Imran Can

Imran Can

He utters the same clichés, spouts the same idiom, his intensity and passion are no different while he holds out the same platter of promises. It is all so déjà vu. Yet he stands out in this sea of din. “We believe what he says because he is saying so”, Mohsin Hamid quotes a cab driver in his perceptive take on the phenomena of Imran. This perhaps sums it up all. Imran is infecting this nation with a strain of belief that is pristine and well nigh infectious. A nation hurtling down the abyss, the maddening urge to believe in some messiah is natural and instinctive. After Bhutto this is only the second time in our history that a man has so captivated nation’s imagination. Imran has become a glimmer of hope threatening to unshackle us all from the deathly embrace of status quo. As his support multiplies, we stand breathless wishing in our hearts the destruction of stasis and birth of a newPakistan.


So what is going Imran’s way? Can he or can he not? As I said earlier his biggest strength is the belief he inspires in his supporters. But belief is also a double edged sword and cuts both ways. Failure of Imran will be a deathblow to hope as this poor nation lavishes its last reserves on Imran. They believe in him and why not. He made us believe he could win the world cup and he did. He brought glory to the ravaged. He said he could build a cancer hospital to treat poor and we sniggered. Unfazed, he went on like a man possessed. Today Shaukat Khanum hospital stands a monument to a man’s will and the generosity of a nation. Namal university in the backwaters of Mianwali is another blow to the doubting Thomases. That these institutions are not only up and functioning but carving a unique space for themselves in the realm of service and management is only heaping credibility on Imran’s word. He is often denigrated for being inept in the art of politics and that setting up these institutions is no reflection of his skill in taking on politics. Since when politics became an art form inPakistan? If anything it mirrors incompetence, duplicity, nepotism and greed. That Imran is not cut from the same cloth, his very ineptness in this glorious ‘art’ is endearing and comforting.


Arab Spring is a stunning tale of middle class wresting its rightful stake in the political process. Perhaps Imran’s kiss of life to this moribund segment ofPakistansociety would be no less stunning. Middle class in our part of the world has historically stayed out of the political process. This indifference is borne of relative affluence or even pessimism in the ability of the rulers to deliver. Imran has dragged this inert class out in the open. The rallies inLahoreandKarachiwere attended by professionals, women and children who came of their own accord driven by their belief in Imran. Whether or not the numbers in rallies translate into votes remains to be seen. If they do then Imran’s portents of a tsunami may actually come true. Middle class inPakistanis estimated to be 35 million strong. Social media has morphed the dispersed middle class acrossPakistaninto a monolithic grid. The grid will form the perfect backdrop for Imran to push through an agenda of radical change.


Then we have women willing to brave the social taboos and participate in political rallies. Imran’s personal charisma may have been the real driver here but the fact that they did come out trumps what brought them out. Women, girls interviewed in the PTI rallies inKarachiandLahorewere unequivocal in their allegiance to the new political force. Enlightened women claiming their space in a thrivingPakistanhas ramifications that go beyond politics. It will have consequences for the family as the building block of our society.


Driven to procreation when idle, we have created an army of young under 30 which social scientists refer to as Youth Bulge.  Youth Bulge if harnessed can be a boon or else an incubator of disaffection and frustration.Pakistanis now experiencing its largest ever Youth Bulge with almost 50% of the population between 15 and 30. Unlike many western countries where an ageing population is a drain on national resources,Pakistanis blessed with young, brimming with energy, waiting to be led. They are disillusioned with the present lot and want to give Imran a chance.


There are other factors too going Imran’s way. 35 million fake voters have been expunged from the electoral rolls and a similar number added. This will have a definite bearing on the elections but in whose favor is anybody’s guess. Opinion polls conducted by third parties have revealed enormous support for Imran. Given the pervasive sense of ‘have had enough’, fulminating middle class and an enamored youth, we maybe on the brink of a monumental change. A change actually driven by masses.


Hasnain Iqbal

The blogger contributes for The News/Geo blogs

  • Truepakiatani

    I do not know whether imran will change the fate of despair nation or not but this time I will play and trust blindly. I was the supporter of main stream political party in karachi but not anymore because their boys busy with land grabbing and extortion with ANP , PPP AND ALL RELIGIOUS PARTIES. Atleast we have not tried him yet and he speaks the same language of common pakistani. I would urge all the urdu speaking people to vote for imran khan although imran has never shown any love for urdu speaking deprived people. I want to see books in the hands of my new generation not guns. I want to see tolerance among the youth I hope imran does real change to win the hearts of common pakistani.

  • Nadir Rahim

    He will change Pakistan and put it on the right prosperous track. Inshallah


    “Imran is infecting this nation with a strain of belief that is pristine and well nigh infectious.”

