Suicide of a Seventh Grader

Suicide of a Seventh Grader


Muneeb was hardly a 13 year old student of class seven committed suicide on a very small reason. According to media reports he hung himself from the ceiling fan on a teacher’s punishment of charging Rs.5 and pressurizing him to speak English during English class.  Muneeb was living in the dorm which can only be afforded by rich families in Pakistan.  This shows that he had no financial stresses from home. Was paying Rs. 5 even for a month wouldn’t be an issue for him?


According to media the last letter written by Muneeb was recovered in which he asked his mother not to cry for longer time on his death which is another investigative question that why did he only console his mother? He also requested his parents not to send his sisters to dorm; which shows that speaking English was not the biggest issue for him but he was facing some other issues in his dorm.


The World Bank published a report “Capitalizing on the Demographic Transition, Tackling Non-communicable Diseases in South Asia” in 2011, which showed an enormous rise in the suicide rate in Pakistan. The report quoted a shocking figure of 7,000 cases of suicide in 2008 and revealed that 10-16 per cent of Pakistanis suffer from mild to moderate psychiatric illnesses. The report further revealed that “Suicide rates have surged in recent years from a few hundred pre-1990s to almost 7,000 in 2008.”


Dr. Syed Rizvi, the chief of Psychiatry at Upper Chesapeake Medical center, Maryland said that the genetic factor, environmental factors and temperamental factor contribute to the predisposition of suicide among the children. He further explain that genetic factors could be any mental disorders that run in the family, environmental factors could be stress related factors in the household and or society, and temperamental factors are differences amongst attitude and emotionality.



While describing the children’s psychology he said that children respond differently to each situation they face in life. This is why we have different personalities even among twins. He said because of certain characteristic in their personalities they don’t develop well enough self esteem and they are sensitive to criticism and rejection. They require approval to feel good about themselves. They are hypersensitive to criticism and rejection. They feel easily rejected or dejected. When they feel that way they can only do two things; either they can externalize the anger by taking it out on the others or by being rebellious or breaking the rules. And sometimes they internalize the anger by feeling hopeless or helpless and by feeling that they are not good enough and should not live anymore.  He further said that these types of feelings lead people to self harm which is more common and sometimes give to more serious life threatening consequences like suicide.


I think, the responsibility lies on parents and teachers collectively to keep an eye on their children and look for signs and symptoms of depression which is getting more common in children and young adults due to the stressful environment at home or in society and reasons could be financial, awareness to too much violence through media or news or growing terrorism in Pakistan.


Schools should have counseling system through teachers and teachers should also treat children individually because some of the teachers’ actions can be very damaging to the children who have fragile personalities.  Schools should also bear the responsibility of observing the children for bullying and counselors should be there to do the on-spot screening of children who are suffering from bullying behaviors of other children. Proper psychiatric workshops should be held around the country to spread the awareness among the parents and teachers.


Children are our assets and we need to save them to secure our future and to raise the future leaders of Pakistan. A combine effort is needed in the society in which legislators who are busy fighting on court contempt and notices need to get involved in the real issues of the society.


Farheen Rizvi

A masters in International Management from University of Maryland, a social worker and a blogger.

  • Fawad rehman

    Muneeb’s death is not only a death of a child but also a death of Pakistan’s future. Thanks for bringing this issue.

  • Prince Aftab Alam

    thats not fear

  • Zeba Ansari

    Excellent Blog. Teen suicide should be viewed as a global tragedy not just for the family. Thanks for focusing on a vital topic.

  • Hasan

    Well according to local Student Accounts the Teacher Sohrab Khan have snatched the Photo of the Mother from him and mocked the picture of his Mother in a Racial Manner in front of the class and students laughed at the remarks of Sohrab Khan who insulted the child’s mother in a Racist manner and this lead to one of the reason of the demise of this child. We should kept in mind that Sohrab Khan Jadoon was teaching a children of Abbotabad and we know sometimes what went there by some teachers of dominant ethnicity trying to mock other ethnicities.

  • Akbar_hussain

    A very good write up she has written! We need to concentrate on this very important issue so that not only we can stop our children from this, but we can also help in their better grooming. Otherwise, our future looks to be very disappointing.

  • zaman

    I’m very much disturbed by Abdul Mobeen and by other kids reaction after ill-treatment in our schools…as these kids are the ‘Flowers’ of this nation they’re totally innocent & angels … How Come they Treated In Such Harsh Way….?
    I urge to all Parents Teachers Guardians and others to think and re-think b/4 you try to hit/hurt any Child …that Your GOD is not happy at all w/you and you’re placing ur-self in ‘Hell’ when you commit these verbal, abusive and hurting ‘Kids’
    their Prayers are quickly ‘Heard’ in GOD Heaven… MAY GOD PLACE THIS HANDSOME KID AND OTHERS IN HEAVEN… A..M..I..N..

  • mks

    Is it physically possible for a 12/13 year old to hang himself from the ceiling like it is said in news reports? Feels like there’s something more going on than meets the eye. There’s seems to be further investigation required in this case. Or if indeed it is a suicide act by a minor for the given reasons; either case what you wrote above applies. “the responsibility lies on parents and teachers collectively to keep an eye on their children and look for signs and symptoms of depression..and so on”

  • Wasim Zaidi

    The tragedy of a young person dying because of overwhelming hopelessness or frustration is devastating to family, friends, and community. Parents, siblings, classmates, coaches, and neighbors might be left wondering if they could have done something to prevent that young person from turning to suicide.

  • Complete_HR

    We should hang our heads in shame, when Benazir was killed , everyone pointed to someone or that someone or that someone; why –?
    In a society which makes such situations for even a 13 years old eitehr to be murdered or murdered emotionally to be so distressed and stressed to take his own life.
    So now that this tragedy of such a nice young boy to die and in such manner , all of us are responsible and let us not just write here , let us form a group and do something to ensure such incidents which have been about 4 this month , do not happen , then start pointing at others.

    But first let us hang our heads in shame as all of us are responsible for this murder of young Muneeb.

    I lit my candle at both ends
    It didnt pass the night
    But Ah my foes and oh my freinds
    It gave a lovely light

    May Allah bless his soul and also keep the rest of our young children saved from such heartbreaking tragedies and grant family and friends of the departed the strenth to bear this sorrow with courage and equanimity.

    Vaqar Ahmad Khan
    Managing Partner CompleteHRDynamics
    Defence Karachi
    [email protected]

  • Complete_HR

    Dont agree on that one , personality and confidence can build up in young boys and girls to become independent at such a young age. Tragides like thses are horible yes and may they never happen but this does not mean that people should not send their children to hostels.

  • Drasghar2005

    media should not show events like this becouse it has negive mpact on other chidern heath

  • health and wellbeing

    Maintain communication with the school. After such an intervention, the school will also provide follow-up supports.

  • Tooba

    i totally agree to a2zStuff because i have seen how dreadfully they treat children at the this stage the children need the love and affection of their parents the most. sending the to hostels at this crucial stage of their life is a terrible thing to do. Cinfidence is bulit when a child feels safe and secure, terror cannot bulit any kind of confidence or abilties other than slave minds… i am so sorry for this child and many others who live in hostels…