Karachi, the Sleepless City Part 2

Karachi, the Sleepless City Part 2


The graffiti images outside Airport don’t give very good image of the city but the life inside the city changes it easily.



There is no comparison of Karachi’s food from any part of the world. In Karachi you can find the taste of East to Fareast and from Middle East to West. Restaurants which are self serve in West are entertainment and dating spots in Karachi. Like any other fast food place, Hardees was giving the full service with eastern taste fused in Burgers. A night at “Sheesha” smoking place with my cousins made me think that global culture has made us loose our values. The value of not smoking in front of adults is vanished. On one side of my table there were two girls sitting with two gentlemen and smoking freely while on the other side there was a family whose female members were smoking freely while covered in Burkha in front of their adults. My cousins were well aware, that “sheesha” is more harmful than cigarette, a proven research of UK Health Department and WHO.



Mango juice trolleys on every corner of Karachi are another sign of the summer but it does not mean that every juice place has maintained the quality in taste. The juices and food in the vicinity of Gulshan-e-Iqbal town provide the same taste which you look for in the city.  KDA market of Gulshan-e-Iqbal has turned into a huge market which has everything you imagine. Most of the cloth vendors are Pakhtoons and most of the buyers are Urdu speaking. This shows that Paskhtoon brothers still generate their revenue from the central Karachi and people living in that area are happily using their services. They both go together serving each other and there is no ethnic difference among common people of Karachi.



One day I went to Water Pump and from 1/2KM my driver smell the disturbance of the area, most of the traffic was returning back and shops were forcefully getting closed. We found out that there was funeral of a guy in Incholi who was killed in sectarian target killing. I returned back to Gulshan and we decided to go to Port Grande.  Upon arrival I realized that Karachi has a big heart and is strong to handle all the situations, the city mourns on the killings of sons and entertain tourists at the same time.  Port Grande is a fusion of Art and Culture where you can find from food to shopping and banking.  The place was showing the real face of Karachi, from lights to life. But the best sea food I found was in a small place in the corner of Clifton called “Biryani of The Sea”.  The variety of dishes and style of cooking was wonderful.



The crowed at restaurants and shopping places in the city does not give you the image that Country is suffering from unemployment and inflation but the most common topic of any household was the inflation and people were predicting the inflation in Ramadan which they are experiencing now in Pakistan.



Another topic, after mobile phone packages, which was common among the Youth was Ali Gul Pir’s song “Wadairay ka baita”. My brother said that this is the real change, a guy from the same culture raising voice against that culture and my nephew was waiting for his t-Shirt related to that song that he ordered through Internet.



Karachi is sleepless because people don’t go to sleep till 4 a.m. and roads run faster than any other city of Pakistan. The disturbed situation in one area does not affect the other and life in Karachi run as fast as in New York.  Collectively it is our job to decorate and give respect to this city which raises the whole country, and we will if we own the City.

Farheen Rizvi

A masters in International Management from University of Maryland, a social worker and a blogger.

  • Muhammad Haider

    You reminded me the times when I was in Karachi. Nice blog. We need some one like Mustafa Kamal or Wasey Jalil to run the city again.

  • Tauseef Khan

    During my recent visit to Karachi, I saw Billboard of political parties like ANP and their party red flags. I believe instead party flags, city needs to put Pakistani flags and billboards where city needs to shows their rich culture not the images of Shahi Syed.

  • Maliha Khan

    Excellent write up…gives us a glimpse of the real life in Karachi. I was there several months ago and saw much of what you described here. Can’t wait to be there again!

  • zubair

    very well written.

    keep it up