The Other Side of Bollywood !

The Other Side of Bollywood !

Bollywood stars,the male breed in particular ruling the hearts of millions of their fans, the world over, have always been in the news, for their on-screen antics, their larger than life potrayal of the good guy, who can romance girls with utmost grace and at the same time beat up an army of thugs single handedly. Their daring rescue attempt at their lady loves from the clutches of the “On-screen Ravanas”. People love this good guy image of the actor, worship them, model them, imitate them etc.


From Raj Kapoor, to Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Khanna all have been top-notchers and their popularity have been sky high, during their respective eras. To this day the masses appreciate a good guy, the lead hero, to bash up the villains. The Khan quartet, Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir, Saif apart from loads of others namely Sanjay, Ajay, Akshay etc all have been a part of the glamorous Bollywood lifestyle.


But life is not what is normally potrayed by these “good guys”. Shahrukh Khan’s recent brawl, at the Wankhede Stadium, with the MCA officials, an unwanted and bizarre episode all the same,  adds fuel to fire and the media, as always love staying close to the rich and famous of bollywood to spice things up, tarnishes the image of the King Khan,regarded as the most sought after actor in this, the modern era. He has been role model to millions of fans across the globe and it would take a die-hard critic of King Khan to digest this uproar. Shahrukh Khan has had his share of ups and downs earlier too when he was the eye of the storm for backing the Pakistani cricketers to play in the IPL and Bal Thackarey, Shiv Sena supremo was hell bent on getting SRK reprimanded. This statement made SRK an overnight hero in Pakistan, not that he wasn’t one before this, but his stand for the Pakistani players was appreciated by all and sundry in Pakistan. But the recent controversy may have been the nail on the head for the “Rahul” of bollywood and news is, as I right this, that he has been banned from entering the Wankhede stadium, even as a mere spectator. This may be a harsh decision on part of the MCA high ups, but on thing’s for sure that his good guy image has immensely been tarnished.


Another good guy and ironically, yet another Khan of the Indian film industry, Saif, the newly crowned Nawab of Pataudi, has also been in the news for tarnishing his hero image getting physically involved with an NRI businessman named Iqbal Sharma, the latter claiming, and his bandaged bruised nose so suggested, of being hit on the face by Saif Ali Khan.


Salman Khan, the third and the most controversial amongst the lot, to have been involved in issues aplenty. His off screen achievements dates back to 2002, when, presumably, under the influence of alchohol, Salman Khan, driving a Toyota Land Cruiser crushed to death the poor pavement sleepers, children and elderly amongst them.


Sanjay Dutt’s drug addiction, his connection to underworld and his jailing for the same have all been controversially highlighted, which has dented his image.


Controversies have been part and parcel of the bollywood lifestyle and the list goes endlessly on. The “off field” antics of any known personality, be it a film star, politician, social worker etc, makes or breaks his/ her image, although it remains to be seen whether the controversy he/ she lands into is for good, bad or ugly!

Mansoor Rizvi

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • MAK India

    These days anyone how small they may be, are surrounded in controversies and the names mentioned in the article are super stars ruling bollywood having millions of die hard followers and them being in controversies is expected. Due to their star status the news is blown out of proportions and flashed all across the globe. Whatever, at the end of the day, they are the stars and billions of amount is pouring into their bank accounts and to the bollywood industry.

  • Nishant

    and every pakistani celebrity is the epitome of morality


    wait….celebrities….pakistani….what …?