The Other Side of Karachi City Alliance

The Other Side of Karachi City Alliance

Lyari-based PPP leader Habib Jan Baloch has recently announced forming of a new platform called “Karachi City alliance”, which according to him, is being launched to restore the peace of the city. The major partners of the alliance are Uziar Jan Baloch, a leader of banned group by the Sindh government, Afaq Ahmad of MQM-H group and some others.  Habib Jan also announced the overseas committee which according to him will be lead by Major (Retd) Nadeem Dar.


Lyari is going through dysphoria for many years due to the gang war and criminal activities. Recently, the famous gang of Lyari called PAC was banned by the Sindh government and a notification was issued for the closing of its offices all over Sind. The SSP of CID, Chaudry Aslam, who is conducting operation against the criminals in Lyari, while being interviewed by a private news channel, said that these criminals living in Lyari are holding the area hostage and they are involved in heinous criminal activities since decades. He further said that he has ordered an operation across the board regardless of any political affiliation.


Habib Jan has been added to Exit Control list by the Interior Minister of Pakistan, Rehman Malik.  During the targeted operation in Liyari, Police raided the residence of Uzair Jan Baloch who according to CID is nominated in many FIRs for his notorious activities. These people claim to be the part of PPP, but the PPP has recently abandoned them completely by banning them through their provincial government and launching an operation against them.


Major (Rtrd) Nadeem Dar, who is nominated by Habib Jan Baluch to lead the overseas committee, is not an unfamiliar person in the political history of Karachi. Hamid Mir wrote in his article in September 2009 by quoting an interview of a retired Army General, who was the right hand of then COAS in 1992 operation “the retired Army Major Nadeem Dar was a conspirator who was involved with foreign elements to spark the civil war in Karachi”. General told him that Nadeem Dar seemed to be against that Karachi based political party but from inside he was involved with foreign elements whose plan was to disturb Pakistan by inciting a civil war in Karachi. The General further told him that the Army did Nadeem Dar’s court martial due to his involvement with foreign elements. The retired General went on to say that it was the foreign agenda to spark a conflict between the then federal government and that political party of Karachi. He was of the view that the ultimate target of such conspiracy was to set the federal government at variance with the Army chief which would have dragged the country towards destabilization and Nadeem Dar was the part of that foreign plan.


These revelations by a retired General were only the tip of the iceberg.  In an amazing turn of circumstances, Nadeem Dar managed to leave Pakistan for Norway in 1996 along with his family.  According to “UN Refugee Agency” he filed an asylum claim on the basis of his religious belief. UN Refugee agency’s documentation confirms that his case was denied by the Directorate Immigration in 2003 and an appeal was also rejected in 2004 by The Immigration Appeal Board of Norway on the ground that applicant failed to proof that he would be persecuted in Pakistan if he returns.


The nomination of Nadeem Dar as overseas leader for the “Karachi City Alliance” whose main agenda is to restore peace is a question mark on the motives of this alliance.  The person who was involved in destabilizing the city in past and was also involved in maligning the Law Enforcement Agencies internationally, is raising a serious concern among the citizens of Karachi.  The combination of Liyari’s criminal factor with a conspirator of a civil war in Karachi is a justified fear not only for the residents of Karachi but for the state of Pakistan.

Farheen Rizvi

A masters in International Management from University of Maryland, a social worker and a blogger.

  • Hilalbutt

    MQM’s girl :)

  • Syed Asam Javed

    The karachi Problem can be resolved easily if the Government show wisdom and initiate a new city on the sea side of sind somthing like 75-100Km away from Karachi. This will break the back of most of the so called political groups in Karachi.

    Second, governemnt should announce a Marshall Plan for Karachi development under maybe Army control and parally run Police operations on gangs and BDMASH political leaders who pose as the guardians of Karachi.

    If the above is done, I gurantee you that we can solve this problem.

    Show some will and resolve and see the change.

    Talking, Talking and only Talking enver chnage anything. Show somehting on the ground and people will start to see the relaity and change. If not taken such drastick measures then there is no way to release Karachi from the dirty hands of these so called polical leaders in Karachi.

