A Performance that Silenced Critics

A Performance that Silenced Critics


Renowned all rounder Shahid Khan Afridi, exhibiting the best all round performance in the second and the final Twenty20 International against Sri Lanka, smashed an unbeaten whirlwind 52 off 33 balls, claimed two key wickets and took a smart catch to help Pakistan level the series.


This magnificent performance earned him the ‘Man-of-the-Match’ award – the seventh in his career–, which is a world record in T20I cricket.


The 32-year-old also became the first player to appear in fifty T20 Internationals as no other player has achieved this feat. Brendan McCullum of New Zealand has played 47 such matches.


Besides, Afridi holds Pakistan record of scoring the most runs (801) and a world record for taking the highest number of wickets (58) in this format.


The former Pakistan captain has already set various world and national records in One-day International cricket.


However, it is strange to note that on the day Afridi played this memorable match, former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Ijaz Butt said in a statement that Shaid Afridi was not a suitable player for a T20 match.


Moreover, the team management has disallowed media from talking to Afridi just a day after he played his 50th T20 International. According to a report, Pakistan team manager Naveed Akram Cheema told media persons covering the ongoing series in Sri Lanka that they could talk to any national cricketer other than Afridi.


The report suggested the reason why Afridi was gagged by the team management was the player’s habit of making careless statements.

Mushtaq Ahmed Subhani

A copy-editor on the web desk of Geo Super. He has been contributing on sports and showbiz for over 40 years.

  • S Nasrullah

    Education disciplines thought process. The enlightened ones never lose the sense of proportions while flaunting their success or fretting their defeat. A.H. Kardar was Cambridge Blue while Javed Burki, Majid Khan and Imran Khan belonged to the classic Oxford Blues. During the Captaincy of those cultured individuals, they exercised subtle superiority over their team mates. They were always sought after by Journalist for their balanced opinions and remarks. Then again, eloquence and prowess of speech is a god gifted talent.

    Despite his shortcomings in semantics, Shahid Afridi, none can deny that he is one of the Best All-rounders in the Game of Cricket and that his record making performances in the T-20 format is a credit not only to himself but to Pakistan as well. As far as the comments of the former PCB Chief Ijaz Butt is concerned, he may be forgiven for his senile and senseless juxtapositions. His rise to the position of Chairman, PCB was based on the famous machination in Pakistan – not the know-how but the know-who.

  • Rajchouhan

    He is a good player BUT witout any control on his tongue and temperament which are very much needed for any International player who represents his country.

  • asghar khan mandokhail

    The amount of talent SKA has got cant be declined,but its pity that our think tank in the corridor of PCB has been in the habit of not extracting off players what they have.The officials are corrupt and working for vested interests.Shahid afridi is best fit for leading pakistan on ground because he is aggressive.GOOD LUCK to afridi

  • Yousaf Zai

    He is a usefull player for Pakistan team, but he is useless for PCB as he is not making money for Board,,,, the concept f SKA toward Islam is very clear thats why his concept towards Money in Nothing … Board Need Salman Butt.. Amir Khan… Asif and now a kat-putlee captan like Hafeez or Misbah who can act acoording to Board rules for making money and run the expanditure of Board,,,,,Sham on PCB i can say that

  • Ali

    He grabbed right place in team.. but captaincy is a different matter… board has to move on with new skipper for future planning..

  • Waseemac7

    One good performance & Afridi is the best. Lets see the recent record in SL T20: 1 & 52. ODIs: 2 not out, 17, 0 & 9.
    Silenced Critic

  • http://www.facebook.com/bilal.chughtai.927 Bilal Chughtai

    well said my friend :)

  • Bilal Hakim

    few diff. tv channel websites and looked up news and read every where AFRIDI BEATS UP A FAN. Afridi have out dated player RETIRED RETIRED and take GOLDEN HAND SACK SCHEME give some young player chance, his time over he have no control on his temperament and hands he did very bad example at airport to hit a fans who are there to welcome him. He will never ever be again a good player, after World T20 of 2012 he have best retired and say Istagfrullah to ALLAH and his fan to ask forgive AHA BHAOT BURI HOTI HAI. with him Shaoib Malik, Imran Nazir and Kamran Akram all should go they are CHINA MOBILE