The Root of All Evil

The Root of All Evil

I have seldom seen or heard a worthy discussion where the intellectuals do not mourn about ‘What has gone wrong with Karachi (or the entire Sindh for that matter)?


It hurts me to note that ‘the very obvious’ has either ‘not’ been noted or has simply been neglected. Most of the respected scholars wonder aloud and keep wondering that despite being one country and one nation, why are we so divided and on crossroads?


In 1973, Sindh-urban was represented in the Assemblies solely by the “Islamists”, and M.Q.M or PPI did not even exist. It was at this point in time when the hatred and divide was constitutionally sown in.


Thanks to the constitution of 1973 the malignancy of  ‘constitutional divide of Sindh was promulgated in the form five types of domicile in four provinces.


There is one Domicile in Punjab, one in Balochistan , one in Khayber Pukhtoonkhwa  but two in Sindh (urban and rural both). This constitutional divide in addition to the famous language bill of Sindh assembly furnished the final-stroke to the burning iron.


The populace of Sindh-urban was the only one that sent Islamists to the Parliaments in the whole of Pakistan since 1947 to 1987 — Dr. Nazeer Shaheed being the only exception.


Warna ummat tere mehboob ki deewani thi, as Dr. Iqbal put forth in Shikwah)

The fact that these hateful acts cannot be undone without the mandatory 2/3rd majority is something like the proverbial rotten carcass in the drinking water well. Do all that you can but the water will not be potable till the source is removed & treated by an appropriated remedy (Medicinal or Surgical)!


Dawar Naqvi

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • Uuzubair

    I think, shame on us as being called Muslim. In united states there are 52 states. Every body can move any where, any time and no body bothers about it.
    However, there is strict domicile regulations but these are only restricted for the purpose of determination about paying in-state or out-of-state fee and it is justified because all states sponsor university education from the taxes collected from the residents who have state domicile and in return of those taxes there is concession in the fee for in-state residents. That’s it and it is only for 12 months and after you start paying tax for that state you also get the same privileges as other residents.
    in my opinion we should demolish all the province on the linguistic and cultural basis and instead should divide in much smaller units on the organizational basis and should avoid any discriminatory names on the basis of culture, language or tribes.
    Each unit must have a small organizational structure and should be responsible for creating jobs, developing industries, promoting educations, health and justice and should be independent in all matters except currency, defense and foreign affairs. A federal justice system should look after if any dispute appears in discharge of responsibilities between federal and state governments.
    Moreover, sewer punishment should be enforced against any type of discrimination on the basis of cast or origin for providing justice, education and jobs.
    Small organization does not mean to have a army of governors, chief minister, ministers, state ministers with tons of privileges.

  • Anonymous


    You don’t need any other part of Pakistan so why was Pakistan made in the first place?! In fact why did muslims from UP in India leave and generally moved to Karachi – they coud have stayed and carved out a Shangrila there.

    • Auzank

      Mate!! I am talking about quota system and domicile Karachi people has no right in this country thats what the article is saying. If you read M.Saeed comments you may know and understand there is no quota of Urdu speaking people in education civil services and defence.

      All the quota is for the Punjab Sindh Rural Balouch and Pakhtoon they all come on quota system and people who have the merit has no rights for education in NED Karchi Uni, Sindh medical , Daw Medical college

      People who pass in 40% can take the seats from Pakistan and Karachi kids who even has more than 75% are not eligible to get admission who are actually wanted to learn .

      This is just an example of education exploitation of Urdu speaking and its not ending here yet. They have no quota on jobs this is why they are not in police army or any other civil services.

      When they fail to get an adimission in education system fail to get a job they become frustrated that why anyone come fron interior Sindh can has admission on lower grade and they cant and in next step that interior Sindhi will get the job but he can’t. Thats how the hope finish of that poor kid even passing with better grade like more than 75%. If they tried to get admissions in other interior uni of punjab sindh or anyother province first thing they can’t survive they are heavy presence of ethinc levels and they never allow Karachi kid in their uni its a National truth. This is card of Mqm dont you think why Mqm is so popular in Karachi

      If some group contact that person who didnt get admission or the job because of that domicile and quota system they start telling truth that this is your urdu speaking “Aukhat” in Pakistan. All four provinces share the good things and left over are of your Karachi boy.

