New PM or Another Scapegoat?

New PM or Another Scapegoat?

Brilliant! I am glad that Raja Pervaiz Ashraf got elevated to the position of chief executive of Pakistan. Because, without a doubt, this hangs a question mark against the belief of the optimists who still like to think that Pakistan’s direction has not been all that wrong over the course of its 60-year old history.

“We must have sinned but are our sins so grave that we have been slapped with a prime minister like Raja Pervaiz Ashraf?” a senior political analyst wondered on TV. I am absolutely certain that this query must be troubling every single mind having a least amount of concern for the future of our country.

The ouster of the former premier ‘Gilani of Multan’ at the hands of the judiciary conspicuously fell short of sparking even a semblance of a protest or agitation in any part of the country. This leads us to safely conclude that there can’t be a clearer indication of the tacit support of the masses to the apex court’s ruling of sending PM Gilani home.

Will the new PM write to the Swiss authorities urging them to reinstate graft cases against the force behind his election to the coveted office of the chief executive of the country? Do we really need to be told if he will put Benazir Bhutto’s grave on trial?

The allies of the PPP-led regime, all of whom proudly claim to be the public representatives, also knew all along the answer to the above, which is a resounding NO. They had their fingers on the pulse of the public, which supports the demand of bringing the country’s wealth back from Swiss bank accounts. But, the clear zeal with which they went ahead, electing President Zardari-backed candidate actually negates their claims. This should put the minds at rest which have been wondering whether the parties representing the coalition partners are driven through personal agenda or the aspirations of their electorate.

The push and pull over the sharing of the big pie made itself even more visible and appalling as the ‘public representatives’ made the most of the golden opportunity by grabbing as big a share as they possibly could in return for their undeniably precious support to the ruling PPP in getting Raja elected.

That being said, there is still no need to be eclipsed by a depressing gloom, as the Supreme Court is yet to take the NRO implementation case to its logical conclusion. In this regard, a new three-judge bench headed by Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk has been set up, which is scheduled to hold its first hearing on June 27.

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, an accidental PM chosen by an accidental President, must bear in mind that a precedent now exists and the Supreme Court might not take as long this time as it did in Yousuf Raza Gilani’s case.

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Mazhar Bughio

Web journalist/ writer associated with Geo News/ The News International.

  • Anonymous

    This time they should take President into account. I dont know why this person is using his authority to challenge supreme court orders. The day he step down as president that day he is gonna regret his acts

  • Guest62

    The Only Under lining Criteria for AAZ to dole out the Chanced premiership to the willing candidate , was Not the Loyalty to the ZAB cause , Not the Loyalty to the BB grave , Not any iota of Loyalty to the PPP slogan R.K.M(roti-kapra-makan) NO NO NO , If it was then perhaps few could stake the claim among the party cadre ! The Only Criteria in front of AAZ , was who can Protect me and me alone . So the basic thoughts were , who ever has proven beyond doubts to be corrupt and can swindle out the national kitty without having any blinkering of eye lash , and thus only 2 candidates came up …. Mr Makhdoom Ephidirine and Mr Rental Raja … Antinorcotics agency got hold of the first one in time of his filing his papers , so Rental Raja got the node of approval from the boss Not Mr some what clean Qamar Zaman kaira9NOT YET HAVE ANY THING RELATED TO HIM WHAT HAS BECOME THE SUCCESS OF BEING A MINISTER OR CLOSE CIRCLE BUDDY ! , who being a staunch loyalist of the PPP slogans based criteria above , failed misreabbly on the Only measuring scale

  • Shujauddin Qureshi.

    Sain! I did not expect such a writing from you. Anyways, my only comment on your these lines follows:

    This leads us to safely conclude that there can’t be a clearer
    indication of the tacit support of the masses to the apex court’s ruling
    of sending PM Gilani home.

    The history would prove that Supreme Court’s Chief Justice made this decision in anger and he is bound to see the consequences in the history books. He (CJ) would see his bad name in legal history for his unconstitutional and hostile decisions against people. Nowhere in the world an elected public representative is facing such hostile attitude and I condemn all those who support CJ blindly for all his decisions. He is really a scar on face of our unfortunate nation.

    • Khurram Mateen

      Dear Shuja, where in the civilized world does a public representative ridicule judiciary or disobey apex court’s orders? What about Hajj scandal, Steel Mills case, NICL scam and so forth. I believe the CJ is great hope against corruption and injustice.

    • NASAH (USA)

      Neither did I from Mr. Bughio.

      The CJ with all the good intentions he may have possessed has indeed hurt the country and the nation for time immemorial to come — unless corrected by another judiciary in another more tranquil normal times.

      Get ready for a Niagara of lawsuits before the Supreme court and regional courts based upon the flimsiest excuses to fire Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Deputy Prime minister Imran Khan and President Fazlurrahman for sneezing on court decisions.

    • M.Saeed

      See who condemns the CJ blindly for all his precedence-setting decisions!
      A real judge must have no sentiments, must be blind to personal inclinations, must be deaf to out-of-court-talk and must weigh the tendered proceedings with a knife-edge.
      Now, if Judge is blamed for meeting all these pre-requisites for being a real honest and fair judge, let it be.

    • Mazhar Bughio

      Qureshi sahab, mine is just an opinion. You have all the right to agree
      or otherwise. Thanks very much for your valuable comment, though.

  • S Nasrullah

    Bravo Mazhar Bughio. You have logically summed up the real crux of the matter in one sentence: ” This should put the minds at rest which have been wondering whether the parties representing the coalition partners are driven through personal agenda or the aspirations of their electorate.”

