The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

We, the Pakistanis love cricket, more than we love anything else. Even when we know that the team is likely to lose, or that they have committed errors that are stupid, costly and unbelievable. The T20 series against Sri Lanka turned out to be an eye opener for those who thought that the matches would be an easy ride for ‘Professor’ Mohammad Hafeez, because the matches were anything, but that!


The Good that came out of the matches for the green shirts was not their new kit neither it was the way they played. It was the resurgence of Sohail Tanvir, Yasir Arafat and Mohammad Sami who finally managed to win a match for Pakistan. Yasir Arafat, who scored nearly a fifty and took 5 wickets on his Test debut handful of years back has been in and out of the side, despite being a Twenty20 specialist. The way he bowled showed that he has grown as an all-rounder and will be the ideal replacement for the aging Abdur Razzaq who is out of favour and out of the side. Sohail Tanvir bowled well in the first match and would have been the Man of the Match had the batsmen not squandered the advantage, whereas Mohammad Sami took time to settle at the international level, but when he did, he brought the Sri Lankans back to the ground!


The Bad that we experienced was the batting from the so-called batsman. When Shahid Afridi scores, it means that the team was desperate for him to score as was the case in the second match. Although the visitors won the match, the batting remains a headache for Dav Whatmore. Khalid Latif needs to grow up or make way for Asad Shafiq who was impressive at the practice match before the series. Same goes for Ahmed Shahzad and Umar Akmal who seem to be interested in only cementing their places in the team. Shoaib Malik’s performance was neither good nor bad but he needs to get his act together, and bowl as well if he is to play as an all-rounder (he certainly is NOT a specialist batsman!!!).


For the Ugly, there was a tie between the most expensive and reckless T20 bowler in the world and the most pathetic fielding unit, and the award was shared by both. Umar Gul was rightly axed for the second match because it was he alone whose wayward deliveries cost Pakistan the first match. Same can be said of the fielding for the fielders never hit the wicket directly, the bowler never backs up when the ball is thrown back, and the catches are hardly taken easily. The 33-year-old wicket keeper Shakil Ansar failed to impress and it seems that the glove duties would be shared by either Adnan Akmal or Sarfaraz Ahmed, whoever does well in Tests or ODIs respectively.


Time is running out for the Pakistan cricket team that doesn’t have many matches ahead of the World T20 in September. Judging the way they played against Sri Lanka, they need to improve a lot if they are to do well against the best sides in the world.


Omair Alavi

A member of the Geo News team and writing articles on sports and entertainment since 1995.

  • Majid Shakoor

    Pakistan did play poorly but they won one and they were almost in control of the other one I wish u don’t jump the gun and start calling out players team has no home field they play all their matches on the road how do u get confidence in ur batting with out the support of the home crowd they r doing very well under the situation they r in if Pakistanis do care about the game than figure out the way to play the game on home turf that’s what u should b talking about instead of criticising the youn men who r under tremendous pressure as it is

  • Luqman Ali

    Dear Mr. Alvi

    Your way of writing indicates that you don’t like the Pathans i.e (Afridi, U Gul) remember the 2nd match was won by Afridi if he would n’t have scored the 50 the total would be 70 so there was no way to win even if Sami,Arafat had bowled very well. Don’t close your eyes from the fact and don’t spread negative impressions. Umar gul was expensive in the match but you cannot compare his last match with his previous record of all formats in cricket, he is the real asset of Pakistan and delivered when Pak needed same applies for Afridi. Our main strength is bowling but it is nothing without a strong batting line. you must post a competetive totals in order to save matches. Imran Nazir need to be back and Sifarshi craps to be thrown out.

    • Amir80

      I fully agree with the Author of the article. Pathans? Are you nuts. It is a true coincidence perhaps. Yes, Gul was an asset in the Semi final of World cup! Do you remember his figures? He alone ensured with pathetic bowling that we lose (other reasons were there as well) He is just a supporting bowler and requires Asif/Amir to perform.

  • guest

    The Bad and Ugly is so consistent with the Pakistani side that I have stopped watching even if there is a Glimpse of the third type the Good , either in ODI or in T20 or even for that matters in the Test matches . The new paper’s reporting on the next day is all I give a short reading and thats is , THE Enigmatic YOYOS ( years ago I gave this name to the side in greens ) have stuck on them ( at least in my eyes )

  • Faheem Zafar

    Dear Mr Alvi, Please stop writing about cricket .. above writing is completely ridiculous, non-analytical and baseless. 50 runs from arafat and afridi is a so called t20 batsman ??? arafat scored only 2 runs and got 3 lucky wickets .. please make your facts straight ..
    ignorance is a biggest crime when writing on public forums ..
    yours sincerely,

  • Shahzad Saleem

    I love to see U Omair alvi,… i have read u almost all the blogs,… i hope u will do it same :-) Takecare

  • POLO

    We have got so much time to about rubbish. Grow up Pakis.