Pakistani Passport Scam and London Olympics 2012

Pakistani Passport Scam and London Olympics 2012

A few days ago London Police arrested some people including two women who were allegedly planning to attack London Olympics venue and storing explosives. An even more glaring fact was that these people were accused of having connections with Pakistan!



Now with the disclosure of the recent passport scam exposed by a British newspaper, ‘The Sun’, it has once again shaken us to core not that many other national and international scams haven’t already. Are you shocked to know that credibility of our Computerized National Identity Cards and Machine Readable Passports?  You shouldn’t be, considering the blatant corruption that already consumed us.


This however is debatable in its own rights whether it is possible to receive such huge amounts of funding from Pakistan for London Olympics and attempt to sabotage an event of such an international repute? I could have believed it if were talking about cricket but London Olympics? Are you sure? Sounds real or just another conspiracy against Pakistan? Despite this, the suspension of DG NADRA Lahore alongside six more persons and a confirmation from Interior Ministry that secretariat of DG Passport Islamabad is also involved in scam, has a threatening identity.



The video posted on the website of “The Sun” clearly reveals that don’t simply blame the corrupt system rather don’t ignore the existence and efficient functioning of various well-organized networks operating against national interests. The serious threat for state is that all operating within ‘the system’. What is unfortunate is also that the foreign media has disclosed the scam and our intelligence agencies miserably failed, just like in the past to even smell the rotting rat.


People who consider this a pre-planned conspiracy against Pakistan’s international image and think that we should refrain from our participation in the Olympics may be right, however it has altogether become a different ballgame. Investigation investigation is all we need to resolve this matter of burning importance.



Syed Shahzad Alam

A content developer at Jang Group of Companies. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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    until you accept there is a problem, there will be no solution.