    The Pee Palao Party of the yonder years has graduated to Purse Pinching Plunderers of today. With Military neutered by its own indiscretions or ineptness or both, the public have lost all hopes of Military in a missionary role. The thieves, robbers and highwaymen of the ruling junta need the force of law to weed them out. It is a confounding and convoluted logic that an angry CJ has been on the assignment of the Lone Ranger. Rather than the aggrieved parties protesting against the harsh ruling of the SC, it is the Lawyers and the Public that have joined forces to strengthen the hands of the CJ to bravely and boldly defy the chicanery of the cunning and the condemned.

    The many intelligent Political Analysts have pointed out to the imminent scenario, you have scribbled in the last para of yours: ” Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, an accidental PM chosen by an accidental President, must bear in mind that a precedent now exists and the Supreme Court might not take as long this time as it did in Yousuf Raza Gilani’s case.”

  • Waheed Khan

    Sab Lassiyan Pee Kar so Jao….

  • It is indeed a slap on the face of Pakistani nation that another plunderer has become the custodian at the highest level. What else was expected…he was the best choice to serve the personal interests of Zardari, and most suitable to earn him few more corrupt dollars to aid to the fire of his limitless greed. What to speak of leadership or visionary attributes of the new PM, he is yet another looter and plunderer….selected from a bunch of alike by a person. Here is a small note about PPP (although very similar in intent and actions to rest of the leaders). Z A Bhutto was a true leader, but a convicted murderer. His family was the biggest looser and had sad fate. Nusrat bhutto was the most unlucky lady of history. Her husband was hanged, two sons were killed (one allegedly by her son in law when her daughter was the PM and at the helm of power). Her brightest daughter Benazir was killed and her murder was covered up by her own husband…who, even being the president and making many claims about knowing the kilers and inviting UN investigation team, took no pain to catch her killers…infact actually protecting them. All the time stockpiling money acquired by corruption and help of cronies like Malik Riaz and Rehman Malik…who is the biggest joke of nature with Pakistani people. If a thief and thug becomes president then he will not overnight become into a decent personality. His habbits, gestures on media, selection of his team, advisors, ministers etc shows the superficial depth of his personality and his view towards his duties and obligations as a president. Has no one noticed that the promises made by Zardari are on behalf of all DEAD people…Z A Bhutto, Benazir etc. Looking at PPP banners with photos of Bhutto, Benazir, Zardari and Bilawal, one wonders that who will be responsible to honour the promisses…the dead ones or those yet to die.

    • Tanzil Hasan

      I am more perturbed by the selfish coalition partners, who had no shame when supporting a person like Raja Pervaiz Ashraf as the Chief Executive. Touching the height of it all look at this idiot who had gone to the supreme court and had proved that Raja had caused heavy losses to the exchequer in the Rental Power plant scams, had no iota of shame to give his vote to Raja as the Prime Minister. Last night on TV he stated shamelessly that he did it to follow party discipline and especially because Chaudhry Shujaat Husain (the biggest corrupt) came to his house and requested him to support Raja’s election. I am wondering what was stopping Faisal Saleh Hayat from saying “NO” and offerred to give up his NA seat.There is now question in my mind that when all these allies heard the news Raja’s nomination by PPP, they all must have felt happier, so that they could increase their price. In totallity, its the result of Democracy which is being abused by these culprits. Is there any one who will vouch for this democracy? One has to be insane only to do so.

  • Javed

    Agreed, but the problem is as much the population of Pakistan as it is the politicians. Corrupt governments are nothing new in this country, but whenever the electorate are given a choice it is either PPP or PML. The real test will be the next general election. If PPP gets voted in again, who will be to blame. The PEOPLE of Pakistan need to wake up and come into the real world …

  • G

    For us from outside it looks like Pakistan is a country with 2nd rate politicians, 3rd rate intellectuals, 4th rate army, and an nth rate judiciary.

  • Sohail Ahmed

    Has it ever happened that PPP-led government, although elected democratically, was allowed to run the state affairs smoothly without creation of big hurdles on its way? The answer is NEVER.

    • time

      I agree with you and despite the ‘hurdles’ PPP’s founder ZAB was the chief architect who dismembered the country, became the CMLA, president and Premier, nationalized big and small industries thus not only destroying the economy of the country, but by this action also making available loads of money to the bureaucrats and corrupting them. The 2nd and 3rd governments of the PPP saw massive corruption by BB and AZ. The 4th PPP government is systematically destroying every organ of the state, most likely at the behest of their foreign masters. The leaders and all associated with the party are treacherous traitors and nothing less.
      I pray that bigger hurdles are created for them so that the country can recover from the destruction let loose by the worst set of criminals ever to come into power in Pakistan.

  • Ocute

    everyone is corrupt, even the public then how can u expect good things from leaders. All political leader are hungry of power and wealth, they dont think what will happen to them when they will die. now its time for public to wake up and bring someone else up not from these parties they all are they same.

  • talha

    zardari to PM.. you speake lie ?. PM… yes sir . zardari…. are u corrupt ?.PM…. yes sir.
    zardari… welldone my boy u have the qualities to become PM….
    PM.. Oh really sir ?
    zardari.. yesss
    bullshit yaar jo banda bijli k mohkmy ko nai chala skta woh mulk kia chalai ga ?
    aoo bhaie tum bhi looto mulk ko

  • Ahsan M Qureshi

    where were u all when Ch Sujahat was made prime minister or imported Moeen Qureshi, or Shuakat Aziz and so on were made pm at well…u all did not have the guts to object…now u are all up from your sleep…wait few more months and go to poll and change to whatever u want….democracy must continue