Rowdy, Very Rowdy!

Rowdy, Very Rowdy!

It might be brainless, mindless and storyless flick, but Rowdy Rathore is not tasteless at any point. Featuring Akshay Kumar in a Rowdy double role and revisiting comedy must be the reasons why one should go and watch the movie. It may be ace-dancer Prabhudheva’s second Bollywood film after Salman Khan-starrer Wanted but at no point does it seems so. The movie is beyond doubt one of the best films produced about herogiri in recent years, and must only be watched if you are in the mood to just laugh and cheer for the oppressed.


The mass entertainer has earned 77 crores in its first 7 days, and the credit must go to the producers for selecting Vikramarkudu as the inspiration. Be it the mindless maar dhaar, the songs where the hero and heroine dance their hearts out or the witty dialogues that just kept coming, Prabhudheva hits the bulls eye. Although Sonakshi Sinha is totally overshadowed in the movie, she does manage to entertain the frontbenchers with her bulky presence.


The film starts with Shiva (Akshay) and his partner in crime (Paresh Ganatra) trying to con people, posing as chor police. Enters the heroine who steals his heart and soul, despite knowing that he’s a thug (it’s a film for God’s sake!). Shiva promises to go straight and decides to try his hand at one last con, but he stumbles across a secret that changes his life and career. The story then revolves around Vikram Rathore (the other Akshay) and the small town people of Devgarh who get confused between Shiva and Vikram, and while the villains try to kill whoever is available, the townsfolk hail his return. In such a situation, action is the first thing that comes to mind, and it never seems to end!


The film belongs to Akshay all the way since he is virtually in 90 percent of the flick. He gets the best dialogues, performs the most amazing actions and celebrates his  return to action with mindless pinches and kicks. It is likely to herald back Akshay’s era just like Wanted brought Salman Khan back into the top position. The dialogues like ‘Main Jo Kehta Hun Who Karta Hun’ and ‘Don’t Angry Me’ set the cinema alight, and will become part of the folklore soon. For serious cinemagoers, this film may have many loopholes but for the rest, this is the ideal flick since it keeps them entertained for the entire run. So go for Rowdy, if you want to give your brain the rest it needs!

Omair Alavi

A member of the Geo News team and writing articles on sports and entertainment since 1995.

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