Videoreview: facebook stalkers, rishta hunters…

Videoreview: facebook stalkers, rishta hunters…

An average of 164,121 views and enormous shares propping up on the wall of hundreds of facebookers easily qualify this video to be placed ‘there’.


This review must begin with some serious applauds for Osman Khalid Butt’s sheer devotion to the task of exposing stark societal flaws with a satire machinery in hand. With his iconoclastic deadpan style and grey humor packed into a video that aims to lampoon some trends, norms and interactions makes it a palatable social satire that’s funny and still makes a point.


The video takes off laughing at the current lawn craze with a crazy list of lawn brands that can only be a harbinger of ‘lawn wars’ in future. Ironically, a country where hundreds of people suffer malnutrition and die of hunger, such  fabric-madness calls for far more sarcasm. And that’s done here with justice to a certain extent.


The first part on facebook stalkers wasn’t quite funny as the exaggeration levels had gone a bit too up, and were more regular than the rest. Some of the phrases are:


Frandship requests : Hear my soul speak! Of the very instant I saw you did my heart fly at ur service.


I beg to star that you no stone hearted with my shany night prince


I’m so happy you have xprassed ur troo feelingx 4 me. It makes my heart bouncy bouncy soft soft

The next phase targeting traditional yet painfully annoying ‘Rishta Window Shopping Sessions’ justifies this video’s aim of exposing certain social nuisances we desperately need to get rid of. Some of the dialogues are as follows:

  • Facebook Stalkers, Rishta Hunters & Shit Desi Boyses Say

Mother-in-law’s Oh-so-annoying questions:


Beta, aapki family main koi diseases to nahen hain? (Response: Usually a guy waits until the third date to ask me this)


Beta, aapki height kitni hay? (Response: 5.5- Any other cliché or I’m officially the playmate of the year?)


Beta, do u want to pursue studies after marriage? (Response- No, I want to play Stepford wife to your son and lower my IQ every time he speaks until I’m reduced to only responding to commands like sit! Roll over! Play dead! (A classic statement indeed!)


Without shouting it out loud, it also criticizes how women are made to play subservient to the extent of going dumb by men whose IQ and EQ levels are both miserably low. True that! (Can’t help adding that a man’s manliness only comes into existence when he has asserted himself over a women- how lame- duhh)


In the end comes the ‘funnest’ part with the street-language desi-cool dudes commonly use in their interactions. Monkeying the choicest of the phrases with a dash of hilarity is quite a heavy dose in sarcasm, and  depict how decency has been forced to flush out of the social interactions of our youth.


Terms:   Jigar, Jaani, Sir (for friends), Cheetay (for a smart guy)


Phrases: Boi kiya scene hay, Boi khatam scene hay, Oye! Bachi check kar!, Jaldee pohauch bohat mahaul hay, Scene awn hay, Meter mut ghuma, Phadda Phadda, hoye hoye, Aaj tere bhai ne bachi yes ki hay, Yaar…bohat lush hay yar, yar level hay yar, Teri soch hay, aaj to bara yo-mo bun ke aya hay hain – Mast mohaul te mitthe chaul hain-Yes man di latlain hain!, whatta tait piece, whatta chicken piece!


Yeah! It sure is outrageously funny yet with a purpose and unlike the other slapstick comedies made with a sole intention of a raunchy fun.


Some criticize it to be very explicit and suggestive, however, with so much porn and sex-explicit movies and ads all around us, this is still done with a pre-set-intent and not to spread ‘vulgarity’ or whatever you may like to call it.


Anyways! Thumbs up to the entire team for a brilliant act that a lot of senior producers, directors and actors may have a hard time staging.



Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

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