    May be the sentence needs ‘improvement’ — Imran is infecting this nation with a strain of belief that is pristine but well nigh impossible.

  • Publicman

    Thi sblog truly reflects to nation’s sentiment in general, he is the only politician(Part head) who commands nations respect. Lets hope for the bright future for thi swonderful country where mess is created by the top echolons of power

  • Ahmed

    The name is not Imran can its Imran Khan

  • Nayyar

    Great article. Well done

  • Muhammad Zeeshan Hussain

    Why are you trying to balance this article with what he can do and what will be hard for him to do? What is the point? He is atleast trying and that is what counts. We have not seen any good in the past so we might as well try him

    • Muhammad Altaf

      Absolutely Agree Zeeshan

  • Bashagirfan

    well said

  • Farhan

    I love Imran’s honesty, integrity, courage and above all his belief on Almighty Allah (swt) that he will come across and eradicate all the corrupt/opportunitist politicians – inshaAllah.

  • Zeeee_rao

    wonderful article, he is a idealist, probably we need an indealist in these times of great troubles, as we have seen enough of practical animals.

  • BK

    Imran can and Inshallah he will.
    People of Pak, be prepared to help him achieve OUR dreams. Stand by him the way you stood during his donation drive for the hospital. Imran is fighting the status quo for the betterment of the people, the least we can do is support him. Rest is in Allah’s hand. May Imran/people of Pak be successful.

  • Irfan Ullah

    I read the whole article with dictionary in front of me. The author has summed up the whole political scenario of Imran Khan in a lucid manner. The whole nation is looking towards a ray of hope in the form of Imran Khan, a great national hero, and a philanthropist.

  • Mohra70

    Excellent commentary Hasnain Jee. He needs to reach out to the uneducated class.

  • Archashfaq

    Imran Khan kay galay main Zerdari bolta ha..

  • M.Saeed

    From historic perspective of things as they stand, a “Youth Bulge” under such frustrating circumstances can only be an incubator of a “Suicidal Spring Sprouts”.

    If Imran can rein-in the juvenile energies into any nation-building productivity, he would be another Quaid. But, for that, he shall have to leave politics aside and gather the entire strength of youth. And, it would be impossible to achieve that, without moulding in to the stream, the infinitely resilient and utterly disgusted Baluch youth.

    Presently, Imran’s energies and opportunities are being effectively neutralized by the ruling clique through internal friction between Punjab, the power-house of real energies. Fragmenting a mega-mass-log can only produce tooth-picks to twist.

  • kitabnagar

    Good reflection!No doubt his competency as a politician is under discussion here and there.But he is a driving force to motivate middle class to come on streets,participate in rallies and be a productive element in his cause.Do criticize him,do correct him,do support him.He is representing all of us,come forward and do whatever contribution you can make to uplift his vision of new Pakistan.

  • Hamza

    Not a blind supporter, statically speaking Imran should be given a chance. What’s so wrong in trying new people? Haven’t we seen enough dismay from two main parties already.

  • Mian

    Excellent and we do hope that Imran will bring the real change in Pakistan!

  • Iqbal Samad

    Well written Hasnain. I’m an out and out Imran fan and will be voting for the first time in my life at the young old age of 70!! In the past i didn’t find any one worthy of my vote. Yes the Middle Class has his support but where does it reside? The masses live in the villages under the influence of the Pir, Fakir, Chaudhry, Zamindar and the Wadera. Can the poor downtrodden Surfs, Muzaras and Haris break the shackles of these demons to elect clean dedicated candidates a la Imran? This is the area where Imran needs to work.

  • Haijaz_pk

    Excellent anylysis by Hasnain, it appeared as its my voice…I am Engineer & Engineer community are nation builders..we want to build a newer Pakistan lead by Imran Khan….Nation is desperately looking some one to save it from drowning. I however suggest that as PTI has still no fundamental units and ideology of Jamat Islami is matching with PTI i.e to cut down corruption by bringing back the Ummah towards Allah, The Creator..BOTH SHOULD JOIN HANDS AS THEY DID IN APDM AND WERE DECEIVED BY NAWAZ LEAGUE…I am sure in the way Insha Allah the nation will see brighter days in the leadership of Imran

  • Searchofdream

    A person whose wife left him, how we can believe. if he dnt tke care of his wife how about whole nation

    • Matifjan2003

      Quide,s wife also left him…but he gave us pakistan

  • Noname

    “The name is not Imran can its Imran Khan”…
    you are wrong “it is not Imran khan or Imran can , its Imran con”

  • Anni

    after reading this blog carefully and its captioned i must say ” PONKA “

  • Omarskhan

    INSHA ALLAH !!!!

  • Zafar Ahmed

    Only hope is IK, but he needs to break shackles of election rituals , where patwaris,tehsildars, police walas , bureaucracy & khakis manipulate the the election results and to my memory only one elections held under Yayha Khan was fair and rest were rigged.State within state is the system to run the government . What we have done for the masses over 65 years of independence..nothing in reality , no sustainable program delivered for basic amenities & social security & mass transit, health , education & law enforcement ….i dont know who is going to steer this country out of the mess. Our country is being run on poorest governance . Lets pray Allah for honest leaders to take this country out of trouble. In our country democracy is for minting money & nothing else. Zafar Ahmed

  • Umer

    Hats off to Mr.Hasnain and its time for change…..My parents voted Nawaz Sharif almost all their life but i am proud that i convinced all my family including parents to vote for Khan…..People say Imran cant win and bla bla bla….but its a chain process that i convinced 10 people to vote for Khan and these 10 will convince 100 so guys carry on the hardwork….Its time for my Quaid and InshAllah this nations gonna b second Quaid after the Great Quaid-e-Azam…

  • Sheryar Shah

    is imran will bring change with shah mehmood qureshi,javed hashmi ,khursheed mehmood kasoori ,awais laghari ,jahangir tareeen .
    now a days imran is travelling in charterd plane of jahangeer tareen which is costly?
    why jahangeer tareen and azam swati is funding imran may ,are they have interests ?
    what is differnnce b/w ppp,pml n,pti,jui,mqm?
    why imran keep silence on matters in which army involved?
    these are the questions and lot more we have are enough to doubt imran khan

    • Altaf

      There are also lot good people there in PTI… if the above mention people will act according to PTI agenda then well and good otherwise they will have to leave PTI. and after election they cant do any corruption because they have to show their all assets from where they have earn.. if they prov guilty in curruption then pit will give them ticket.

  • Kiran Saeed

    Imran khan indeed is a leader….who is sincere to his homeland and knows the value of honor and dignity of a nation……May ALLAH protects him and bless him with remarkable success as a leader of muslim nuclear power state.

  • Sheharyar Ahmed Siddiqui

    Imran Can & Imran will – Insha Allah!

  • Drshafiq101

    I kept my dictionary while reading this article. Make it simple.

  • Hassanabbasawan

    Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. This is for sure nd the ppl says that he is not then they might be involved with that corrupt vegabonds which r sucking the blood of this country for last 64 years.Imran is our true educated hero and the final hope for change. Inshallah.

    Hassan Abbas

  • Suhail

    PTI and Imran Khan seem to have the capability in terms of availability of knowledgeable and skilled human resources to meet the aspirations of all Pakistanis. PTI’s government will surely be able to project a positive image of Pakistanis in the world that will enable its exports to increase and students to join international universities for higher education.

  • PAKI fo life

    A man like you does not deserve to think….So please do me a favour Stop using that tiny Rat brain of yours and let Imran think..You dont know what he is Capable of..

  • Shahidk

    PTI lead my Imran Khan must take firm steps and make sure the incoming Federal election is free and fair, if it has any chance of coming to power.

    The Pakistan Election commission must take preventive steps, weeding out ghost voting list and register millions of young voter who are eligible to vote, yet they have not been registered. Polling agents of all political parties should be banned from entering within 500 meters of polling stations and the security of the conduct of fair and free election should be transferred to the army and rangers instead of local police.

    In this regard PTI must strengthen the hands of Mubashir Luqman (a dunya news anchor) who is genuinely trying to prevent fake voting in the election to come through moving the courts and showing video clips of blatant riggings of votes in his programs in regional elections.

    I am not a PTI supporter, but I wish to vote for PTI just once to find out the depth of the claims Imran khan has been making in the media.

  • Anonymous

    ….did not handle the questions about property transfer between Jemima and himself too well when asked by Kashif Abbasi…..should have been prepared better as if the same questions can be legitmately asked of Zardari and Sharifs, Imran Khan cannot pretend to be holier cow….about time these questions were asked and answered without that ire if the moral high ground is to be occupied.

  • hansa

    imrans biggest challenge would be to convert his idealistic policies, like ending corruption, into a reality. statements of imran khan can be related with a batchelor who is full of adventureism, not knowing exactly what responsibilities will hit him once he gets married.

  • hansa

    imran can only succeed if he turns his idealistic style into a reality. its not just about zardari or ppp, but the whole country is buried upto its neck in corruption, mismanagement etc, and imran thinks he singlehandledly would turn this around. personally i advice him to listen to the old saying that, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. he needs to tackle these mammoth problems more from his head and less from his heart.

  • Abdus Samad Khan

    Nicely done Husnain!! With the will of Allah and right decisions from our sides there is no saying that He wont come….Almost every person i meet, is his devotee already….He will come InshAllah….And we should pray for his coming from the best Planner of all i.e Ofcrs ALLAH