No Blues at Cafe Blue Ginger

No Blues at Cafe Blue Ginger

For my passion of good food, writing about it and shooting it with my camera of course, I end up visiting many eateries, mostly in Karachi where I live. One of the prime reasons people go out to restaurants is to relish on great food, enjoy with friends without any hassle in a cozy environment. Café Blue Ginger is among one of the few eateries I frequently visit with a surety that my taste-buds would be treated.


When is was still new in early 2011, I landed there for a lunch completely unplanned, and was pleasantly surprised as if i had hit a jackpot. I remember asking the waiters, ‘who are you guys”? ‘Who started this place?”. Since then I have eaten, entertained friends and family, organized parties times here and every single experience is excellent and worth remembering.


Fortunately I never had that ‘bad day’ that is often a pet excuse of restaurants for their sheer negligence and spoiling your meal.


A small place though, but done in a classy, vintage décor displaying a range of family owned artifacts, and 18th Century documents on the walls. This restaurant is owned by famous TV Chef Hussain Tariq, who has obviously inherited his love of cooking and a knack for creating great dishes from his ever popular mother Zubaida Tariq, a well known author of several cook books, TV Chef, anchor, and a fabulous home maker.


I am a big fan of fresh food that is cooked to give delectable flavor, and very few restaurants serve such scrumptious cuisines consistently. Café Blue Ginger has always surprised me with their quality of food and service maintained continually. Hussain Tariq and his two Executive Chefs create and prepare great tasting Italian, Mediterranean and Sub Continent cuisine at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The most experienced and trained staff that is aware of the menu and ready to make recommendations and ensure nothing goes wrong serves these beautifully plated food. There are new dishes added to the menu regularly, so all the more reason to go back.


During my innumerable visits here, I have tried out many dishes from their menu, and have developed favourites. The elegant Seafood Bisque which is a die for comprises of  seafood such as shrimps, and calamari. The other favorite from soup menu is the hearty, fresh and creamy Potato Leek soup. The Antipasti Platter is a classic selection of exotic and delicately prepared appetizers. This beautiful spread contains delectable bite- sized grilled vegetables, Creamy Mushrooms, Crispy Fried Calamari, Tomatoes Brochette, and Artichoke and Spinach Brochette. This platter is so huge and generous and 4-5 people can share it.


Not just this, I am a big risotto addict as well,  and try it wherever in the world I go. The Café Blue Ginger seafood Risotto is among one of best and a truly palatable food when you are down. A very well prepared and perfected dish that had everything that a good risotto should have. Rich texture with just-right doneness, rice not too mushy or hard, nicely blessed with a palatable tasty seafood broth. Plenty of seafood to go along too!


Spicy Grilled Calamari in Marinara Sauce is my another recent favorite. Calamari is the Italian word for squid, it is commonly served fried in most restaurants as appetizers, however Café Blue Ginger haa created some great tasting entrées  out of this low protein mild flavored seafood. It is a sheer pleasure devouring this delicious preparations made from giant squid cut into large pieces, oval, about 5 or 6 inches in diameter. Basted lightly and grilled just until the slightly translucent white turned opaque. It is served topped with deliciously prepared marinara sauce and a side of fresh straw cut veggies dressed with lemon pepper vinaigrette. The other calamari  dish is an exciting flavorful dish Grilled Calamari stuffed with Rice and Ricotta Cheese tasted simply unique dressed with wasabi sauce.


Pastas are generally easy to prepare, however not everyone can create a taste and texture that are palatable. Café Blue Ginger prepares and have available some of the great tasting pasta dishes. Fettuccine Alfredo with Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce, Penne Arabiata or Khowsuey all done very well with tasty sauces cooked with seafood or poultry. I got totally hooked to their new Fettucini Grilled Prawns with Marinara Sauce. A wonderful dish with medium sized prawns grilled to perfection, the marinara sauce was simply sumptuous cooked with tomato and vegetable base and tasting of herbs poured over pasta that is just ‘al dante’.


A trend among most upscale restaurants around is to offer meal deals often times for lunches or on special occasion and celebrations. Of course a generous gesture on the part of restaurants. I found the Café Blue Ginger deals great value for money, because they offer some of the their prime dishes in these deals, making it affordable and reachable.


Café Blue Ginger is open right from 8:00am until midnight offering breakfast, lunches and dinners. Average per person 3-4 course meals would cost aroundRs.900-1100/=  The portions are generous and artistically plated.


An eating experience at Café Blue Ginger can turn the dreariest of days into something special and worth remembering.

Farah Kamal

An education and development consultant with a masters degree from UBC-Canada and a Executive Program from Standford University-CA. She works ona range of projects connecting classrooms around the world using ICT and exchanges.

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