Berry Berry Cheesecake!

Berry Berry Cheesecake!

Why traditional cream cakes when one can relish on the new-age, descended right from the heavens, berry-berry cheesecakes! Why call it berry-berry? It is because it is sumptuous mix of blue berries and strawberries folded together in a beautiful fashion. So, let’s hurry up to become kitchen veterans for this yummy delight.




For crust:

Cookies crushed 2 cups

Butter 3 oz


For Filling:


Philadelphia cream cheese 2 tubs at room temperature

Sugar 1 cup

Vanilla essence 1 tbsp

Whipped cream 2 cups

Nestle Curd Whipped 4 tbsp

Strawberry (fresh/ frozen/tinned 1 cup

Blueberry (fresh/frozen/tinned) 1 cup

Egg white (stifly beaten) 2

Gelatin 1 1/2 tbsp added in 1/4th cup milk- On medium flame, gently dissolve it and allow it to cool at room temperature.


Method for crust:


In a bowl combine butter and cookie crumbs. Press it  into the bottom of cheese cake pan and freeze it preferably overnight.


For Filling:


In a bowl, mix  and then beat cheese and sugar with a medium speed for about 3 mins. Add in curd, vanilla, condensed milk and 1 tbs lemon juice.


Then slowly add dissolved gelatin and the fold the berries in cream and egg white. Mix the mixture well, pour it over the frozen crust until firm and keep it in the refrigerator until firm.




Top the creamy-cheesy cake delight with blueberry sauce spread in the center and whipping cream decors bordering the cake. To decorate chocolate disks and heart to add a hint of chocolate decadence to the cakehood.


And yes…delve into the delight and lick it clean until the last atom left! By the way, its best for birthday.Haffun!

Kishwar Usman

A seasoned chef and a private seller

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  • Virgz_99

    cream cheese (2 tub) bt gram kitna???

  • Virgz_99

    cream cheese (2 tub)bt gram kitna???

    • Anonymous

      depends how big you want (the cheese cake) to be!

  • Virgz_99

    i live in khi n here 300 g tub ov cream cheese iz available