    Syed Asam Javed
    MArket Reseracher and Consultant
    Tehran – IRan
    (Gujrat Pakistan)

  • Sunny15rc

    I am surprised by information that active army member during 1990s was conspiring with foreign elements and now Habib Jan and company, is endorsing him. Meaning gang elements in lyari were in contact with foreign elements since 1990s. This Article should be published in mass scale so people of pakistan can separate the truth from fiction (robinhoods in lyari).

  • Soobidiwani

    Is Karachi is your father property? This is the city for every Pakistani, not only the mafia of Altaf Hussain, who soon will be charged in International courts of justice on the offence of “CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY”. It is a big jock to say that every else is criminal and only Altaf Mafia is innocent. How many evidence you need?

  • S Nasrullah

    You talk through your hat. The special skill is applied to the enemies and not your own hoodlum compatriots. Raymond Davis killed two foreign enemies and was quickly rescued by USA – no compunction, no regrets. What weird logic that those street urchins showed respect for law wielding guns in their hands. Man you’re a gone case and need your head be examined by a Neurologist. That you’re from the MQM Torture Cell Administration, there can be no doubt with your deep insight in its methods and modes.

    • Syed Aamir Ishaque

      Yes, the MQM people are hoodlum campatriots in your opinion (another point to note). What you declare the people who are armed with anti-air-craft-guns, rocket launchers, steel bullets, sub-machine-guns and well trained trained personnels? All over Lyari I have been seeing anti-Pakistan slogans chalked on walls since August 2010. No part of Karachi controlled by MQM is so heavily armed or anti-Pakistan. By the way, I belong to a remote village of Northern Punjab and not a Mohajir taking part in MQM activities.

  • Qasimzkhan

    Qasim Zafar Khan
    Finally lyari operation has been called off. The terrorists have won and writ of the Govt became a big question mark. What was the purpose of operation? just to kill some innocent policemen, bloody civilians and for the suffering of poor people and business men of lyari. To demonstrate the fire power of prohabited lethal weapons held by the terrorists. Karachi police has been defeated miserably and terrorist are now in state of rejoice and celebrating their victory over write of the Govt. Billion of rupees are being spent on law enforcing agencies from the budget of Sind Govt i.e Rangers/FC but they were never incorporated in the operation to safegaurd the terrorists. Now the terrorist will play hell with the citizen of Karachi with the confidnce that they can defeat any law enforcing agencies including Army with the lethal weapon they have like Hand grenade, Rocket Launchers, Anti Air Craft guns etc. Their God fathers are so powerfull and siting somwhere in Islamabd and controling the strings of both terrorists and law enforcing agencies as per their wishes, while poor people of Pakistan are once again made fool out of this activity.

  • Mushraf

    GOOD job Farheen please raise your voice for piece of karachi and for the inocent people of karachi.they need people like you

  • Akbar_hussain

    It has been very unfortunate that the governments have been so politicized that they do not hold operations against the culprits because of the political grounds. But, when ever it is ever held against the “criminals”, it is also on the political ground. That is the reason why the people have not found peace yet. Liyar is the true example of the same. To achieve the political gains,the criminals were patronized against the political rivals instead of confronting them. But, when they got stronger and tried to “cross the floor” towards an other party, operation was held.
    When this is the policy, how would the peace come back to Karachi?

  • Syed Aamir Ishaque

    No part of Karachi under control of MQM is armed with anti-aircraft guns, rocket launchers, hand-grenades, steel-bullets and sub-machine-guns. Only pockets ruled by ANP, BLA, PAC, and JSQM are heavily armed. If Pashtuns and Balochs were so talented they could make Peshawar, Mardan, Quetta and Khuzdar into industrial hubs. They did nothing. Industrial zones of Gadoon Amazai, Hattar, Hub and Winder failed because of the usual practice of these two ethnic groups for extortion. They now have come to Karachi to take part in the loot. All stolen vehicles, kidnapped people for ransom end up in FATA and Balochistan not in MQM dominated areas. There is a basic difference in ethics. Pashtun and Baloch sell their sisters and daughters. Punjabi and Mohajir families save a fortune to give them dowry.