      On next level they took him to Pakka Qila hyderabad and show them the families of urdu speaking somone in their families killed by Pakistan army or rangers due to pakka qila operation. That families tell him the story what had happen during paka qila operation and what Pakistan Army did to them and what ranger had done to them hwo they toture their family and killed them. There were no media on that time.

      After meeting with them they show all the stories of Karachi operation about what happen with those brave people who ask for justice how Naseer Baber killed 15000 young urdu speaking kids under the law and how pak army and rangers enjoy the furits of karachi taking money from the families not to toture mahjir kids and how they killed in with full brusts on their face, heads etc.

      After watching and understanding that kid become so spoiled and rotten from the mind he see things in just one way what they want to show them thanks to our beloved pak army who openly hit urdu speaking never learn their lesson in 71 what they did with bangalies.

      If this kind of information receive by any lower middle class kid whose father doesnt have money to put him in Agha Khan medical, SZABIST or CBM if he didnt get admission in NED DOW or Sindh he has no option left

      Once that kid understand “Aukhat” of urdu speaking in Pakistan he happy to become a Target Killer beause he thinks he is taking revange he is a victim of injustice now he will do the justice

      His hopes are hijacked in the name of quota system sindh divison his from middle class family no hope for job no hope for education atleast he can let his anger out with his style. Money or bhatta no justification required “aisa bhee mar rahay hain” kuch ko sath lay kar martey hain…

      All Pakistani peple has no heart for Karachi kids they just hate their existance and enjoying the luxury quota for their kids.

  • M.Saeed


    Thanks for going through my earlier comments. I have been writing for long on these pages about the need to make merit the lone criteria for “generalised selection” procedure. Some reserved seats for genuine “backward areas” is no point of any dispute, which must be acceptable to all.

    Karachi is a Cosmo-Metropolitan mega city with people from all parts of the country in almost same ratio, as the ratio of population with reference to their places of family origin.

    On the other hand, those Urdu speaking people who originated from India and settled in Karachi after partition cannot be separated because, at the time of partition, about 11 million people migrated from India to Pakistan, out which, 325,000 (2.95%) according to official records, came to Karachi. Rest of the lot, which was a vast majority, settled in the whole country and have long been integrated without any sign of discrimination.

    Therefore, population of Urdu speaking people in the country should be counted and their views taken about creation, or otherwise of a separate Urdu- Province.

  • Syed

    Very good article- I would like to add my view in this forum. Current division of pakistan is completely ethnic and if you see, there are 4 major companies/families who makes profit and their families are becoming wealthy on daily basis… can not imagine the margin of profit but 4 major political families are making it without any effort.
    Now next point which may be more critical. Urban Sindh is majorly hold by Urdu speaking educated people and they belong to families where killing, robberies, car snatching, corruption not even exist. Karachi generate more then 75% revenue by the people who live there ( important point) but unfortunately they dont have power and govt jobs. Root of restlessness in karachi is by the gangster who come from outside.
    There is only solution to resolve this issue which is make karachi administrative province. I gurantee, new province will bring stablity and peace in karachi and pakistan otherwise I can see the another bangal model near future……

  • Auzan Khan

    Sindh Punjabi and Pathan are superior this is why they have provinces on their name and these nations want other to integrate with them they will not integrate with others.

    Urdu Speaking came to Pakistan with a mindset to live among Muslims not to integrate or to make their kids punjabi pathan aur Sindhi.

    Urdu Speakings has their own culuture but they don’t have land in Pakistan they not came to Pakistan to change their cast and to become sindhi punjabi they have theri own identity.

    AGAIN!! ideology of pakistan is already failed when pakistan people want urdu speaking to become New Sindhi or intigrate with Punjabi aur Pathan not treeting them on Muslim basis but on language basis

    Urdu speaking Mahajir Karachies make effort for independence to follow religon and live with muslim brotherhood not to make their kids to become Punjabi aur Pathan etc.

