Ramadan and Eating Out

Ramadan and Eating Out

Eating may not be an art but there are many who live for the love of food. I am one of them and whenever I hear the word Ramadan, it reminds me of the delicious deals the Holy month brings along. Every restaurant comes up with a deal that brings them profit and also entices the foodies to visit them once this month, and break fast with them so that they can pay more and eat less.


But is this month really about eating out or does it bring with it the message of eating less! There are many who just pass their time in the office talking about food that they are either not going to have or going to have with friends and/or family. Then there are those who are upbeat and want to have iftar outside everyday, yet end up staying home all month. And finally, there are those who actually go out, eat out and love doing that without grasping the essence of this month.


Ramadan is the one month on the Islamic calendar in which you can have least amount of food, and actually save money as well. You can eat all day around for less amount of money rather than thrive on iftar deals which may have bad effect on your body. You also find out that not being able to eat and drink is actually a good thing since it brings out the bardaasht in you, something we don’t have with us in the remaining 11 months.


This year, I am planning to go out and spend time with my friends and I am sure some of you are also making similar plans. But I also plan to donate some money for those who don’t have to eat, who don’t have friends who can spare some money and for whom Ramadan is no different than the rest of the 11 months. This is the month which can bring a change in their lives. Go ahead and make their day!

Omair Alavi

A member of the Geo News team and writing articles on sports and entertainment since 1995.

  • Taj Ahmad

    During the month of Ramadan, please refrain by eating too much at a time,
    it is better to eat healthy and drink water and avoid soda drink.
    Fresh fruit juices is also good choice during this holy month and all summer.

  • Gaurav Arya

    Many of us non-muslims wait for Ramadan for the purely selfish purpose of feasting. The variety of food available during the holy month is mind-boggling. As non-muslims we may not fully understand or grasp the meaning of Ramadan but let me assure you that we look forward to the Holy Month as much as any Muslim.

  • yamin

    Thats ought to b the message of ramazan. All of us, justify spending to our liking and beyond, to fill our evening tables. Dont we also discuss, and actually find, that prices are souring, yet realise the condition of those who havent much to buy with and possibly, due to ramazan dont find daily work. There are hosts others. So we must donate. Donate we must not in bits. My brother is quite regular in declaring Zakath in Ramazan but doles out in bits, unless we told him. he now > Rs 5000 min. apart from Zakath, we have large, at times too large saving, we must part with part of it, and donate, donate and donate.