Taj Ahmad

    There should no security issues in this upcoming summer Olympics-2012
    in London. The media in the West and USA creating such terror news
    just for fun or for money.
    I have full trust in London Police and their security plan, there should be
    no security issues in this summer Olympics games.

  • gary

    Taj, no matter what you say, the threat is there from people who are committed to killing people because they believe they will go to heaven. These people are extremely motivated.

  • siddra

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