    Bengalies are now count themselves proud nation they fight and they win they don’t want to be the part of pakistan. They fight for their rights and got it.

    Urdu speaking kids who are from lower middle area has no serious rights and without money they can’t have the better education because quota system wont allow them to study job etc.

    This is not a blame game mate. Why you want Urdu Speaking to change their idnetity and to become Sindhi ? it doesn’t come with pride everyone should be proud in their own skin. Why change? “Hum yahan Sindhi Pujabi banay nahee aye thaayy…”

    ” ek hijrat hoo gaii , doosri nahee hoo gee”" Karachi par sirf Karachi waloon ka right hay.. Karachi kids are looking for justice otherwise History of Bengal will repeat again.

    • Anonymous

      “Urdu Speaking came to Pakistan with a mindset to live among Muslims not to integrate or to make their kids punjabi pathan aur Sindhi.”

      Looking at your argument from the point of view of people who were already in Sindh, Punjab or KP, perhaps in that case Urdu Speaking should have stayed where they came from – why should the indiginous population have to share their resources with incomers who have a chip on their shoulder and do not wish to integrate?!

      In fact the point you make is common amongst muslims even when they go westwards – they want to impose their will on the majority and shout racism when the majority reacts as crudely!

      • Auzank

        We are talking about balance in quota system mate!! 4 provinces taking everything what Karachi is making this is not justice.

        Karachi paying 70% tax income to rest of paki crowed and what rest of pakistan want from Karachies all they need to give them equal sharing rights in the quota system nothing else.

        if Karachi have more jobs in civil services and education whole pakistan will get the benifit with this like the same way rest of pakistan taking advantage of these Karachies tax money.

        Apart from why should indiginous population have share where they came from as you said mate!! what they have before pakistan came into being? pakistan has nothing since day one as many of us read in pakistan studiest how state bank form who give the money

        Karachi is now the big city and pakistan economy depends on Karachi.

        I agree Urdu Speaking should stay there where they came from you are not the first one who is saying many people said this before this is why we hear creation of pakistan was the greatest blunder in the history of mankind why not? urdu speaking doesn’t have equal rights for the country their fathers fight for.

        the sacrifice of 20million life was not to become sindhi punjabi aur pathan it was sacrifice for Muslim brotherhood on the name of Islam to live with muslims not with punjabi aur sindhi Mate!!

        Everyone is prod to be who they are, forcing them to change their identity is not right and they are born Karachies not incomers from india they are also in majority respect their presence and give Karachies an equal rights simple soultion accept their presence.

        Even Imran Khan said ” yeh quota system Karachi waloon kay sath bohat ziydatee hay un ko main stream say aur un kay bachoon main stream may anay say rokta hay.. yeh ghalat hay!! pakistan sub kay hay aur karachi waloon ko equal right milna chiyaa..”

        Just accept the truth how hard it is.

        • Anonymous

          Ta mate!

          I am trying to understand your truth – per haps to help me you can tell me how you arrive at the following statements:

          “Karachi paying 70% tax income to rest of paki crowed …”

          …and who were those

          “sacrifice of 20million life was not to become sindhi punjabi aur pathan it was sacrifice for Muslim brotherhood ”

          ….and totally dispassionate query to you is what positive effect the “muslim brotherhood” argument has had on the pre-partition parts of remaining Pakistan’s masses – apart from creating another elite (in relative terms to indigenous population) who joined hands with the existing elite who were already exploiting that indegionous population.

          Please tell me how the arrival of migrants from India post-1947 in Karachi has made life of a Sindhi hari significantly better over the last 64 years!

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps I am as dense as a gharib hari because I do not see an answer to any of my queries in your reply sir!

    • M.Saeed

      Heave heart Qalim sb., ” jo patthar se phorH leiN sar vo aur honge vo hum nahi haiN
      nahi mohabbat meiN mar sake jo bhala vo jeekar hi kya karenge “

  • Fact

    Looks pakistan going to be divided in 3 countries, Jinnah-pur (Karachites), Balochistan, and Punjab (rest of pakistan). This will happen if not today then very soon.