Waderai Ka Beta, Ali Gul Pir

Waderai Ka Beta, Ali Gul Pir

“This was a funny reflection directed towards the sons of spoilt beaucrates and industrialists”, these are the words of Ali Gul Pir, the talented director, comedian and singer, who has gripped the social media network with the video “Waderai ka Beta” which has gone viral on sites such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. It received 2.5 lac views in just 5 days. The video speaks volumes for those who may understand its humorous content.


A KESC Victim’s Creation:


Holding a major in T.V Production, he received his degree from SZABIST. Stating to The News/Geo he said that he moved out of his house to explore new horizons and to experience living alone for a while. It so happened 2-3 months ago that as usual KESC had struck and he was lying down in bed, devouring on “pappai and chai” when the idea dawned on him to compose a comical song which hardly depicted any serious issue, rather a matter which would illustrate the overall life of a “waderai ka beta”.


Two Hours and Zap..Here it was!


In two hours he penned this song down and discussed it with his friends who further encouraged him to pursue a television channel to showcase his creativity. However after getting rejected for “controversial reasons” he decided to stand against all odds as he said, “I didn’t take up a mainstream medium, instead after consulting my friends we settled on making it on our own by posting it on YouTube. I also brought it into limelight that though we would not be able to make money, we would still need to make an effort. I borrowed off money from those close to me and together with my talented team we started on this project.”


Forget Them Not – The Other Team Mates:


He further went on to emphasize that a fair share of credit should be given to Osama Sami, Raza Arif and Waqar Ali and the team members of “Vital Saeen”, who made it possible for the video to come to its final stage.


Never Knew He’d be a Star so soon! :


This down to earth emerging star did not even imagine in his wildest dreams that the video would be such a massive hit amongst not only youngsters but also elders alike.


Projects in the Pipe-Line:


With projects like “ Light on hai.” (aired every Saturday on Geo at 7:30) and other theater work under his wing he said that it took him 2-3 years of hard work and passion to make it this far in his career as an improvised comedian, however for a “waderai ka beta” this would not be the case.


I queried whether he had more projects in line, specifically of this social satire and of what the public should expect from him and his team? To this he replied saying “Abhi tou khair Allah Allah karo, bus ramzaan ke baad we’ll resume!” Hopefully there would be more not only politically based but socially enlightening as well. He continued that he would be interested in making sketches of 30 to 3 minutes and on a lighter note he added that it would be based on those brands that don’t sponsor him!


He’s Not scared of Feudal Backlash:


Upon my questioning whether he was scared for his life, considering the feudal political backdrop which we live in, he answered on a positive note saying “Well.. I haven’t been picked up by a Waderai ka beta as yet so I guess I’m safe, for now atleast!”


Saeen tau Saeen, Saeen ka kutta bhi Saeen

Saeen tau Saeen, Saeen ka paad bhi Saeen

Saeen tau Saeen, Saeen ki bachi bhi Saeen

and I say,


“Saeen tou saeen, saeen kee interviwer bhi saeen!!”

Alizeh Babar

A media science student interning at the web-desk of The News/Geo.

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  • Gulrukhsar

    Hahaha! Epic ending to an interesting blog! Your take on this is very refreshing, seems like you know your material. Hope to read more from you! :)

  • awais

    you are very creative indeed, keep up the good work

  • Musalmaan

    This is the most absurd music video I have ever seen !! Where Islamic democratic of Pakistan is going ? where our youth are going ? They are wasting all their energies in futile things and this happens when their role model are Indian/western singers instead of Khalid Bin Walid or Umer Ibn Khatib or Tipu Sultan or Salah Uddin Ayyubbi !! woe to us that we forgot our values, our religious heroes and involved in all kind of useless stuff.

    • Masood Sindhi

      Oh man i love that song and the way he made the video its amazing i can’t believe that a kid from my hometown ( DADU) can be so creative.I am very proud of you my friend.

