Who is Getting Married This Time..?

Who is Getting Married This Time..?

After the tremendous triumph of the comedy series of Aazar ki aayegi baraat, Dolly ki aayegi baraat, and Taakey ki aayegi baraat the director has made an entry back on the TV screen with the 4th season of this show of hilarious episodes “Annie ki aayegi baraat” built around the theme of weddings, something which is always popular and customary in the Pakistani context. The show stars Naveen Waqar from the famous drama “Humsafar” in addition to the already super hit stars Bushra Ansari, Saba Hameed, Samina Ahmed, Javed Shaikh, Ahsan Khan, Ali Safina and others.


The drama revolves around two suburban cities of Pakistan Karachi and Faisalabad, and displays satirical rivalry between the two different elite families on which it has been made. The family from Faisalabad an epitome of Punjabi traditions and Punjabi culture reflects in everything they do. The family from Karachi is more decent in terms of its lifestyle. Saima Chaudhry (played by Bushra Ansari), the woman from Faisalabad is shown as the most dominant woman of the serial, and is the centre of attention and attraction, the centripetal force in the setting. Her meddling and boisterous habits annoy others around and the badinage is fun to watch.


What mainly makes the sequel so popular is the glory of weddings along with fits of laughter. Match making, matrimonies and the conquest of the protagonist to find his/her perfect life partner makes it so much more interesting. Addition of new yet interesting characters every now and then makes it such a hit. This time they’ve cashed on the entry of “Hina Dilpazeer” (playing the role of Fari D in the serial) as the sister in law of Saima Chaudhry, the woman on demand after Bulbulay, another super hit serial falling under the same genre.


Annie, the lead actress in the sequel, is the first cousin of Sila and has lived in Canada for almost her entire life. The drama revolves around how her mother starts getting paranoid over her marriage and due to this obsession takes desperate measures. Saima Chaudhry immediately after glancing at Annie through a Skype conversation with Aazar, starts dreaming to make Annie her daughter in law. Fari D from UK also wishes to get Annie’s hand in marriage for her son Bobby. The conflict reaches its zenith when the battle between Saima Chaudhry and Fari D takes to its fullest and gives chuckles to the audience enjoying the serial to bits and pieces.


Why I love Annie ki aayegi baraat so much is due to the fact that it is completely devoid of women subjugation, female woes, male dominance, domestic violence and other issues of the kind. In fact at some particular instances, it shows the contrary of these through dominating and professionally stable women, inter connectedness among families, romance between the elderly people and everything that Pakistani people craving for pure entertainment would like to watch.

If you’re one of those viewers who love classic comedy, a touch of the rich Pakistani culture, women empowerment and the grandeur of weddings; “Annie ki Aayegi Baraat” is the sequel for you. Enjoy watching :)

Quratulain Tejani

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs