Banking- a Cursed Job!

Banking- a Cursed Job!

There was a time when banking was a highly respectable profession and as has been the case which has been quoted on infinite occasions, respectable families used to, willingly, accept the proposal of a banker for their daughters’ marriage. Quiet surprisingly, and on a sad note, things aren’t the same anymore. Most family shy away from the proposal of a banker, quoting a relevant enough reason – can’t marry their daughter to someone who follows the principles of the interest based banking.


Banking, these days, have become a thankless job. Every third banker is seen complaining about the painstakingly longish hours that they spend at work. There is a definite time to get to work but there isn’t one back home. The excessive load of work, aided by the undue pressure of increasing their clientele in order to keep abreast with other competitors in the banking sector, face the deluge of unsatisfied customers, day-in and day-out, who eat your brains out with relentless queries, and 9 out of 10 times show their resent or dissatisfaction for not being able to handle their issues skillfully.


Customers, in many private banks, are considered demi gods for the simple reason that they are the “donors” to the bank’s deposit lifeline. The President of on the prestigious bank in Pakistan once said that “customers are not just “damads” but they should be considered “ghar damads”, as much more pampering needs to be done for the latter. To err is human, is a saying we so commonly use, but for a banker this saying has long died out, as a matter of fact to err is a sin, for bankers. Diligence is certainty for all bankers, which turns them to hard core professionals, but if at all they commit a routine error for the simple reason that they were burdened with work, they get crucified by their management, who go all the way in supporting their clients, for the fear of loosing out of their share of deposit, which might be awarded to another bank in the near vicinity, who is waiting and baiting the same customer.


In this the modern era, there is a cut-throat competition amongst all and sundry in the banking sector. Deposit targets need to be achieved, work late hours to finish the month end reporting assignments, get to work well before time and put up a brave smiling face to keep the customers satisfied. All these and many more are the responsibilities of the banker. Better still some banks even go to the extent of keeping their branches open till late hours for the benefit of the customers and walk-in clients who may get an opportunity to pay their utility bills etc in the late hours, while returning home from work. But has anyone thought about these hi-tech mazdoors, dressed in┬átrouser, shirts and ties, who are ready to serve you 24/7 (well almost !) affecting their married and family lives, yet keeping a upfront smiling face, and diligently following the principle, “Customer is always right, no matter what.”

Mansoor Rizvi

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

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