  • Farhan

    Sorry but that’s what you can expect from the next generation of muslim ummah who have nothing to do but wasting their precious time in things like this!

    • http://www.facebook.com/obhamji Omair Bhamji

      “Comic Relief”.

  • Wahaj RR

    Justice done to an excellent song with an equally good article!

  • Wahaj RR

    Justice done to an excellent song with an equally good article!

  • chaigram

    You are very creative Saeen. ‘Toosi bhoth GREAT HOO’ keep it up and yes safe.

  • Ahmad

    Is this our Muslim Ummah to be ? Shame….

  • Ali Gul Pir

    Well written! good scene

  • Ghinva Raza

    In this Wa Wa LooM hOOPlaa OF crisis,this small gesture of some comic creativity & witss has nothing to do with islamic valuess!! @ MUSALMAN N FARHAN yyy somee ppl havee to draag always religion into it..you can watch n appreciate “nothing left to the imagination” english movies,bollywoood item numberss but not some hardwork done by any one near you, atleast if you cannot appreciate or give a word of praise u dont have any right to scrutinized negativelyy!! nice work Alizey!!

    • Musalmaan

      Religion of Islam is not just merely to pray 5 times, pay zakat, perform hajj and fast in ramadan (even though most of us don’t do this either). Our religion is a complete way of life, music/dance is an act of shaitaan and that is why majority of muslims are non-practising and that is why all sorts of corruption goings on throughout muslim world. We acquired Pakistan in the name of Islam, on the pledge that we will do all the things with respect to sharia but I don’t see that is happening and the root of all this is that we are away from quran/sunnah and engaged ourself in all types of shaitani and ‘behuda’ acts. May Allah (swt) give all of us the understanding the deen so we could identify the truth from falsehood. ameen.

  • M.Saeed

    Filthy dirty bad-mouth from the decent lips are bound to contaminates the senses. After watching the thumbnail picture, reading even a reproduction of normally “unprintable” words, the first impression has been polluted.
    There are better ways to throw stones in a filth-filled pond so as not to get splash-back on self. Lotus grows in stinking dirty ponds but stays aloof, clean and spotless white.

  • khan

    allaa yaar mazaa a gaya wadre ke bete … keep it up ;>

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003957074990 Ali Saleem
  • Shad

    Stupid Song Stupid Idea

  • Hussainy

    It is good. no no no it is very very very good song.

  • Hira Saleem

    indeed a nice one :-)

  • Hira Saleem

    nice one :-)

  • Wali

    hahah quite interesting… good stuff . do more reviews! in like your reviews

  • Rameez

    Superb Work….! it should be played on TV now…

  • ilyas khan

    very nice articles

  • Zahid Baloch

    This guy is a genius. He hit it on the spot. I have friends like the people describes and it is hilarious.

  • Saeeen…

    hahahahahah….saeeeeen kamaaaal kar diya…….i havent found a single person saying negative about the song whoever i have recommended to listen it to…….

  • truepakistani

    I read few very emotional comments in which people relating islam with the songs. Shame on you all go and see what mullahs are doing in mosques in the presence of quran they are molesting little children. As a society we want to live in state of denial and belueve all is well. Mr ali gul pir hats off to you. May allah protect you from these feudal basturds. These waderay are cancer of our country.good song.welldone.

  • truepakistani

    You are another emotional person do not want to accept reality. First of all you are wrong that very tiny minority is molesting children in mudursa actually very large majority is busy doing this evil act. Secondly you should not defend those who like to molest children, thirdly the current age mullah and moulvies are no way even an inch near to the life of our respectable sahaba and our last prophet. Shame on you bringing sahaba and prophet in to discussion to make your comment valid. If moulvies. Were good then why our religious values going down. May allah bring you on sirat-e-mustaqeem and give you strength to accept truth.

  • Hiba Zia Khan

    Very interesting article, fun to read :D great job!