Elections 2013- Anticipations and Realities

Elections 2013- Anticipations and Realities

With the next general elections due within a year or so every party has silently geared up its loins and are trying to promulgate their ideas to the masses. The year 2011 proved to be a turning point in the history of Pakistani politics when some significant changes were seen. Some parties tapered off whereas some emerged on the political horizon and took everyone by surprise. The public saw PML-Q going way down  and PTI climbing the ladders high. We now have a veritable contest on our hands. The tangible political synopsis can only be predicted just before the elections when every party will be exercising the powers vested in them. For now, the scenario is moving towards a huge build up for the elections.


Punjab:  PTI’s Chairman- Imran Khan paid a visit to JI’s head Syed Munawwar Hassan. Issues of common interest were discussed and the possibility of a pre-election alliance was also elucidated. An alliance of both these parties will definitely make things difficult for PML-N in Punjab.


In a constituency there are approximately 70,000 to 90,000 votes. PML-N has a very strong vote which mounts up to about 70% of the total votes. Jamat e Islami has a rather limited vote bank but still can’t be neglected. Since PTI has become popular now and IK has started enjoying a cult-following among all strata, it’s safe to presume that a PTI-JI alliance will definitely dent PML-N very badly. The fiercest strife will be seen in Punjab. With PTI and PML-N, both having their head offices at Lahore, they will be seen locking horns and you wouldn’t want to miss this one!


Sindh: The meritorious thing about PML-N is that it has also started paying attention towards Sindh. PPP, a party which has always tried to cash in the ‘Sindh Card’, will have to work really hard in order to counter the threat that has been posed to their vote bank in Sindh by PML-N. With many noticeable identities joining PML-N in Sindh, things will only get worse for the currently in-power PPP. MQM’s hold in Karachi (by whatever means) can’t be overlooked.


Within Karachi, they are a force to reckon with. They also have a fan-following in interior Sindh. PTI has also started its campaign in Sindh. Though IK is trying hard to claw votes in Sindh but the preponderance of PPP and MQM will not make it a doddle for PTI. A place where votes are being casted, not for probity and vision, but caste and creed, PML-N and PTI will have to do a lot of homework in order to harness PPP.


KPK and Gilgit-Baltistan: PTI is way ahead of other parties. If PTI joins hands with JI then it will strengthen it even further. PML-N performance in KPK has been extremely poor. The toughest rival for PTI in KPK can be ANP, but any chances of ANP pulling out a triumph are grim.


Balochistan:  It’s hard to predict anything about Balochistan, because Balochistan has always experienced a coalition. Balochis fancy their regional parties more than any other party. At present, after IK dared to hold a procession in Quetta, things might change in the days to come. A wave of change was seen during the congregation. So, all in all, IK does seem to have an upper hand in Balochistan.


On the whole it’s really hard to predict the winner because the nature of Pakistani politics is very fickle. Alliances are made and broken at the eleventh hour. Also votes are being purchased and elections are being manipulated.


Let’s just hope that whosoever comes; works for the betterment of the people of Pakistan. He doesn’t pander to the wishes of someone else. He doesn’t merely expatiate on the miseries of common people instead of doing something in reality. People have affiliated great hopes this time around, and let’s see what turns out to be the decree of fate for them.

Muhammad Talha

A Final year student of Electrical Engineering at UET, Lahore

  • amin

    my heart says PTI will sweep even from karachi. karachites are tired of MQM. Enough is Enough

  • Pakistan_zindabad

    Nice Analysis. InshaAllah, PTI will clean sweep the present dirt who just sitting in the parliament & obeying what zardari wants them to do. They all are corrupt, criminals & opportunists. May Allah (swt) show the light to Pakistani people so they can see the difference of right & wrong.

  • Syed

    Your bigoted view abt MQM’s hold on Karachi was in itself a manifestation that you are probably someone from Northern Punjab.

    I have been a MQM voter;..and trust me.. ppl in Karachi use their free will to vote for MQM… they are not coerced to …. and thats coz of the good work of MQM for the city of Karachi during Musharraf’s regime. Even the elite ..so called “enlightened” class.. votes for MQM in areas of DHA and Clifton.

    As far as the violence in Karachi is concerned.. its a turf war between MQM, PPP and ANP and has more to do with parties than voters…

    However, things have changed now. I myself have been turned off by the opportunistic politics of MQM … to stay in power by watever means and with anyone!

    It is for this reason that I am going to vote for change in the upcoming elections… gonna vote for PTI …

  • Omar

    Disagree with the comments about ppl q. There 20- 25 seats will be invaluable, nawaz will play his usual dirty game with pti being the biggest victim

  • http://twitter.com/FixTheFoxNow FixTheFoxNow

    Nicely written, do agree on some parts. It will be an exciting Elections, and waiting to see and hear, upsets and massive voters turn around. Inshallah IK & PTI will be able to gain clear majority.

  • Taj Ahmad

    Elections 2013 – Please don’t expect a pure election in Pakistan, all
    leaders must get ready with courage, whatever result come out of
    next general election, please accept it in defeat or win with open
    heart and mind. No blood shed of general public or killing of innocent
    people in government or in opposition.
    This is Pakistan and all our voters are brothers and sisters and on
    top of that citizen of Pakistan. Thank you.

  • Dawood

    Amazing. I totally agree with u on every point. I just hope IK gets a chance

  • A Pakistani Muslim

    All who read this sould know what PPP and Nawaz are up to now. Its time to open your eyes. Once Bush said i will take you (Pakistan) back to the stone age. Our Hounarable President is worse then Bush, he has taken food out of our mouths, killed our loved ones and burned our loved onces alive.
    Do what the same thing happening to your children.
    THINK before you VOTE.
    What you vote for will come to your door…………

  • siddra

    Politics can be played in many ways but the only thing which effects is that how it is affecting the people around it. i like to take part in my college political campaigns like selecting a leader for a society or selecting a finance secretary for hosting an event was fun, but very different from this type of politics. there are other professions too which i like more than this profession such as legal advisory or consulting services. you can visit here.

  • Muhammad Ali

    i seriouslyy doubt about sindg card being cashed by Zardari , if Bhutto was unable to save himself by cashing sindh card how come Zardari can think about it , keeping in mind MQM which loves to make gvt with every political party. They will show zero concern for PPP

  • Majid Hasan

    Every where in the world there are two type of parties. One belongs to rich and other poor. In Pakistan some how Peoples Party got recognisation of poor and rest of the parties of the rich. So there are two type of voters People Party voters and anti People Party voters. As and when anti People Party voters got under one banner as it happened in 1990 and 1993 they won otherwise field remained with People Party. Some dent has been created by MQM by uniting non Sindihies voters and Baloch Sardars in Balochistan. So it is up to Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan to unite and win or get defeated.