Think Beyond Politics for Smaller Units

Think Beyond Politics for Smaller Units

After National Assembly, Punjab Assembly has also passed the resolution for Saraki Province.  The creation of this province has strong support from PPP’s current government. Saraki movement started in 1961 by a Saraiki nationalist Riaz Hashmi. The movement gained strength and momentum in the era of 70s while Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto came in the picture as Prime Minister of Pakistan. But Zia ul Haq cope sent the Saraki leadership underground.  In 1988 the movement reemerged with the death of dictatorship and with the arrival of the new era of democracy.  PPP was in power but there was no ear to hear the Saraiki movement.


The support to Saraiki Province but ignorance towards Hazara Province movement shows that this is simply a political gambit by PPP which has already confused the opposition whose vote bank will be affected by the creation of more provinces in Punjab. Hazara’s demand is similar to Saraiki has not reached to the ears of PPP government because ANP is the ally  of PPP in the current system who will be affected most by the Hazara Province.  Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif came with the counter demand of dividing Sindh into more provinces, another political gambit shot by PMLN to break the vote bank of PPP in Sindh.  This shows that two parties are busy countering each others’ politics rather than resolving the issues and bringing the right solutions on the table.


Currently, Pakistan needs smaller units with the administrative power in the hands of locals of those units. The appointments based on political affiliation have already damaged the performances of all the public run institutions like Police and education. The division of big provinces into smaller on the base of population can bring devolution of power to the people from the ruling class. The development will be inevitable if each unit will have the full autonomy to develop the area by using the local resources including Human resources and collecting taxes.


The state running hospitals in Karachi are full of patients from Interior Sindh and same is the situation in Lahore based public hospitals which shows that idea of imposing quota system to develop the rural areas in public sectors is failed and rural areas are still deprived from the basic needs.   The elimination of any quota system will help disperse the population in different areas through the employment and education needs which can eventually eliminate the ethnic differences in future and more diversity in each city and not only in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad.


The smaller units (more provinces) will break the power of larger political parties  in the federal as well as on provincial level and the disappearance of single party rule at the centre and the growth of regional politics will bring more federal polity, and a more equitable sharing of power. While the slow process of elimination of ethnic division will bring the strength to Pakistan.


Not to forget that  China is ruling under one constitution and  currently administering 33 provincial level regions, 333 prefectural level regions, 2,862 county-level regions, 41,636 township-level regions and even more village-level regions.  In 2011, former Chief Minister of UP, Kumari Mayawati tabled the bill of dividing UP into four smaller units while India already has divided into 28 states and 7 territories since the independence and .  The above mention countries are growing stronger in terms of economy and gaining territorial strength in the region.  The two states are the best example for our leaders to resolve the issues of the people through real politics rather than dragging the issues by their political gambit.

Farheen Rizvi

A masters in International Management from University of Maryland, a social worker and a blogger.

  • Anantha079

    You are so right to run and govern smaller units. But when the leader ship does this for political agenda only people will and continue to suffer. What British Legacy of divide and rule policy we in South Asia can no way get out of this divide and rule policy. We at civil society can only cry horse more than that we are just silent spectators.

  • Maawan9

    wrong two resolations passed 1 for for janobi punjab and Bahawalpur, do not mis guied the ppls.

  • Hasan

    Every province needs to be divided into smaller units, the problem is when creating units for specific cultures / language / sects. That will just add flames to the sectarianism.

    The names and ideology of the provinces / units should be neutral to all kinds of divisions. I’d say even change the name of sindh / punjab / balochistan etc.

    Ever heard about ‘divide and conquer’?

  • Anonymous

    Farheen Rizvi has sheded light on the need of new provinces rightly.There must be new provinces not for the sake of messy politics of our politicians but for the sake to solve the problems of the people of Pakistan. Besides,our politicians must realize the reality if they keep continue the tit for tat policy,then, there will be no solidarity in the pakistani society which is already taking her last breaths.Division o provinces is good on the grounds of administration.For instance ,I am the residing of Attock.If i have to contact provincial administration, i have to go to Lahore,Which takes me 4 hours from one side.If Punjab and other provinces are divided on ground realities it would be a good omen about the coming future of Pakistan.Lastly, i will say to the dirty politicians of Pakistan that please for God Sake mend your ways otherwise the day is not far away when the people of Pakistan will treat you as Hosni Mubarik or Qadafi……….

  • M.Saeed

    With an administrative set-up of a Federal Government having five federating Provincial Governments and 31 Divisional Local Governments, Pakistan is already a top heavy administrative establishment. Sole purpose of creating more provinces in the country should be, for the convenience of people in settling their affairs with the government nearest possible to their living places. But, with undefined divisions of functions based upon other than conveniences of people, experimenting with more provinces, but with the same number of local governments would make a complete nonsense of governance. Repetition of functions without rules of business at each tier of governance, would not allow any progress, leaving the nation struggling to find its sense of direction.

