Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3

Watching the Men in Black 3 was an amazing experience … amazing because 3D made it livelier, amazing because both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones set the cinema alight and amazing because the plot reminds you of all the time-travelling flicks we have loved in the past. Yes, Men in Black 3 is about time travel, but it gives you an insight into the other two films as well that managed to make Will Smith a superstar, and elongated Tommy Lee Jones’s career post The Fugitive.


Where there are Men in Black, there are aliens, and where there is Will Smith and aliens, laughters follow. In this third installment of the franchise that was absent from the cinema for 10 years, Agent J and Agent K (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones) do what they know best – keep aliens off the street and brainwash those who witness them in the act.


But then, time-travel twist takes place and in order to keep his partner alive, Agent J has to go back in time, save his buddy from being killed by Boris the Animal, and restore the world to normalcy. One also gets to know why K favours J over others and what makes him so shut-out when he grows up. But not before the duo make the world a better place by planting a device in the space shuttle destined for moon (it’s 1969, remember!), meet fellow agent Andy Warhol and survive in the past where African-American were termed as black!


As for the actors, Josh Brolin shines as the Agent K of the 60s. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprise their roles where Will has more lines because he is the central character of the flick. And since a summer blockbuster usually doesn’t make sense because they are not supposed to, Men in Black 3 can be passed on as a movie you can watch anytime. It is as good as it can be, and one viewing will make you believe in aliens amongst us, once again.


If you enter the cinema as an Alien hater, you will hate them more when you come out. If you walk into the cinema without your brains, you will come out as a happy individual, because films like these don’t require thinking at all. It erases all logic in the universe just like the Men in Black erase people’s memories, and that’s what makes it such a wonderful film. Go ahead and watch it, and don’t lose the memory to anyone!


Omair Alavi

A member of the Geo News team and writing articles on sports and entertainment since 1995.

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