Gori Larki- the Perfect Bride

Gori Larki- the Perfect Bride

Gore rang ka zamana, kabhi hoga na purana, Gori dar tujhe kis ka hay, Tera to rang gora hay.


Familiar with the demand for “gora rang” (fair complexion) for would the be daughter in- law? Believe it or not, it is one of the major problems faced by many girls especially as far as their ‘getting married’ is concerned. A girl is rejected on the basis of her color, no matter if she is a duly qualified, bright professional, well mannered, well groomed, and attractive. The only thing that matters is her gora chamri. And it makes no difference if the prospective groom is only the first copy of Rajni Kanth. Not that I’m against him, but I don’t even think he can be a perfect suitor for Aishwarya Rai.


However, unfortunately it has now become a trend in our society.  And this materialistic approach of our society shows that we still live in Stone Age, where we still consider woman as an object to be decked in one’s showroom.


To change this mindset of our society is a difficult task indeed. Because in our part of the world “gora rang” is used as a yardstick to measure beauty. It is incomprehensible why we as a society and as individuals are so obsessed with it? Why we consider gora rang the acme of real beauty? Whereas in my opinion darker complexion looks far more attractive. And there are loads of other important things that should be taken into consideration other than skin color for the selection of a girl for the post of bride-to-be


Discrimination on the basis of color is a bigger sin then dowry, and so rejection on the basis of color is utmost humiliating for a girl that it pushes them into depression and even to suicide in extreme cases. To make one self-beautiful (considering gora rang the only criteria for beauty) demand for fairness formula or creams are also on rise for the past many centuries. And to further infuriate the situation we have advertisement of these fairness creams, which are on a drive to deceive.


No wonder we see so many skin-care products, lotions on the racks and countless beauty regimes that aim at one thing alone-making you gori.


In nutshell, instead of judging beauty by gora rang try to look other aspects of beauty which include overall personality, style, skills, manners, qualification etc. Don’t consider woman just a commodity or some expensive decoration piece place on some display shelf.

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • M.Saeed

    Socrates had defined real beauty in humans comprising fair balance between three main ingredients:
    3)-GOODNESS.He went on to explain that, they seldom exist in fair balance in a single person because, physical beauty under the covering layers of make-up is never true and almost always an engineered effort to deceive. But, a true person would never hide his/her real face. Similarly, an attractive person is bound to know and would tend to boast or be aloof, thus losing on goodness.This definition is equally applicable to both genders.

  • Ashraf

    Don’t know if this is still the case. At least in the urban areas.

  • sarmadgrewal

    You wrote well! Its because in movies and tv serials media promotes only gori larki. Today people psychology is affected by what they watch day and night. From product advertisements to News bulletins why our media does not promote the coloured men and women? Why Hero of any Pak-Indian love story films or serials is not of dark complexion? Colour or complexion is not important. According to Islam character is the best scale to choose a bride. But we are allergic to Islam!
    These is our self made stuff.

  • Nishant

    Interestingly you can find loads of videos on Youtube posted by pakistanis “proving” the point that they are “different” from Indians
    few point they always point out is
    1- they are fair complexioned from the rest of “dravidian” indians
    2-they are taller than most indians, and show pranab mukharji and gilani standing together for reference

    so that proves 2 points

    all pakistanis are fair complexioned and are tall

    no short or dark pakis exist

    just for the record…a few A-list actors of Bollywood who are distinctively dusky….Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Esha Deol, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Sushmita Sen, Sameera Reddy, Shahrukh Khan is dusky
    and these are just on top of my head right now

    • dr. kashif

      its from both sides my friend they abuse n abuse n abuse each other trying to show superiority over each other..

  • qainat

    lv de article its really a big prob in our so called civilized n islamic country pakistan..the only lacking is islamic education go n read quran den u get to know acc. to Allah who is superior not the one wd gora rand bt ur deeds make u so..and i like many ppl comments feels gud ppl r changing….