    What we need today is creation of more Divisions and well thought of necessary delegation of powers to those Divisional administrators. Give the many names like, Governors, Deputy Governors, Nazims, Commissioners, etc. so as to meet people’s day-to-day requirements. But, adding administrative extravagancies for the rowdy-pride and ego satisfaction of the political heavy-weights would simply mean killing the very purpose.

  • M M Bashir Saani

    In continuation my previous comments, it is on record, peoples of Karachi always indicated the right political destinations. In 1967 when the movement against One Unit was at verge, they opposed the abolishment of One Unit on Ethinic ground instead proposed that One Unit should disolved on the administratibve ground and the existing divisions of that time should be upgraded to the status of provinces i.e. four Divisons of East Pakistan would have been promoted as four Provinces and 13 (thirteen) Dvisions of West Pakistan into 13 provinces. If that proposal with some minor change according to the situation was accepted no mishape of Separation of East Pakistan would happened. The were the peoples of Karachi who oppsed the dictatorship at very out set. They were the peoples who revealed the Bhutto’s policies and activities against the poor peoples and Pakistan and recall a hand written poster’in urdu on walls of Burns Road indicating that ‘beware by the Madari Bhutto who will deceived the people again’ that the slogan of Islamic Socialism and Roti, Kapra aur Makan is only to fool the peoples. It was proved by the the first exorbitant inflation by develuation of the Pakistan currency by 130% that strengtened the Jagirdars, wadaras and milliniars enhancing the wealth from millions to billions as our currency develuated by 130% against the international currencies. US dollar raised from Rs. 4.50 to Rs. 11. Peoples getting their wages according to Pakistani currency and the material was sold on International rate. Suppose one Item was sold @ Rs.4.50 or by one dollar and when dollar rate raised to Rs. 11, the cost that item was Rs.4.50 inclusive of its local profit and sold by one dollar or Rs. 11 in international market by the jagirdars, wadaras and millioniars. As such peoples were compelled to buy that item according to international rate otherwise that will be exported or amuggled out of Pakistan. There are many instances peoples of Karachi indicated the evil policies of corrupt politician holding government. That is the main crime of Karachites. The present governent whenever raised prices of Oil and other essential commodities, hundreds peoples of Karachi are scrified creating a big issue of law and order to hide the government anti peoples inflation policies or price hike. These culprites give and propogate Karachi issue some time religious, some time ethinic and some time political. The killed a religious leader and leveled the blam to the other religious group as such by created hatrate the further aciton would take the illerate part of the peoples. The killed some pukhtoon and blam it to Mahajirs or killed some Mahajirs and blam it to Pukhtoon or Baluch etc. and the further action would take the illerate part of peoples of Karachi. They are punishing peoples of Karachi for revealing truths and revealing truth is big crime of Karachites.

  • Anonymous

    Injustice in any field or system whether it is by the laws of injustice or otherwise detoriate, collapse destroy all aspects of human life and society and its systems that includes ethics, morals, religions, economics, social relations, disciplinem, faith, unity and every individuals haviours. For examples speaking of laws of injustice that every public dealing departments has created as WAPDA or KESC if impose a penalty on a consumer and send huge bill without justification accusing him a electric thief, it is stressed that he should first accept to be a thief through deposite that huge amount of panalty and aftter that he should apply, request and prove that he is not a theif that will decide by the authorities of that department. In this way a person is treated as criminal on a crime he never did. This same procedure is being practiced almost all public dealing departments of the government. Such laws and rules collapsed the faith on justice, right and wrong of every individuals and individuals made a nation. Politically the continues slaughter of merit and economic of knowledgefull and skilled peoples of cities specially in Sindh on the name of quota resulted in occupation of all key positions in all government departments by the incapable, corrupt elements, in educaition, administration, uninion counciles etc. Due to the collective frouds of these element a huge number of telented youngs have left the country and the benefits of services of their merit and telent enjoing that countries they migrated. We need to rebuild the mindset of our every individual on bilettral trust on each other and every one should be trust worthy, every one should be able to recognise right and wrong, should believe his duties first then his rights. he should recongnise the limits where his rights ends and duties starts. Every law that degrade and humaliate a person be amended and law and rules and systems be made to restore the peoples dignity and respect and educate them true meaning of respect, integritty, honesty and dignity. Stop killing merit of truth, bring forward the telanted peoples in all aspect of our life and fields. If done, I am confident that we can save our collapsing country and bring it on the rightest path of prosperity, love, justice,and development and progress in all direction of every field. Division of provinces on honesty love and respect would surely be beneficial but division on ehinic, linguistice, sects or any hatred and vicious interest basis would bring further destructions.,

  • owais

    Where is Kashmir in Pakistan’s map ?