Pakistani Soaps are Home-Breakers!

Pakistani Soaps are Home-Breakers!

With the success of Hamsafar there was a lot of buzz among the industry circles that the lost audience is coming back to the televisions. Tired of watching the Indian spice ups; local dramas with local culture, local stories, and local cast attracted people back towards the small screen.


As I look back to the local dramas I felt as if there was a latent pattern as if the theme of all dramas was same: married life problems, treachery of a family member, evil, almost everyone stabbing each other’s back. Either the mother-in-law is evil personified and making the life of the newly wed bride miserable, an overly demanding husband or a rich, powerful daughter in law making the life of her in laws unbearable.


In short, evil bhabis, evil nands, evil bahoos, evil saas are common characters in many shows. Seems like homes have turned into battlegrounds of good and evil with a lot of kick-behind action.

If media claims to be getting back its audience it means that it has the undivided attention of millions of people for an hour or so in which the audience is focused and doing nothing but accepting the messages delivered to them. Unconsciously mostly negative messages are being hammered in the minds of audience telling them not to trust any one around; there is no one to keep your back.

Many may claim that these evil stories are nothing but a depiction of harsh realities of the society but I would like to request these channels to look at the messages delivered to the world from a different angle. After seeing all the treacherous acts of in laws and husband on screen, when a newly wed girls goes to her new home she might expect to get treated the same way but what if her in laws are non-traditionally good? She might never be able to see the goodness in them owing to her pre-conceived notions – thanks to the dramas her mind is convinced that susral is not a place where you get loved.


A mother in law who incessantly sees every plot revolve around how a newly wed bribe takes over the son and throws the mother out of home, is naturally scared her future might just be the same. No wonder she decides to put in some extra strictness to ensure she doesn’t suffers as her counterpart TV character. She then ventures on to make the life of a simple sweet girl miserable who got no such intentions whatsoever in her mind..

The increasing negativity portrayed in these soaps might in fact complicate people’s life than bringing any good to them. With all the good shelved out somewhere, they are only looking to slash aside the forces of evil (essentially the in laws) considering themselves paragons of good. Spicing up shows is acceptable to a certain limit but it when feels that things are crossing lines, some things need to stop then!

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  • M.Saeed

    These soaps are reincarnation and enlightened versions of erstwhile most essential item in the dowry of a bride, i.e., the indomitable “Bahishti Zaiwar”. Idea was to instil unflinching scare in their minds about leaving their parents house after burning all sails back to them. These soaps are providing enough of fuel to burn the myth of Bahishti Zaiwar.

  • Sman

    Very well written article. But i would like to add one more “dangerous evil” i.e sense of “cheating on partner” both on part of husband and wife being propagated. I think the media must highlight this evil trend. Though theory of “Subliminal Messages” can not apply over here, but as a matter of fact these dramas do effect our thinking process.



  • molana gee

    This article is good in providing the direction of current media. The matter of fact is media is profit and commercial industry like other secular and western countries. It is only concerned with its own profits and it will do whatever it takes them to. I don’t feel if they learn that the most profitable way is to propagate vulgarity adultery treasons whatever they will surely do. In west they also present porn serial and clips just to attract audience.. in Pakistan dirty talking dramas and obnoxious looking stupid girls are trying hard to copy those whores e.g. sunny Leon. So dawn news group itself wants to be fully westernised… I don’t want to waste my further time writing on such web.

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