Lets Take It Easy in Ramadan

Lets Take It Easy in Ramadan

This holy wave of faith sweeps inside us right after the Ramadan moon is sighted. One can hear the sound of tarwihs at night, all sorts of religious shows are aired that aim at helping people in need, schools and offices have different timings and people start donating generously. One of my favorites is how people make a conscious attempt to talk more politely than usual during this month.

However that trait sort of evaporates right before iftar, where hunger pangs overcome all the kindness in the heart.
Nevertheless, the good thing about this month is that almost all the things that are prescribed in our religion, people try to follow them to their best. Regardless of who they have been all year round. At least this is one month where they put all that aside and try to move in the right direction to ask for repentance.

I have been reading a lot of articles lately that pin point the sole criticism that why do we turn so religious just for a month, people who come as daring personalities on TV, in Ramadan have their heads covered up. Why can’t we be like this all year round etc?

I do agree with the fact that we end up becoming practicing Muslims for just a month. But then again this month is there for us to improve our selves, abstain from the evil and embrace Islam as fully as we can. The extra doings are only because whatever we do we are rewarded double of that. Considering the Muslim faith, this month is there so that we worship and get our acts straight. People mostly confuse worship with just Salah and reciting Quran. When in our religion there is equal emphasis upon acceptability, respect and tolerance for others.

If someone wears sleeves less all year round and now plans to cover her head out of respect for Ramadan, then lets not demoralize the doer and critcise. How about we appreciate it. To God, a nice pleasant heart is as important as much are the pillars.

So how about we plan to be one of those acting Muslims this month as well and quit one bad habit of hypercritical thinking. We might get back to our X-behavior after Eid but then again we are only humans and are bound to make mistakes. Had that not been the case, and then we must have been angels. Let us not be judgmental and enjoy all we get to see because when one is abroad, he really misses on all this. You don’t have TV shows that tell you what to cook for iftar or shows that discuss religion in detail.

Natasha Khalid

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs


    It is useless to comment on a bunch of inane rambling blogs on Ramadan or Ramzan. So I will see you stuffed up holy people after the holy month is over.

  • Anonymous

    .. and when you stand before God you cannot say “but I was only a human, bound to make mistakes” or that “i tried to embrace Islam as fully as i could during Ramadan”.

  • fizzasaleh

    Ramzan is there for us to improve very valid argument made. but another valid point was that we forget everything once Ramzan is over. i made a resolution that i will INSHALLAH read Quran @ http://goo.gl/dG3AU everyday even if ramzan ends too.