  • Nadeem Dar

    I already have engaged three lawyers to sue Farheen Rzvi in USA, MQM-Altaf Hussain in London, and even Hamid Mir in Pakistan, for propagating and writing a wrong article against me. The article is in total has been fabricated and malicious, since not a single information is correct about me. Altaf group or even their workers are the most opportunists and to hide their heinous crime against humanity throw dust on other.
    I cannot understand why they should not see their own character and the moral before they write about others. From the article I can see that these people know nothing about me and they just reacted, why I have been nominated by Habib Jan, as a part of Karachi city alliance? MQM – Altaf Hussain, does not want anyone, who could disclose their secret of crimes against humanity. Anyhow, they have compelled me to take them in to the court. I have given them seven days to feel sorry, otherwise I will sue them.

  • Nadeem Dar

    Farheen Rizvi: I need your reply ASP, otherwise a case will be launched against you in the court of law, for writing an wrong article full of malicious text.

  • Mohsin

    Farheen, You did great job in explaining the ugly face of Karachi City Alliance. Citizens here in Karachi are actually worried that what next is about to come after this alliance of criminals.

    • Nadeem Dar

      That shows your morality, since you are not ready to listen, read or write the truth. I am confirming that you belong to MQM-Altaf, as they have such habits to do the crime and behave like victim. You people are worse than Taliban, as they have some character to accept their crime, but you people never accept, rather put the blames on other. Remember—days are not far, once you will be answerable to God.

  • Anonymous

    It would appear in the light if Malik Nazar’s comment (as a member of the court martial) and the UNHCR report in my earlier comment, that Ms Rizvi owes an unreserved apology to Major (retd) Dar.

  • Navazmalik

    I am ex friend of Nadeem Dar, Captain Navaz. We both start our career with different agencies together in early 90’s. We hang out together and every Wednesday night we did gambling at Karachi club. We had made good money in 90’d. Last year we have been approached by zufiqar mirza and his alliance. Initially they have paid 10.000 dollars. They have transferred money to Nadeem’s account. He never gave my portion. Last year I met Mulana Tariq Jameel and my life has been changed. I ask ALLAH to forgive me and punish people like Nadeem , Zubair Baloch, and Afaq Ahmed.. They all are involved in massacre of innocent Pakistanis.
    He is the big lire. I think farheen wrote great.

    Ex Captain Navaz

    • Nadeem Dar

      I am amazed at my new so called friend that I don’t know at all. Strange, but the likely attempt of those who are looking to implicate me in some fraud issues. In order to prove my point, I would like to ask this some Capt Navaz, if you are a retd army officer, then you must have PA Number and course from where you passed out in PMA and the unit in which you were commissioned. Then the subsequent record of service , ie where all you served. Then if ever some amount was transferred to my account in Norway, it must have been credited in my account; Norway Government should be approached for verification of this malicious claim. I once again like to reiterate, I have nothing personal against MQM. What I did was the following the orders of my superiors. Expecting a serving major to do an international conspiracy against MQM is aired by those who don’t know that it is simply beyond a person like me that too while in service to do anything of that kind. I would certainly like to unveil this person who is supposedly claiming to be my friend , to find whether he was or is at all a retired army officer. If not then who is trying to maliciously write about me knowing well that this isn’t true. I think the wise readers should be able to make out the true beneficiaries of such comments.

  • Nadeem Dar

    Farheen Rizvi:- Are you sick or dead? Why you have not commented on any remarks/comments written by viewers. I need your reply as now you cannot hide yourself. Please come with reality, on whose behest you wrote this article?

  • Anonymous

    I guess John F Kennedy was not killed either and both he and Major Kaleem are enjoying life in Miami! Apologies for my cynical ignorance…

  • Nadeem Dar

    Once you do know about me, how you could write such things? Go to Islamabad H9 graveyard Islamabad, just beside the main gate, there are the graves of children and then read the names on the graves, then you will find some one over there—-OK. Second about Jinnahpur, I worked on ground no body else, so I know the reality better or you or some body else?